How Much Do You Really Know About England?

By: Heather Cahill
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How Much Do You Really Know About England?
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About This Quiz

When many people think of England, the queen comes to mind. Queen Elizabeth II is a representative of the country, after all! While she is pretty important to this quiz, there is so much more to the country that you'll want to be knowledgeable about From the laws to the landmarks and physical features of the land, you'll have to be an expert of it all to ace this quiz!

If you've ever taken a trip to England, you know the beauty and charm that the country has. That's what keeps you coming back for more! While London may be one of the most popular cities to visit, the entire country has something to offer: There are many castles that decorate the land, lakes and wildlife to get a glimpse of and even fun attractions. You're also surrounded by the sea, and you're a short distance from the rest of Europe. There is so much opportunity to be had in the country and so much history to learn and explore. Don't get overwhelmed! It's a fascinating place.

If you're a Brit, or an honorary Brit at heart, then you should have no trouble acing this quiz. Take it to show just how much you know about England!

Of the following, which is an English sports team?
Arsenal Football Club
LA Galaxy
FC Barcelona
FC Dallas
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The Arsenal Football Club is one of the country's professional football teams. Of course, if you're an England fanatic, you'll know that football in the United Kingdom is soccer for those of us in the United States.

Who was the first English monarch?
William the Conqueror
Charles I
Edward the Confessor
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Egbert was a man who came from a higher status, with his father being the king of Kent. Egbert himself grew up to conquer areas and assert his dominance as king. His reign lasted about 37 years.

How many regions are there in England?
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Within England alone, there are nine regions. In the United Kingdom as a whole, however, there are 12 regions. One reason for these distinct areas is that they're divided for administration.


There are many easily recognizable places in England. Which of the following landmarks are in located in Great Britain?
The Colosseum
Taj Mahal
The Sphynx
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Stonehenge is one incredible mystery still puzzling archaeologists today. From what the structure was used for to how and why the stones were placed where they are, there are so many questions to be answered. Maybe one day, all of these mysteries will finally be uncovered.

Is it true or false that England has a government solely for its own country?
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This is false. At one time, the country did have a government of its own, but that changed in 1707. At this time, England and Scotland joined under the Acts of Union 1707, which also lead to the union of the government.

What is the longest river in England?
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The Thames River is the longest in England at 346 kilometers long. The only river that trumps it is the Severn River, which is the longest in the United Kingdom. It's quite easy to get the two confused!


The word "dodgy" means what?
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If you're in England and hear the word "dodgy," you'll know it's slang for something or someone suspicious. Someone might say, "The seller I met with was a little dodgy; I'm not sure I'm going to buy from them."

When in England, what type of weather can you expect pretty often?
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If you live in England, or have ever taken a trip there, you know to expect that it will rain at one point in your trip. Typically, the city of London receives rainfall over 100 days each year.

Just like New York City, this English city has boroughs. What city is it?
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London is home to 33 boroughs that divide the city into smaller sections. Each borough is known for different things. For example, if you go to Westminster, you're in the heart of the government. But if you travel to Kensington, then you're in for some great shopping.


Which famous scientist hailed from England?
Sir Isaac Newton
Galileo Galilei
Albert Einstein
Marie Curie
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Sir Isaac Newton bears the title of "Sir" before his name for a reason: He was knighted by Queen Anne. Aside from his scientific endeavors, Newton was also involved in the world of politics.

Although English is the most-spoken language in the country now, there used to be another language in its place. What was it?
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England is known for being a nation that speaks English. However, it was not always this way: In the early 1000s, French was the main spoken language in the country. This changed many years later, but French has continued to be a a lot of people's second language.

A congestion charge is what in England?
A traffic violation for holding up traffic
A type of outlet in England
A charge for driving in certain areas
A prescription from a doctor
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A congestion charge is used in England in certain areas which are known as "Ultra Low Emission Zones." The charge? About 12 pounds for just one day, but other payment options are also available.


What sort of animal is the queen the owner of in England?
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The queen is the proud owner of any swan on open waters in England. Did you know that the queen also has designated conservationists who do a count of the swans she owns every year?

Which mode of transportation in England was the first of its kind in the world?
Private jets
Underground railway system
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The London Underground was the first underground railroad system. It served as the inspiration for the underground railroads all around the world today. It's also still in operation, but connected to another system as well.

How many lions are on the Royal Arms of England?
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The Royal Arms of England is an emblem still used today, after being adopted in the 1200s. The Arms represent the English monarchs, who have all sported different designs throughout the years. The one thing that has remained constant is the lions that adorn the Arms.


Australia and England battle each other in cricket to win what item back?
A trophy
A monetary prize
An urn
A famous jersey
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You may be wondering why they would play to win an urn, and it's quite the story. In the 1800s, there was an urn presented to the English cricket team after their loss against Australia. Ever since, the two have been playing in the Ashes series to win it back.

