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Do you know which country invented gunpowder? Even in its infancy, this invention would change the world forever for everything from the celebration of fireworks to hunting, sport, protection and, of course, warfare. 

This is more than just a quiz on small arms. This quiz looks at everything from the history of firearms, the current firearms industry and firearms in entertainment. For example, would you be able to figure out which "Wizard of Oz" character was known to have carried a gun? Or, the weapon that 007 James Bond made famous? How about which material the first gun was made out of, or the name of the machine gun that was so powerful it broke apart upon firing?

The history of guns is centuries old and has helped to literally shape the countries and cultures of the world - both for good and for bad. Guns have been a major weapon throughout the last few centuries of war and have paved the way for explorers on every continent from Africa to North and South America. 

How about unique history, such as which country brought the first gun into space or which manufacturer created a gun advertised as having the "most highly-desired zombie-slaying features"?

So take aim, this quiz is going to test you from all angles. It's time to take your shot. 

Who invented gunpowder?

Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century. It is explosive material and is a combination of three elements; saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. It is also used in fireworks and for quarry blasting.


What company manufactures the M-16?

Colt is the company that currently manufactures the M-16. It was made a replacement for the M-14, the Colt Manufacturing and Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing Inc. companies make the M-16. It was originally designed by ArmaLite and rifles sold on the civilian market have the designation of an AR-15.


When was the first gun made?

The first gun was made in 1000 AD in China, during the 13th century. It was created long after gunpowder was invented. China's invention was first transported to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The firearms direct ancestor is the fire lance.


What was the United States Army/Marines service rifle during the Iraqi War?

The 3-round-burst Colt AR-15 rifle (also called the M16 rifle) was adopted by the U.S. government as the standard issue service rifle during the Cold War and the Vietnam War eras. However, the model that was used in the Iraqi Wars was the M16A4 rifle, which featured a rail for scopes.


Can you name a pistol that is controlled by radio signal?

The radio-signaled pistol is called the Armatix Smart System iP1. This pistol won't fire unless a radio-signal watch is located within 40 cm of the pistol, and the each won't activate unless a finger print and a PIN code are entered into it.


What was the material of the first gun?

The first gun was made using bamboo and used gunpowder to fire a spear.


Do you know which of these is a fun fact about Lord of War?

The production team for Lord of War, an American film about the weapons trade between America and Africa, actually went out and bought 3000 real rifles to stand in for the AK 47s that were seen in a number of scenes in the film. They did this because it was actually cheaper than using and buying prop guns.


Can you name this country with only one legal gun store?

There is in fact, only one legally operated gun store in all of Mexico. However, it is estimated that about 2,000 illegal weapons cross the US-Mexico border every day. A 2013 University of San Diego report found that nationally the illegal firearms trade with Mexico accounted for $127 million in annual revenue.


Who designed a machine gun so powerful it broke itself?

The Soviet Union designed a machine gun, which was called GSH-6-30, that had such a strong recoil that it damaged the plane it was mounted on. Because of this fuel tanks ruptured, parts of it fell off, and some of the electronic circuits had some damage, and at least three crashes have been attributed to just the use of this gun.


Who built the heaviest gun ever built?

The Nazis are responsible for creating the largest and heaviest gun that has ever been built. They created this weapon and called it the Gustav Gun. It weighed over 1300 tons and was capable of accurately hitting a target that was 23 miles away.


What gun did James Bond originally use in the movies?

James Bond originally used the Beretta 418 until one fan of the novels and also a small arms expert informed Ian Fleming that the Beretta 418 was a woman's gun. Fleming then wrote a scene in Dr. No that detailed the exchange and gave Bond his now famous Walther PPK.


How old was the creator of the first revolver?

You might not believe how young this person was when he created the first revolver ever built. Samuel Colt was only 16 years old when he created the first revolver, the same style that is predominantly used today.


Which president was almost assassinated with a pistol?

There was an attempted assassination on President Andrew Jackson with two pistols. Andrew Jackson was also at a funeral when the attempted assassinations occurred. The assassin Richard Lawrence fired the first pistol, which misfired. The shooter tossed the first pistol aside and pulled out his revolver and shot. This gun misfired as well. Andrew Jackson supposedly took out his cane and proceeded to beat the man over the head with his cane.


What movie ignited the BB gun craze?

1983's A Christmas Story brought BB guns into the limelight when their movie featured a boy named Ralph that dreamed of owning a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. His parents kept shooting his dream down with their popular phrase "You'll shoot your eye out!"


An artist that notoriously walked around with a gun?

Pablo Picasso is one of the few artists that notoriously always walked around with a gun. It wasn't loaded with real bullets however, it was loaded with blanks. He would shoot it at people who struck him as overly dull.


Do you know who used a revolver without a trigger?

Manuel Trazazas "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas was a lifelong Texas Ranger that only used revolvers without triggers. He would fire them by cocking them and then manually releasing the hammers.


Who was the "Key that Kills" for?

Prison guards had something invented for them that allowed them to keep their gun on the prisoner and also lock the cell at the same time using only one and the same hand. This invention was a little thing that was called a Key Gun which had a hairpin trigger that you would pull to release the shot.


