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Oh, we all dream of getting away. But these top cruise destinations take "getting away" to a whole new level! If only to dream, we're going to test your knowledge of the world's best cruise destinations, cruise lines and vacation packages. By the end, you'll seriously be ready to get your vacay on.

A cruise of the British Isles will take you to all of these spots, except for which one?

That's right, Greenland is not part of the British Isles. You'll need a separate cruise for that!

A Mediterranean cruise does NOT cover which of the following?

No Swiss Alps on this cruise. But plenty of sunshine and wine!

Which of these cruises has character-themed meals?

Duh. If there were character-themed meals on Silversea, the guests would jump off board.

Which of these spots do Alaskan cruises NOT leave from?

You're going to be hard-pressed to find a cruise that leaves from New Mexico.

What is the most popular destination for a cruise ship?

This is the most popular destination in the world! You gotta go.

Which of these is NOT a port of the Western Carribean?

New Guinea is not included. But those other destinations offer zip-lining, snorkeling and cave tubing!

Which of these is considered the best cruise destination for history?

The Nile River cruise is ranked the very best for history. Just imagine seeing Egypt with the family!

Which of these is considered​ the best cruise destination for wildlife?

There isn't a ton of wildlife in Sweden, but the Galapagos is teeming with wildlife! Just ask Darwin.

Which of these Asian cruise destinations boasts of 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

The area that was ancient Kyoto alone has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! That would take up your whole vacation, just seeing them all.

Which of these is NOT a popular starting point for a cruise ship?

Almost half of the world's cruise ships leave from Florida! It's a good place to start.

Which of these cruise destinations is great for scenery and selfies?

What's not to like about all three of these destinations? There will be some serious picture-taking.

If you're looking for an economic first-time​ cruise, which is the best line?

Carnival is an affordable option that is great for those going on a cruise for the first time.

Which of these cruise lines is ideal for singles?

With its Single Partners Program, this is the best possible cruise for singles. Maybe you'll meet someone special :)

Which of these is not a route for Viking River Cruises?

Known for its European cruise lines, Viking does not go to Laos. It's a pity.

How many passengers does a Viking Longship vessel carry?

Viking is known for its small, intimate boats. You'll never feel too crowded.

Paul Gauguin Cruises are known for visiting what part of the world?

As its namesake suggests, this cruise line visits French Polynesia, where Gauguin often painted.

Which of these cruise destinations is the best for culinary delights?

Europe is where it's at for food and wine! Visit vineyards and small villages with local ingredients. Do everyone a favor and eat a lot of fresh cheese.

Which of these cruise destinations is best for beach lovers?

No-brainer, right? I hope that you got that answer correct.

Which of these cruise destinations is known for its marvelous nightlife?

The Greek Isles is your destination for some serious nightlife. In fact, you can almost forget to get back on the ship!

Which of these is the top-rated Eastern Mediterranean port?

As one of the most popular cruise destinations, Venice is without compare. If you're in the Eastern Mediterranean, you'd be a fool not to go.

Which is the top-rated European river port?

You guessed it. If you're floating down a river in Europe, you want to end up in Paris.

What is the top-rated Hawaiian port?

Kauai is where it's at. Quiet, tranquil and stunning, there's no better spot in Hawaii.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers what kind of cruises?

This line features some of the most luxurious cruises you can go on, with immaculate suites and fine dining.

What is the perfect family cruise line for tweens and teenagers?

Royal Caribbean strikes that perfect balance for teenagers, offering them distraction and exciting thrills, while also catering to adults.

Which of these is true about Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas?

This is the largest cruise ship in the world, with accommodations for 6,410 passengers! And it's great for both families and couples.

What is the lido deck of a cruise ship?

This is the deck of a cruise ship where the pools are! This is the spot to lounge the day away.

What is a flag of convenience?

A cruise ship flies a flag indicating its nation of registration - often a country with fewer regulations, such as Panama or Liberia.

Which of these is NOT one of the Big Three cruise lines?

Viking is a popular cruise line, but the others are HUGE!

What is the average cruise length?

The average cruise length is just over 7 days. People might get a little tired after that.

90% of cruise tickets are sold how?

Most cruises are booked through travel agents. At least they get some work these days.

What is the peak season for going to the Caribbean?

December to April is peak. Why don't you escape this winter?

How many main islands are there in Hawaii?

There are actually eight main islands! So, if you're going island-hopping, there is going to be plenty to see in the Aloha State.

Where will you find rare black sand beaches?

The North Island of New Zealand actually has black sand beaches! That's worth taking a cruise for, any day.

Which of these cannot be found on a New Zealand cruise?

No, there are not going to be any reindeer. Sorry, guys.

What's the second most popular cruise destination?

Following the Caribbean, Alaska is the second most popular cruise destination. Talk about contrast!

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