Which of the following is emblematic to England?
A red telephone booth
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One iconic piece of British culture is the intriguing red telephone booths that you see in photographs and movies. Though they're rarely used anymore, many people have adopted them and turned them into other things, like tiny libraries.

How do you get from England to France?
By bridge
By private jet
An underwater tunnel
Take a limo
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There are many ways that you can get to France, but if you live in England and own a car, the underwater tunnel is the way to go. It's called the Channel Tunnel, and it's over 23 miles long.


This is known to be quite the popular drink in England. What is it?
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When you think of England, you often picture citizens drinking tea. This isn't far off from the truth, as it is definitely a big part of many people's lives. However, sales say that in recent years, it hasn't been as popular as it once was.

England is known for its many awesome bands. Which of these bands hail from England?
Led Zeppelin
Fall Out Boy
Maroon 5
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Everyone knows that the Beatles come from England, but Led Zeppelin is also another great band that came from the country. England has a knack for creating incredible musical acts. Why else would they call it the "British Invasion?"

What side of the road do people in England drive on?
Any side
They don't use the road.
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While it may seem like a weird concept to those of us who live in North America, the reason that England drives on the left comes from hundreds of years ago. It was their system of defense while traveling on horseback, as their sword hand was on the right.


Do you know which weird event is an English tradition?
Golden Retriever Festival
Body Painting Festival
The Cheese Rolling Event
Battle of the Oranges
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It's a sport that you've probably never heard of! The Annual Cheese Rolling event is an important one for many residents and has been taking place since the 1400s. It's known for being the cause of many injuries.

Which civilization played a role in creating England?
The Aztecs
The Mayans
The Egyptians
The Romans
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The Romans once occupied much of Britain, where they stayed for many years. Eventually, as others started to move in, the Romans started to move out. However, we have them to thank for much of the architecture and road systems that are in place today.

Tim Berners-Lee invented what?
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The internet was invented by a Brit. He didn't just stop there: Berners-Lee is still part of an organization that holds the internet to a certain standard, as well as other web-oriented organizations that he is passionate about.


Why does the queen not need to have a passport?
She issues them.
She is known all around the world.
She has her own modes of transportation.
She doesn't travel.
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If you're the queen, you don't need to worry about bringing a passport. It's likely everyone will know you wherever you're traveling anyway! You'd likely be traveling with your large team and luggage as well.

Which English landmark was once known for dethroning the Pyramid of Giza as the tallest structure in the world?
Lincoln Cathedral
The Gherkin
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
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The Lincoln Cathedral is a beautiful landmark and piece of history in England. You might never believe it, but the building began construction in the late 1000s. It has been dethroned of its status as the tallest building in the world for quite some time now.

Can you name the largest lake in England?
Lake Windermere
Lake Ullswater
Hanningfield Reservoir
Queen Mother Reservoir
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Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England, but did you know that there is also a lake of the same name in British Columbia? If you're ever visiting England, this is the best place to check out during the summer months.


What kind of statues can you find hidden around York?
Cat statues
Monster statues
Clown statues
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If you've ever been to York, you might have noticed the cat statues around the city. It's no coincidence: They were all intentionally placed there over 200 years ago. Although it's not completely known why, generally the cats are thought to be there to scare rats away.

The least-populated town/city in England is what?
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Fordwich is a town you might not have heard of. It's only got a population of around a few hundred people, and there's not too much there. It was, however, a city of great importance to the country at one time, because it was a port during the Middle Ages.

Do you know where the queen lives?
Buckingham Palace
Canterbury Cathedral
Highclere Castle
St. George Cathedral
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Queen Elizabeth II not only lives at Buckingham Palace, but she also works there. In addition to this home, she has other homes around the country where she stays during different times of the year.


Which of the following is different in England than in the U.S.?
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In the United States, outlets are usually comprised of two slots and a hole that resemble a face. In England, this is much different; the outlets resemble more of an upside-down face with the hole on top. When traveling there, you'll want to remember this change in outlets and buy adapters.

Can you name the highest mountain in the country?
Great Gable
Scafell Pike
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Scafell Pike is 978 meters tall, and you can visit it in Lake District National Park. The name also has a lot to do with the water in the area: If you threw a rock off the edge of the mountain far enough, it would land in the lake called Wastwater at the bottom.

What part of Big Ben is truly called Big Ben?
The clock
The tower
The flag
The bell
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When someone says "Big Ben," many people think of the large tower in London. But what most people don't know is that the tower itself is not called "Big Ben"—the bell inside takes the name.


The word "knackered" means what?
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In England, if you're "knackered," you're pretty tired. Maybe you just worked a long shift at work or had a fun day filled with many activities. Either way, you're probably exhausted!

Which of the following could potentially send you to jail in England?
Wearing yellow
Parking in a no-parking zone
Using thumbtacks
Putting a postage stamp on upside down
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Postage stamps can be a matter of freedom in England. Although it might not seem like a big deal, it's important to respect the queen by ensuring her portrait is situated the correct way on the envelope. It's no longer a law that is really enforced.

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