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Before he was suiting up on "How I Met Your Mother," Neil Patrick Harris was saving lives as a genius teen doctor, Doogie Howser. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic '90s series!

What is Doogie's real name?

When the series begins, Douglas Howser is a 16-year-old second-year surgical resident. The show managed to balance Doogie's genius status and career in medicine with typical teen problems, like girls and dating.


What illness made Doogie become a doctor?

In the pilot episode, viewers learn that Doogie beat childhood leukemia twice. The experience made him want to become a doctor so he could help others.


What is Doogie doing as each episode ends?

Each episode of the show ends with Doogie recording his thoughts into his computer diary -- using computing technology that's oh-so-'90s.


What is the name of Doogie's best friend?

Doogie's best friend, Vinnie Delpino, has dreams of being a filmmaker. While he isn't a genius doctor like his friend, the pair manage to have plenty in common and deal with issues that many typical teens face.


What condition strikes Wanda on her first date with Doogie?

Lisa Dean Ryan played Doogie's girlfriend, Wanda Plenn, for the first two seasons of the show. During their first date, Doogie is forced to give Wanda an emergency appendectomy, which gets him in trouble at work because he breaks standard protocol.


How old was Doogie when he aced the SATs?

Child genius Doogie was just six years old when he got a perfect score on the SATs. It took him only nine weeks to breeze through high school, and he graduated from Princeton at the ripe old age of 10. At 14, he passed his medical board exams and became a doctor.


Where does Doogie work?

Doogie works at Eastman Medical, where Dr. Benjamin Canfield is the head of the medical program -- and Doogie's boss.


What is Vinnie's family business?

Vinnie experiences a lot of pressure from his dad, who wants him to join the family business of selling shower heads. Unfortunately, Vinnie has his heart set on making films, and he spends his time having Doogie and other friends help him put together amateur productions.


What class does Doogie teach at the local high school in season one?

As part of a community outreach program, the young Dr. Howser is forced to teach a sex ed class at the local high school. He manages to rile up the members of the football team, who come looking for a fight after class.


What stops Vinnie from losing his virginity to Janine in the season one finale?

Like many teens, Vinnie and Doogie spend plenty of time talking about sex. In the season one finale, Vinnie is hoping to lose his virginity to Janine, but a sudden case of tonsillitis ruins his plans.


Where are Doogie and Vinnie held hostage in season one?

A former gang member named Raymond holds Vinnie and Doogie hostage at a convenience store. After the incident, Doogie helps Raymond land a job as an orderly at Eastman.


What do Janine's parents offer to give her if she breaks up with Vinnie?

Janine's parents have had enough of Vinnie, and they offer her a Volkswagen if she ends the relationship in the season two episode, "Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down."


What is the nickname of Nurse Spaulding?

Doogie is good friends with Nurse Mary Margaret Spaulding -- better known as Curly -- who dates several doctors at the hospital, including Canfield and Doogie.


What kind of car does Doogie buy in season two?

Despite his father's objections, Doogie splurges on a 1957 Chevy convertible in season two. Things are going just great until Vinnie borrows the car and wrecks it, forcing Doogie to try to keep the accident a secret from his father.


Which character dies in the season two episode, "To Live and Die in Brentwood"?

Wanda's mom dies in a car accident in season two, leaving her struggling to deal with her grief. Eventually, the loss of her mother leads to the end of her relationship with Doogie.


What stigma is associated with an artist hired to paint a mural in the pediatric unit?

The show tackled the AIDS epidemic in season two, with the episode, "A Life in Progress." In the episode, an artist who is hired to paint a mural at the hospital is fired from the job after hospital staff learn he has AIDS.


What does Vinnie bet Doogie he can't handle in a season three episode?

Doogie's job as a doctor may be stressful, but Vinnie thinks working in fast food is even worse. In the season three episode, "Double Doogie with Cheese," he bets his friend that he can't handle working at a typical fast-food job.


Which character drops out of college in season three?

Vinnie's girlfriend drops out in season three to pursue a career in fashion. Her parents eventually end up blaming Doogie's mom, Katherine, for their daughter's decision.


Where do Doogie and his dad travel in the season three finale?

Doogie and his father, who is also a doctor, head to an operating theater in Honduras for the season three finale, as part of a Doctors Without Borders effort.


What event causes big trouble for the hospital in the season four premiere?

The season four premiere takes place during the 1992 L.A. race riots. On the show, the riots that occur after the Rodney King incident keep hospital staff busy as they are flooded with injured patients.


Who is the focus of Doogie's "Sherlock Holmes" parody?

While dating Michele, Doogie is confused to learn that she is also dating other guys. He analyzes the relationship in the season four episode, "The Adventures of Sherlock Howser."


What cartoon character is based on Doogie in a season four episode?

Doogie is furious when a patient named Hank Bellamy -- who also happens to be a cartoonist -- creates a Doogie-inspired strip with a character named Dr. Dorky Housecall.


What does Doogie do in the final episode?

The final episode of the show is rather ambiguous about Doogie's future. He is getting frustrated with medicine, so he decides to take some acting lessons before heading off on an extended trip to Europe with Vinnie.


What actor played Vinnie on the show?

Max Casella was 21 when he started playing 16-year old Vinnie Delpino on "Doogie Howser, M.D." He later went on to star on "The Sopranos."


What did producers use for close-up shots of sutures on the show?

Doogie and the other doctors had to make their work look realistic, so producers used raw chicken breasts when zooming in on a shot of one of the doctors stitching someone up.


What was Doogie's mom's job at the hospital?

Belinda Montgomery played Doogie's mom Katherine -- who didn't work when the show started, but later became a patient advocate at the hospital.


Who did Vinnie finally lose his virginity to?

After many years of trying, the girl-crazy Vinnie finally lost his virginity to Laura in season four. His efforts to sleep with Janine went nowhere, especially after he learned that she had once been date-raped and was still struggling with the attack.


Producers intended for Doogie to quit medicine at some point.

While the end of the show was left fairly open, producers have since stated in interviews that if the show had continued, Doogie would have quit medicine and become a writer.


The network built the entire show around Neil Patrick Harris because they loved the actor so much.

The network hated Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie and made it difficult for producers to get the show on the air because they choose Harris. Fortunately, pilot episodes tested so well that the network was forced to let Neil Patrick Harris have the part.


For how many seasons did "Doogie Howser, M.D." run?

The show ran for 97 episodes over four seasons, from 1989 to 1993.


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