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They're powerful and they're regal. Thoroughbred horses are marvelous creatures, and there's so much to know about them. Test your knowledge with this equestrian quiz.

Can both colts and fillies compete in races?

Both colts and fillies can compete in races, and they can even race against each other. Now, that's gender equality at its best!

Who is faster, colts or fillies?

Okay, so colts are usually rated as faster runners. But that's not always the case. Even horses deserve girl power.

At top speed, a Thoroughbred can reach a ______ stride length.

At top speed, a Thoroughbred can reach a whopping 20-foot stride length! That's making some serious distance.

Which is the fastest horse in history?

Yes, colts are rated as having faster speeds, but the fastest Thoroughbred in recorded history was Winning Brew in 2008. She clocked in at just under 44 miles per hour.

Which horse won the 1973 Triple Crown?

Secretariat got just over 40 mph at the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Secretariat is considered one of the fastest horses of all time.

Are Thoroughbreds jumpers?

Thoroughbreds are also tremendous jumpers. The record was set by Huaso in 1949, who cleared 2.47 meters. That's over 8 feet.

What is the birthday of all Thoroughbreds?

All Thoroughbreds get a January 1st birthday. This makes the training schedule easier and puts everyone on the same page.

Which Thoroughbreds have a different birthday?

Southern hemisphere Thoroughbreds have a different birthday. They celebrate on August 1st.

How old does a Thoroughbred have to be to race?

A Thoroughbred has to be 2 years old in order to race. Newborn Thoroughbreds are considered foals until they're weaned off their mothers.

After weaning and before their first birthday, Thoroughbreds are called ______ ?

Thoroughbreds are known as weanlings after they stop weaning and before their first birthday. They're still not able to race.

What do you call Thoroughbreds that are one year old?

Horses that have reached their first birthday are known as yearlings. They've still got a year left before they can race.

What is the most prized Thoroughbred color?

Black is the most prized color for Thoroughbreds, but it's not the most common. 90% are brown or bay.

Which of these are rare colors?

These are very rare colors for Thoroughbreds, but it's still possible. Roan is a mix of red and white, with a tail that is black, chestnut or roan.

How would you describe the shape of a Thoroughbred's head?

Thoroughbreds have that chiseled look, not unlike professional athletes. Sometimes Thoroughbreds are used to improve other breeds of horses.

Thoroughbreds are characterized as having _____ legs.

Thoroughbreds are characterized by their long legs and sleek bodies. That's why they can run so fast.

Which horses often get cross-bred with Thoroughbreds?

Both Standardbreds and quarter horses get cross-bred with Thoroughbreds. This improves their chances of being good racehorses.

Thoroughbreds are _______?

Thoroughbreds are the most expensive horses in the world. This is because they're used for competitive racing.

How much did Secretariat's son, Green Monkey, sell for?

Green Monkey was a descendant of Secretariat and Northern Dancer, and he sold for $16 million. He never won a race, but has been used for breeding. There's a lot of money to be had in Thoroughbred breeding.

What do you call a breeding fee?

Stud fees are what a horse gets for breeding with another horse. Thoroughbreds command literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in stud fees. American Pharoah has earned $20 million​ in stud service.

Are Thoroughbreds and purebreds the same thing?

Although Thoroughbreds can be purebreds, this is not always the case. Some purebreds are not Thoroughbreds.

Where were Thoroughbreds developed?

Thoroughbreds were developed in 17th and 18th century England. Native horses were crossbred with Arab and Barb horses.

What is a Grade Thoroughbred?

In North America, a horse with one Thoroughbred parent is a Grade Thoroughbred. In Great Britain, such a horse is called a half-bred.

Do Thoroughbreds make good trail horses?

It's common for Thoroughbreds to become trail horses. They're wonderfully agile, calm and have a good sense of direction.

How many foundation sires are on record?

All Thoroughbreds can be traced back to the Byerly Turk, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Darley Arabian. These horses were named after their owners.

At what age does a colt become a horse?

At the age of 5, a colt officially becomes a horse. Similarly, at age 5 a filly becomes a mare.

Thoroughbreds are ______ ?

Thoroughbreds are remarkably sensitive creatures. They're known for their tendency towards anxiousness and restlessness.

Thoroughbreds are ____ horses.

Thoroughbreds are remarkably light horses, weighing less than 1,500 pounds. That being said, they eat more than any other horses. They're like Michael Phelps.

Thoroughbreds often have ____ trouble.

It's not uncommon for Thoroughbreds to have heart trouble. They have smaller hearts than other horses, and their lungs can even bleed.

Who names Thoroughbreds in the U.S.?

The Jockey Club is responsible for naming all Thoroughbred horses in the U.S. However, owners submit their name of choice for approval.

Can a new Thoroughbred take the name of a famous Thoroughbred?

Names of famous Thoroughbreds cannot be repeated. Names are also evaluated for length, spacing and punctuation.

Thoroughbreds are often described as ________ ?

Thoroughbreds are often described as being hot-blooded. They're very alert and courageous, and rather spirited.

How tall are most Thoroughbreds, on average?

Most Thoroughbreds stand 15-17 hands in height. They also weigh between 1,000-1,200 pounds.

When were Thoroughbreds imported to North America?

Thoroughbreds were imported into North America in 1730. The first imported to Virginia was Bulle Rock.

How many Thoroughbreds are there in the world today?

There are literally millions of Thoroughbreds in the world today. Each year, about 100,000 foals are registered.

Can Thorou​ghbreds be conceived by artificial insemination?

To be considered a Thoroughbred, the horse needs to be conceived by natural means. No artificial insemination (AI) or embryo transfer (ET) are allowed by the Jockey Club.

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