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Mathematics may have been a class that you dreaded in high school. But if you can remember what was taught, you can ace this quiz! You'll need to remember all of the concepts, equations and terms used in high school mathematics. You'll need the basics, but you'll also need to know the concepts in depth. Think you have what it takes?

Do you know how to find the area of shapes like rectangles or squares? Do you know what the system of equations is? Do you know what the correct format for quadratic equations is? If you could answer any of these questions, then can you tell us how many sides a chiliagon has? Channel your inner Einstein in order to pass this quiz!

Do you know how to calculate the volume of an object? Can you name the process for when something is moved or flipped, creating a different shape? Do you know what the value of Pi is? If you could answer these, then you're well on your way to getting a great score.

If you think you're the best student in high school mathematics, then it's time to prove it. Take the quiz to see if you're the star student!

How do you calculate the volume of an object?

The correct formula for volume is length x width x height. It's one of the more simple equations in mathematics!


Which of the following is not a type of graph?

There is no such thing as a pinhole graph. The other graphs are used as efficient ways to display information and data through visual means.


What does a linear equation result in?

A linear equation results in a straight line along a graph. It's easy to remember, as linear means "straight line".


How many sides does a chiliagon have?

A chiliagon has 1,000 sides, but that's not even the largest amount of sides possible. Have you ever heard of a Googolgon? There are 10 to the power of 100 sides on that shape!


Is it true or false that circumference is used in relation to a circle?

This is true. Circumference is used in relation to the outside of a circle. For other shapes, this is referred to as perimeter.


Where would you find an exponent in an equation?

Exponents are found at the top right corner of a number. They are used to indicate that a number must be multiplied by itself that many times.


What is one requirement for a polygon?

In order to qualify as a polygon, a shape must be made from straight lines. Aside from this, there's only one more requirement which is to be an enclosed shape.


Which of the following is the correct format for quadratic equations?

The correct equation is ax²+bx+c=0. The equation is filled in with the appropriate values and solved, although there is one thing that you must always keep in mind. In order for the equation to quadratic, "a" must be any other value than 0.


What word is used for something that when moved or flipped, creates a different shape?

A shape is called congruent when it can be moved and creates a different shape. If any other alterations are made it, it is no longer considered to be congruent.


Is it true or false that the word "adjacent" is used to mean "beside each other"?

This is true. This term is very commonly used in mathematics to describe certain things like shapes and other objects. It can also be used outside of mathematics as well!


If two things are exactly the same and across from one another, what are they?

This is an example of something that is symmetrical. It is even possible to find symmetry in our everyday lives where we may least expect it.


Which of the following is not a prime number?

The number one is not a prime number, as prime numbers must be of a greater value than one itself. The other numbers are.


What shape is trigonometry centered around?

Triangles are the primary focus in trigonometry. The process often involves solving for missing angles given the value of one angle.


What do all three angles of a triangle add up to?

All angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. This can also be solved through the use of sine, cosine and tangent methods.


Is it true or false that in the acronym BEDMAS, the "S" stands for subtraction?

This is true. BEDMAS is known as the order of operations. The entire acronym as a whole stands for: brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.


How do you find the area of a rectangle?

The correct way to find an area of a rectangle is length x width. This also works for squares as well, but other shapes use different methods for this.


In order to calculate the area of a circle, you need radius and what else?

To get the area of a circle, you need the diameter and the radius. Multiply these two values together along with the value of pi and you'll have the area of the shape.


What has a value of 3.14?

Pi is known to have a value of 3.14159, although there is a lot more where that came from! It's most commonly simplified down to 3.14 so that it's easier to remember and use.


Which angle is always 90 degrees?

A right angle is always at 90 degrees. Four lines at 90-degree angles is how you would make a square or a rectangle.


Is it true or false that if something is concurrent, it is a meeting point between lines?

This is true. In mathematics, this is a connection between lines. It commonly takes place on a graph or plane.


What is the perimeter of something?

The perimeter is the outside of a shape. Often in math, it's important to be able to find the perimeter of a shape by adding all of the sides together.


What does the "m" stand for in the equation y = mx + b?

The "m" in the equation stands for the slope of the line. The slope applies to any graph that utilizes a straight line on the plane.


If you're trying to find out how long it will take someone to drive somewhere, what do you need to know?

Velocity is needed to solve this problem. Distance is also needed, as they both have an impact on the time it would ultimately take to get to a destination.


What is the opposite of a convex polygon?

The opposite of a convex polygon is concave. The difference is that a concave polygon has lines that go inward toward the middle of the polygon.


Is it true or false that parallel lines will never cross each other?

This is true. Parallel lines stick beside each other to the very end, and never cross one another. You could even say that they're best friends!


Which part of a graph is known as an X-axis?

The horizontal line on the bottom of the graph is the x-axis. The vertical line is known as the y-axis. Both work together in order to display data in an efficient way.


Which of the following is an example of a variable?

The letter "x" is an example of a variable. It is most commonly found in equations, typically beside other parts such as numbers.


What is the name of a polynomial with three terms?

Three polynomials are called trinomials. This refers to three different values within an equation that are known as variables.


What is an integer?

Integers are whole numbers that can also be negative. If there is a decimal in the number, it cannot be considered an integer. For example, 7 is an integer but 7.5 is not.


Is it true or false that an obtuse angle is an angle smaller than 90 degrees?

This is false. An obtuse angle is the opposite. It is larger than 90 degrees, while an acute angle is the one that is smaller.


The system of equations is used to find what?

The system of equations is used to find the unknown values in an equation. For example, solving for x or y is to solve for an unknown value.


What shape does a parabola take on?

A parabola takes on the shape of a curve. The curve can be facing any way, according to where the coordinates fall on the graph.


"Mean, median and ________"Which word is missing from this sequence?

The missing word is "mode." These terms are important in math as they are typically applied to a series of numbers. For example, the median is the middle number in the set.


What is used in a tessellation?

Polygons are used in tessellations. This is a common practice in math class, as in order to make a proper tessellation, the shapes must all be touching one another with a perfect fit.


What is the name of the longest side of a right angle triangle?

The hypotenuse is the angle opposite the right angle in a triangle. It will always be the longest side on the triangle, so long as it's a right angle triangle.


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