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Take one hardworking father, add three busy boys and a live-in grandpa and you've got "My Three Sons." The show ran for more than a decade, giving fans a peek into a less traditional TV family where mom wasn't around to run things. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this '60s favorite!

What was Steven Douglas' job on the show?

Fred MacMurray played father Steven Douglas, a widowed aeronautical engineer raising his three sons with the help of his father-in-law.


What was the name of the boy's grandfather, who moved in to help Steven raise the boys?

William Frawley -- he was Fred Mertz on "I Love Lucy" -- played Bub O'Casey on "My Three Sons." After his daughter dies, he moves in with the Douglas family to care for the house and help raise the boys.


Where does Bub go when he leaves the show after five seasons?

Bub leaves the show to care for his centenarian Aunt Kate in Ireland. Off-screen, Frawley was simply too expensive for the studio to insure because of his age and declining health.


Who replaces Bub in the Douglas home?

After Bub moves to Ireland, his brother Charley -- played by William Demaret -- comes to stay with the family. Uncle Charley takes over the housekeeping and child-rearing role of his brother.


Who is the oldest of the three Douglas boys?

There are three Douglas sons when the show premieres -- Mike is 18, Robbie is 14 and Chip is just 8.


What is the name of the family dog?

The family has a shaggy dog named Tramp, who often has adventures of his own -- like bringing a stick of live dynamite inside and hiding it in the house.


Who does Chip call instead of a maid service in the Season 1 episode "Domestic Trouble?"

When Bub has to go out of town, the family plans to hire a temporary housekeeper in the Season 1 episode "Domestic Trouble." Tasked with calling a maid company, Chip phones a company called Domestic Bliss, Inc. -- which provides matchmaking services, not housekeeping.


What job does Bub take in the Season 1 episode "Bub Leaves Home?"

When Cousin Selena comes to town in Season 1, Bub feels that he is no longer needed in the Douglas home. Instead, he takes a job as the manager of the Plainview Movie Theater until the family convinces him to come home.


Which member of the family takes a job with the forestry service in the Season 1 finale?

Mike takes a job with the forestry service in the Season 1 finale "Fire Watch." He hopes the job will be a walk in the park, but finds it to be much more challenging when his boss is trapped by a forest fire.


Who does Chip write his "What My Mother Means to Me" essay about?

Since Mrs. Douglas died before "My Three Sons" premiered, Chip is at a loss when he has to write an essay about what his mother means to him in Season 2. Eventually, he decides to write about Bub, who cares for him as a mother would.


Where is Chip headed when he runs away in Season 2?

Chip runs away to India in the Season 2 episode "Chip Leaves Home." He quickly gets scared and returns home to hide in the attic, forgetting that he put a goodbye note on Tramp's collar that has the whole family searching for him.


Who comes down with the German measles in the Season 2 episode "Chip's Party?"

Chip is looking forward to having his friends over for a party, but the neighborhood parents won't let the kids come to the Douglas house after Steven comes down with German measles.


Where does the family travel to in the Season 3 premiere?

When Steve is sent to Japan on business, he takes the whole family on a trip to Tokyo in the Season 3 premiere episode. While there, Mike falls in love with a beautiful girl named Kimiko.


What does Steve inherit in the Season 4 episode "Scotch Broth?"

Steve inherits his grandfather's castle in Season 4, so the whole family travels to Scotland to take in the sites at Sheehan Bridge.


What is the name of Mike's wife?

Mike became the first of the three sons to marry after proposing to girlfriend Sally in Season 4. The actress who played Sally, Meredith MacRae, went on to star in "Petticoat Junction."


Where is Robbie working in the Season 5 premiere episode?

Robbie takes a job as a steward on the S.S. Carolina cruise ship. Coincidentally, Steven is traveling for work on that ship at the same time as his son is working onboard.


What does the Douglas family learn is in its backyard in the Season 5 finale?

In the Season 5 finale "Uncle Charley and the Redskins," the family is shocked to learn that there is an old tribal burial ground located in the backyard.


Who does Steven Douglas adopt during Season 6?

With Mike married and moved on, Steven adopts Chip's friend Ernie so that there are three sons in the house once again. Ernie is played by Barry Livingston, brother to Stanley Livingston, who played Chip.


Which of the boys claims to spot a UFO in the backyard in Season 7?

Ernie is sure he saw a UFO in the Season 7 episode "You Saw What?" Engineer Steven knows that what Ernie saw was actually an Air Force project but can't tell the boys because the project is top-secret.


Where does the family move in the Season 8 premiere episode?

After Steve's job transfers him, the family moves from Bryant Park in the Midwest to sunny California at the start of Season 8.


What is the name of Robbie's wife?

Robbie proposes to Katie -- played by Tina Cole -- in Season 8. When the wedding day finally arrives, the entire family oversleeps and Tramp goes missing as the couple race to the ceremony.


Ernie falls into a swimming pool owned by this celebrity.

After the family moves to California, Ernie goes looking for movie stars and falls into Zsa Zsa Gabor's pool. The police spend the day looking for him, while he spends the day making friends with Zsa Zsa.


Which of the three sons ends up having triplets?

In the Season 9 episode "My Three Grandsons," Robbie and Katie have triplets. Choosing to name the boys after family members, they choose the names Robbie Jr, Steve II and Charley.


Where does Steve propose to Barbara?

When Steve gets engaged to Barbara Harper in Season 10, he wants to pick just the right time but ends up proposing at the police station in the episode "A Ring for Barbara."


What is the name of Barbara's young daughter?

When Barbara and Steven marry, the three sons finally get a sister in the form of 5-year-old Dorothy -- who goes by Dodie.


Where do Steve and Barbara go on their honeymoon?

Steve and Barbara head to a quiet Mexican fishing village, only to find that it is overrun with honeymooners. They spend most of the trip counseling younger couples while staying at the Honeymoon Hotel.


What is the name of Chip's wife?

Chip becomes the first of the boys to elope when he marries Polly in Las Vegas -- much to the annoyance of her father.


What is the name of Steve's Scottish cousin, who appears in Season 12?

Steven's Scottish cousin Fergus comes to stay with the family in the Season 12 premiere. He eventually marries a cocktail waitress named Terri and moves home with his new bride.


Fred MacMurray spent only 65 days a year filming "My Three Sons."

In order to maximize time at home with his wife and young twins, MacMurray agreed to film the show for only 65 days a year. That meant that many episodes were filmed out of sequence, leading to plenty of continuity errors throughout the seasons.


How many seasons did "My Three Sons" run?

The show ran for 12 seasons between 1960 and 1972. The first five seasons ran on ABC in black and white, while the rest were filmed in color for CBS.


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