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The wolf has been a majestic symbol of power and strength for many years. Think you know about these beautiful animals? Find out!

Wolves are the wild dogs of the Northern Hemisphere. While they seem cute and cuddly as pups, they grow up to be powerful and feared by many. However, they shouldn't be feared! Did you know that wolves are related to the dogs that we have as pets?

Do you know how many wolves stay together in a pack? How about how they communicate with each other? Do you know the diet of a wolf in the wild? Wolves live a tough life in the wild, so they have to know how to form alliances, communicate and get their food to survive.

Do you know how big the average wolf is? What about their lifespans? Maybe you even know their eye color? There are many identifying factors of a wolf that help us to tell them from a coyote or a pet pooch. All three can be quite similar looking, after all!

Did you know that wolves have been victims of declining populations many times? Thankfully, these international treasures have been helped by humans to sustain their populations. People for many generations will have the opportunity to see these animals in real life. If you think you're a true expert on wolves, then take a shot at this quiz. You probably know more about these majestic animals than you think!

What do wolves use their scent for?

Wolves use their scent to mark territory. They usually urinate in multiple places surrounding their territory so that other wolves can pick up on that scent and know that they are trespassing.


In each pack there are two what?

Each pack has two alphas. There is an alpha male and an alpha female. These two alphas are typically the only wolves that mate in a pack.


After eating a meal, what do wolves do?

After eating a meal, wolves will usually bed down and sleep for a while. They use a lot of their energy while attacking and hunting for food.


If a wolf trespasses on the territory of other wolves, what will happen?

Typically when a wolf trespasses into the territory of another wolf, it will be chased or attacked if they see it. Many wolves have killed a few other wolves due to this exact reason.


Is it true or false that wolves are the largest member of the dog family?

This is true. Wolves are on average the largest members of the dog family, standing at 32 inches at their shoulders. In contrast, the smallest members of the dog family are Fennec foxes.


Which two people in Roman mythology were raised by wolves?

Romulus and Remus were said to have been raised by wolves. This is depicted in a statue by Antonio Pollaiuolo called "La Lupa Capitolina."


How long is a mother wolf pregnant for?

A mother wolf is pregnant for a short two months. She will give birth to a litter of a few pups. Wolves can mate once they are about two years old.


At what age can wolf pups leave their pack if they choose to?

Wolf pups can leave their packs around the age of one year. Many pups are lucky to make it to a year in the first place. If a pup decides to leave the pack, it will usually search for another pack or a mate.


What must alphas do to stay alphas?

In order to stay an alpha in the wolf pack, alphas need to keep the pack in control. They do things like make the other wolves wait to eat or stop them from mating.


Is it true or false that a wolf must leave the pack in order to mate?

This is true. In wolf packs, typically only the alphas can mate. If a wolf who is not an alpha wants to mate, it will have to leave and find another wolf to mate with.


How many teeth does an adult wolf have?

An adult wolf has 42 teeth. These teeth can do a lot of damage. Paired with the wolf's powerful jaw, wolves are able to break through bone.


About how many wolves are typically in a wolf pack?

On average, a wolf pack is made up of about 7 wolves. It is possible for packs to be bigger or smaller, sometimes having up to 15 wolves in a pack.


How do wolves defend their territory?

Wolves walk around to defend their territory. Wolves always walk around to make sure that their whole territory is under control. They can travel tremendous distances in short periods of time.


Is it true or false that a wolf is smarter than a dog?

This is false. Wolves are more skilled at picking up cues, according to multiple tests that have been conducted. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are any smarter than your pup at home.


What animal can give a wolf a challenge when it is attacked?

A moose can give a wolf a run for its money when it is attacked by them. Many wolves get injured or killed when attacking a moose along with their packs. Moose are very powerful animals in their own right.


What does it mean when a wolf howls to communicate with their pack?

If a wolf howls for its pack, it is letting them know where it is. Sometimes packs split up and they use a howl to find each other again. A howl meant for other packs is telling them to back off.


Which of the following is a common reason that wolves die at an early age?

Wolves can die at an early age due to a lack of food. There are also many other factors that limit their lifespans, such as poaching and deforestation.


What color eyes do pups have?

Pups have blue at birth. Later in their lives, their eyes turn yellow. A wolf's eyes are extremely sensitive and they can see very well in the dark.


About how many wolves does a mother typically have in a litter?

A mother can give birth to up to 6 wolves. The mother is not the only one who takes care of the babies, though. Other pack members will take on parenting duties as well.


Is it true or false that pups are born with the ability to see?

This is false. Wolf pups are born the same as our pet dogs. They are born both blind and deaf until they reach the age of two weeks. However, their senses have still not fully developed.


What helps a wolf to swim?

Wolves have webbed feet that are very useful when it comes to swimming. They don't mind the water and often swim across lakes and rivers.


What animal enjoys playing with wolves?

Ravens love to play with wolves.They swoop down and fly around the wolves. They follow them because they pick up the food that wolves leave behind. They earn their food by indicating things such as possible prey for the wolves.


Around how many wolves are in Italy?

There are over 1,000 wolves in Italy. This is extremely good news as the wolf population in Italy was once very close to extinction with less than 100 wolves.


In which of these countries would you find the largest wolves in the world?

The largest wolves in the world are typically found in Canada. Other countries with some of the largest wolves in the world are Russia and the United States (Alaska).


Is it true or false that wolves are endangered in the United States?

This is true. Wolves are endangered in certain places in the United States. In the early 1900s, many wolves were killed and this has had an impact on the population of wolves that still exist today.


How fast can a wolf run?

A wolf can run up to 40 mph. This speed can be reached for only a short time, though. Wolves are more accustomed to walking, which they do quite a bit of.


What is common food for a lone wolf?

Lone wolves will typically go after prey that is less likely to put up a fight that could seriously injure them. This includes small animals like rabbits and squirrels.


How long can a wolf go without eating?

Considering a healthy young wolf, it could go for about a week without without food. Wolves will typically go a couple days between meals.


Which park reintroduced wolves after they were all killed off?

Yellowstone Park reintroduced wolves after they were killed off. The wolves affect the ecosystem and they are important to the way that everything works.


Is it true or false that males and females who have mated have multiple partners?

This is false. Once a wolf mates with another wolf they become mates for life. An exception would be the death of one of the wolves, which could result in the other one finding another mate.


How many layers of fur does a wolf have?

A wolf has two layers of fur. The first layer that is visible is the guard which is made up of longer hair. The layer underneath the guard is called the undercoat, which is made up of shorter fur.


About how much does a wolf weigh on average?

A wolf weighs around 175 pounds. They can be large creatures that stand about 32 inches at their shoulders. The length of a wolf from its snout to its tail can also be well over a meter long.


What do pups eat?

Wolf pups eat regurgitated food. Their mother will eat her prey and later go back to the pups. When she arrives, she regurgitates the food and the pups eat it up.


What silent way do wolves communicate?

Surprisingly, wolves can communicate using facial expressions! Other wolves are able to pick up on these expressions to understand each other. They also use body language to communicate.


What is the life expectancy of a wolf?

A wild wolf has a life expectancy of about 6 years. Many wolves don't even make it past their first year, and many die young. It is entirely possible for them to live longer given the conditions, but wild wolves do live a difficult life.


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