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For some sports fans, the Patriots are a gag-inducing team that reeks of smug superiority. But that superiority is well-earned -- New England is the NFL club to beat. How much do you know about the fabulous football dynasty?

Julian Edelman is a talented Patriots player. He's not only played wide receiver, but also _____.

Edelman is a true athlete who can play on both sides of the ball. He's better as a receiver, but in 2011 he also spent time at cornerback.


Bill Belichick is immensely important to the Patriots. What's his role?

Belichick is, by any realistic measure, one of the best head coaches in NFL history. His poker-faced demeanor and intelligence drive the competition crazy.


The team wasn't always called the New England Patriots. What was the club's original name?

When the team first hit the field in 1960, it was called the Boston Patriots. It changed its name to the more regional-sounding New England Patriots in time for the 1971 season.


Quarterback Tom Brady played for which college team?

Brady had a rather unspectacular college career at Michigan. He was drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft and then worked his way to one of the most impressive resumes ever compiled in pro sports.


What was "Spygate"?

In 2007, the Patriots used cameras to record defensive signals used by Jets coaches. They created the recording from the wrong location, though ... and the event turned into a fiasco that resulted in a $500,000 fine against the Patriots' head coach.


How many times have the Patriots appeared in the Super Bowl?

The Patriots have appeared in nine Super Bowls. That's the most of any team in the entire NFL.


The Patriots play at Gillette Stadium, which has which sort of field?

Gillette Stadium features FieldTurf, a type of artificial turf. Some studies show that more player injuries occur on artificial turf than on natural grass.


True or false, do the Patriots have the most Super Bowl wins of any team in the league?

False, the Patriots are tied with the Cowboys and 49ers, each with five Super Bowl wins. The Steelers have six titles, more than any other team.


Rob Gronkowski is one of the most popular players for the Patriots. Which position does he play?

In recent years, Gronkowski has been one of the best tight ends in the league. In his first six seasons, he scored 68 touchdowns, a seemingly-astronomical number of TDs for his position.


Ty Law was a fabulously productive cornerback who played most of his career with the Patriots. How many career interceptions did he have?

Law played in the NFL for a whopping 15 years, and he was the "law" in the secondary. During that time, he logged 53 interceptions. He won three Super Bowls while playing for New England.


What is Rob Gronkowski's nickname?

It won't win points for originality, but "Gronk" is a suitable nickname for a large, powerful tight end who steamrolls safeties with ease.


At the beginning of his career, Tom Brady was stuck at fourth-string on the depth chart. How did he become the starter?

Drew Bledsoe was the clear starter for the Patriots, but he nearly died after a horrific injury in 2001. Brady stepped up his game and made the best of the situation, proving that he belonged on the field as a starter.


In which stadium do the Patriots play?

The Patriots used to play in Foxboro Stadium, but in 2002 they moved to Gillette Stadium, about 20 miles from downtown Boston. It seats about 67,000 (fanatical) Patriots fans.


The Patriots used to have an angry-looking guy on the side of their helmets. What was his name?

Until 1992, the Patriots had "Pat the Patriot" on their helmets. It was a dude in a Revolutionary War getup snapping a football between his legs.


The Patriots have a notorious rivalry with which team?

The Patriots play in the East division, same as the New York Jets. The two are intense rivals, but in recent years the Jets haven't won many games against the powerful Pats.


In 2007, the Patriots completed an impressive feat. What was that feat?

In 2007, the Patriots won every regular season game and then cruised through the playoffs. Then, they clashed with an East Coast rival in a Super Bowl for the ages.


During a terrible few seasons in the early '90s, a man named James Orthwein bought the team and planned to do what with it?

Orthwein pounced on the struggling Pats and planned to move them to St. Louis. But New England businessman Robert Kraft (who owned Foxboro Stadium) had the power (and the cash) to buy the team and prevent it from vacating the area.


What's special about John Hannah, one of the most famous players in Patriots history?

Hannah was the first Patriots player inducted into the team's Hall of Fame. Hannah, "Hog," was a standout left guard who was inducted in 1992.


Which man has NOT been the head coach of the Patriots?

All three men have been head coaches for multiple NFL teams. But Andy Reid has never been at the helm of the Patriots.


True or false, have the Patriots sold out every single game since moving to Gillette Stadium?

The Patriots' unparalleled success has helped the team sell out every game in the posh environs of Gillette Stadium. But the sellout streak predates Gillette, going all the way back to 1994 -- more than 230 games and counting.


Since joining the Patriots as head coach in 2000, how many times has Bill Belichick led the team to the Super Bowl?

Belichick has found unprecedented success with the Patriots. Since 2000, he's coached the team to seven Super Bowls, earning the envy of pros and fans throughout the NFL world.


In what year did the Patriots join the NFL?

The Patriots joined the NFL in 1970. That was the year that the American Football League merged with the NFL.


Quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. Why?

Brady was implicated during Deflategate, a supposed scandal in which the Patriots purposely underinflated balls during the 2014-15 AFC Championship game. The idea was to gain a bit of an advantage over the Colts. When he returned to the field from the suspension, Brady unleashed a fury of statistics the likes of which the NFL has never before seen.


Adam Vinateri is a kicker who played a number of Super Bowl seasons with the Patriots. What is his nickname?

Vinateri (now of the Colts) is sometimes called "Mr. Clutch." He's made game-winning kicks in numerous close big games.


True or false, was kicker Adam Vinateri a first-round draft pick?

Kickers are rarely picked high in the draft, but Vinateri? He wasn't selected at all. He signed as a free agent and went on to become the most legendary kicker in team history.


Since 2001, how many times have the Patriots NOT won the AFC East division?

Since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick got into a groove, the Patriots have been mostly unstoppable in the East division, which they've won 14 times since 2001. Yawn.


True or false, has Tom Brady won more playoff games than any other quarterback?

Brady is a machine in the playoffs, and he's won more postseason games than any QB in NFL history. Following the 2016 season, his playoff record was 25-9.


The Patriots have a cheer squad known as the End Zone Militia. What does the Militia do after New England scores a touchdown?

Each time the Patriots score a touchdown, the End Zone Militia steps forward, raises their muskets and fires blanks. Then, they sign a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence and mock King George, and we probably made that part up.


At the end of the 2007 season, the Patriots were undefeated and headed to the Super Bowl. Which team did they face in the big game?

Tom Brady and company seemed destined to complete the most impressive undefeated streak in NFL history against the Giants. But as the clock wound down, Giants receiver David Tyree made a catch for the ages, helping New York end the Patriots' dreams of glory.


Gino Cappelletti is a famous Patriots player. Which position did he NOT play?

Cappelletti is one of the most celebrated figures in Patriots history, and he played both wide receiver and kicker. He scored more points than any other Patriots player until Adam Vinateri came along.


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