Why are pistols held sideways?

The 'side grip' was used in the early 20th century by law enforcement because the shields that they used limited their field of vision. However, in pop culture, it was done so that viewers could see both the gun and the actor's face during a scene.


A character in The Wizard of Oz that carries a gun?

Many of you have probably noticed before that one of the notable characters in The Wizard of Oz is in fact, packing heat. Next time you watch the movie, pay attention to the Scarecrow who is most definitely carrying a gun as they venture into the Haunted Forest.


Who brought guns into space?

In the past, Russian astronauts would bring their pistols into space in case they landed on unknown land and were faced with hostile animals. If you can believe this, guns are actually still operable in outer space.


Who invented a three-in-one gun?

In the 1900s, French gangsters actually used and created a weapon that was called the Apache Revolver. This weapon was fierce because not only did it function as a gun, it could also be used as brass knuckles, and a knife. Yikes!


What was Daisy's original product?

Although today Daisy is known for its BB guns, it did not start out as a gun company. Daisy Outdoor Products, formed in 1988, was selling something much more mundane; windmills. The BB guns were actually a giveaway marketing tool for anyone who bought a windmill. The BB guns became more popular than the windmills themselves and Daisy changed their business model to BB guns.


Do you know this interesting fact about the NRA?

The NRA historically not only supported gun control but it also actually helped to draw up the legislation. In the 1930s the original regulations on guns were to block a concealed carry without a specific permit, forced gun dealers to report every single sale, and imposed two-day periods on handgun sales. Even as late as 1968 the NRA was still lobbying for more gun control.


Only country to loosen gun control after a massacre?

Mass shootings are not only an American phenomenon. Although they do happen largely in the USA, Germany, Britain, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand have also seen horrific gun massacres. The difference is after massacres every other country has imposed much stricter legislation on gun laws. On the flip side, the U.S. following Sandy Hook, saw 27 states pass 93 laws expanding gun rights. This included the right to use guns in self-defense while drunk.


Can you name this shotgun Manufacturer that is designed to kill zombies?

In 2012, Mossberg manufacturers introduced their Zombie Apocalypse shotguns. All three of the shotguns Mossberg manufactured are proudly boasting a lime green "ZMB" logo. Supposedly these guns boast the most highly-desired zombie-slaying features.


How many guns were made in the U.S. in 2013?

11 million guns were made in the U.S. in the year 2013. That is more than twice as many as the 5.4 million firearms that were produced in the year 2010.


What year was the AK-47 issued to servicemen in the Soviet Union?

In the year 1947 the first "Avtomat Kalashnikova" assault rifles were distributed to the Soviet armed forces. This limited distribution ended, however, when the Soviet Army decided to adopt the rifle as a standard issue, in 1949.


What weapons are commonly referred to as "small arms", according the NATO?

NATO, or otherwise known as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization classifies "small arms" as any weapon that has a caliber of less than 20mm. Some countries within NATO will say less than 25mm but most fit in with the 20mm range.


What rifle are the American 3rd Infantry Division raising to their shoulders?

The United States Rifle, with a caliber of 30mm, and the Model 1903, was a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle, used as the standard rifle in all American military conflicts from 1903 until World WarII, when it was replaced with the M1 Garand. After scopes were released, however, the Springfield M1903 was often used as a sniper rifle until the end of the Korean War, even until the beginning of the Vietnam War.


What is the standard assault rifle in the British Army before 1985?

The FN FAL worked quite well for the British Army during troubles in Northern Ireland and the Falklands conflict. By the mid-1980s, it was considered far inferior to the other assault rifles of the world, such as the M16 and the AK47.


What type of action is generally employed with machine guns?

Many modern machine guns fire from an open-breech position. Having the breech bolt lock open upon releasing the trigger virtually eliminates "cook-offs", or a cartridge self igniting because of high internal chamber temperatures transferring excessive heat through to the propellant.


What automatic weapon might you have been given in the U.S. Army in the 1920s?

Designed by John Browning, the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) M1918, was a light machine gun that was adopted by the U.S. military in 1918. It replaced foreign-made machine guns as the first American-produced machine gun. The BAR gained a reputation for being very heavy, as it weighed close to twenty pounds or more when loaded.


What material was the stock of the AK-47 made of before it was modified?

AK-47's were fitted with wooden buttstocks and wooden hand-guards, a trait that makes AK-47's immediately recognizable even today. The "AKS" replaced this ungainly buttstock with a folding steel tube which made the weapon much easier to handle in close quarters.


Who created the M16/AR15 rifle?

Eugene Stoner is the famous creator of the M16/AR15 rifle. During the Vietnam era, the M16 was considered to be one of the best jungle guns around due to its size and durability, although its early reputation was poor because it was not issued with a cleaning kit.


What is the name of the two British service pistols?

At the beginning of WWII, the Lee-Enfield No.2 Mk1 was the official Service revolver, but with a large influx of new recruits, the government was soon in short supply. As a solution, the Wesley MK IV revolver was given to those without pistols. The two pistols to replace those most recently are the Browning HP and the SIG P226.


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