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Roll up your sleeves, flip up the tailgate and get ready to take on some serious burdens. This truck quiz will test your knowledge of these automotive workhorses. 

Pickup trucks are everywhere on American roads. Of course, just how many you'll spot depends on where you're driving. When they first started out, pickups were viewed as strictly a utilitarian vehicle, something for moving lots of cargo or pulling a heavy trailer from one point to another. There wasn't anything fancy about them, and oftentimes their styling wasn't even considered during development. 

GM changed things when it started emphasizing truck styling starting in the late 1960s. While still far from luxurious, consumers started viewing pickups as something more than a pure workhorse. Muscle trucks started appearing, mimicking the bravado of muscle cars, further evolving the truck's image. 

Even though it was laughed at, the Lincoln Mark LT previewed where pickups are today. Many truck interiors rival what you find in luxury cars, marking a big departure from trucks' roots. But still, at their base, pickups are brawny machines that would much rather be hauling a load of gravel than parking at the grocery store.

So, how much do you know about these workhorses? Take the quiz right now to test your knowledge! 

What is the name of Ford's trophy truck-inspired pickup?

Technically called the Ford F-150 Raptor, this truck is far more powerful and significantly wider than a regular F-150. It also wears skid plates from front to back and advanced shock absorbers for going fast on trails.


What's another name for a truck's bed?

The term "payload" was originally used in airplanes, where crews would load items that would lead to everyone getting paid, but later was applied to pickups as well.


What's the name of the mild hybrid system for the 2019 Ram 1500?

The eTorque system has been designed by Ram as a replacement for the traditional alternator, using a 48-volt belt-driven motor generator instead.


What does Toyota call the top-of-the-line, tail-oriented version of the Tacoma?

Toyota puts all kinds of upgrades on the Tacoma TRD Pro to help with getting through trail conditions, like FOX 2.5 Internal Bypass shocks, an upgraded skid plate and Rigid Industries LED front fog lights.


Ford is returning to the midsize truck market with what model?

The Ford Ranger has been out of the United States for several years but has been in other markets, but a new version is launching soon to compete against the Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, etc.


What production truck had the same engine as the Viper?

Dodge unveiled this crazy version of the Ram pickup truck at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit back in 2002, absolutely astounding enthusiasts.


What is the off-road version of the Chevy Colorado named?

Chevy outfits the Colorado ZR2 with all kinds of upgrades, including Multimatic DSSV damping, front and rear electronic locking differentials, a purpose-built off-road suspension and even a wider track than other versions of the truck.


What was the final truck Jeep made?

Built from 1986 to 1992, the Comanche was the last pickup truck Jeep made for quite a stretch of time.


What truck was the GMC Syclone based on?

GMC combined the lightweight construction of the Sonoma pickup truck with a turbocharged 4.3-liter V-6 engine, making it quicker than most high-performance cars in 1991.


How many doors come on a crew cab truck?

Crew cabs and similar four-door designs have taken over the truck market as people use them for more than just hauling loads or towing trailers.


What brand of diesel engines can you get in a Nissan Titan XD?

The Cummins name is displayed prominently on diesel-powered versions of the truck, thanks to a reputation for making durable and capable engines for trucks and commercial vehicles.


What was the fastest vehicle from America back in 1978?

Dodge was able to find a loophole in emissions laws back in 1978, creating this unique and now highly collectible truck, which at the time could out-accelerate the Corvette and every other American performance vehicle.


In 1972, the Dodge D200 could be ordered with what option that slid on the rear?

Called the Camper Special, the Dodge D200 really appealed to outdoorsy people back in the day.


What does Hennessey call its 6-wheeled version of the Ford Raptor?

With six-wheel drive, the Hennessey VelociRaptor is a pretty wild ride, but the cost starts at a steep $349,000, so this isn't a truck for everyone.


What are gooseneck hitches typically used for?

A gooseneck hitch connects up in the truck's bed, increasing towing capacity, which is necessary when dealing with heavy animals.


What truck was the original Bigfoot based off of?

Bob Chandler created Bigfoot as his enthusiasm for off-roading grew, and the size of the build increased as well, creating the monster truck movement.


What controversial material did Ford use in making the body panels on the current generation of the F-150?

Jokes about the new F-150 being like a soda can were rampant when Ford announced it was aluminum in the construction of the body panels, which helped the truck shed a considerable amount of weight.


What did Dodge use as a template for its first pickup truck?

It was 1946 and Dodge had plenty of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing US military trucks, so it applied that knowledge to the first consumer truck it offered.


What does the driver use to maneuver the F-150 with Pro Trailer Backup Assist?

Instead of using the steering wheel, Ford designed this system to control the truck's steering with a knob mounted on the dash, making it more intuitive to use.


When was the first year Ford made the Lightning?

Most people forget about the first generation of the Ford Lightning, which was made until 1995. The second generation was considerably quicker and looked sleeker, making it far more popular.


During what time period did US automakers completely stop manufacturing trucks for consumers?

Thanks to the war effort, the US government ordered automakers to stop making production pickup trucks, using the factories to churn out plenty of military vehicles instead.


What was the first American-made pickup truck?

Back in 1925 Ford launched the Model A pickup truck, which was originally called a Model T Runabout with Pickup Body.


What item did Chevy relocate to behind the seat in its trucks starting in 1949?

In a move that wouldn't go over well today, Chevy designed a new truck where the gas tank was tucked behind the seat, making for a smellier ride for everyone.


What kind of a diesel engine can you get on the Chevy Colorado?

For a nice mixture between extreme torque output and excellent fuel efficiency, the Duramax 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine is an excellent way to go.


What series of Jeep pickups had a flat nose?

The Jeep FC Series looked tall and had the characteristic snub nose because the engine was located under the cab.


Why do some people throw weights or bags of sand in the bed of their pickup truck?

When conditions are slippery, like on icy, snow-packed roads or when hitting trails, that increased weight over the rear axle helps minimize wheel slippage.


Which truck brand makes the Power Wagon?

The Ram Power Wagon is a special, off-road-oriented version of the Ram 2500 pickup, complete with a winch embedded in the front bumper.


What do you call a truck with four wheels in the rear?

With four rear wheels, pickup trucks have more stability when towing big trailers, giving them an advantage.


What pickup featured rear-facing seats in the payload?

While technically car-based, enough people consider the BRAT to be truck-like enough it deserves more than just a mention.


What modern feature did Studebaker offer in its trucks before WWII?

First used in the Studebaker President back in 1936, the automaker saw how the simple innovation would allow truck owners to not roll backward when starting off at a standstill on a steep hill.


Which brand was the first to use an overhead valve six-cylinder engine in a light-duty truck?

Back in 1929, Chevy dropped an OHV six-cylinder engine in its light-duty truck, allowing it to tow and haul more, saying it provided was "A Six for the Price of Four."


What manufacturer was the first to offer a crew cab pickup to American shoppers?

Back in 1957 the International Harvester Travelette featured three doors, making it the first crew cab in a pickup truck for consumers.


What were the four-wheel-drive versions of the Dodge Warlock called?

Made from 1976 to 1979, the Power Wagons became a legend among MOPAR faithful, leading to the resurrection of the storied name.


What brand made the first light-duty four-wheel-drive truck for consumers?

In 1947, Willys used its experience building military vehicles like the Jeep to offer the first light-duty pickup that didn't need to be converted to four-wheel drive after it rolled off the factory line.


What brand of diesel engines does Ram offer for its trucks?

Cummins might be popular with the retail truck crowd when it comes to diesel engines, but the American company does far more business in the commercial sector for everything from farming to mining.


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