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In the ‘60s, the counterculture raged and protests of all kinds were a staple of the evening news. In the ‘70s, things got a bit quieter. The silent majority reasserted its dominance in politics and a horrific war finally fizzled to an end. And everywhere, people had fun with new visions of pop music and rock culture. What do you remember about what life was really like in the '70s?

By the time 1970 rolled around, a lot of people were tired of the chaos and tumult that started with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. They were sick of riots, marches, and war, too. Everyone - particularly the middle class - wanted some semblance of normality, whatever that might be. What do you know about the cultural forces that shaped daily life for both inner city inhabitants and suburban dwellers in the 1970s?

Dance fads, fashion trends, and music all borrowed from the '60s. But the ‘70s put a new spin on many aspects of pop culture, particularly music. No longer were the Beatles in command of the charts – instead, funky soul music and dance tunes of all kinds dominated. Along the way, rock took new directions, too. What do you recall about hit songs and pop culture from this bell-bottomed decade?

You won’t need any tie-dye shirts or flower power knowledge for this 1970s quiz. Instead, you’ll pull on the leather boots, grow out those sideburns and do your best in this tough test of '70s lifestyle!

“Brown Sugar" was a hit song by which ‘70s band?

In 1971, The Rolling Stones released "Brown Sugar," the first song on "Sticky Fingers." It became a number one hit in the U.S.


Which of the following was a dance craze during the ‘70s?

In the ‘70s, everyone in the clubs was doing the Bump. Just "bump" your hips to the beat of the music — there, you’re a dance star!


What sort of shoes were very popular in the ‘70s?

In the ‘70s, platform shoes were all the rage. Sure, they were heavy, but if you were short, suddenly you could add three or six inches to your height.


Cable TV slowly spread in the ‘70s. How did you change the channels when you wanted to watch a different show?

The sliding cable channel box was a staple of the ‘70s. Just search online for "sliding cable channel box" and you’ll see the kind of vintage ‘70s goodness we’re talking about.


"A New Hope" was a subtitle for which ‘70s blockbuster film?

In 1977, "Star Wars: A New Hope" hit theaters and basically turned the film industry upside down. Decades later, the "Star Wars" craze is still going strong.


What was an "8-track"?

In the ‘70s, 8-track tapes were the way you played prerecorded music. Smaller, skinnier prerecorded cassette tapes didn’t emerge until the ‘80s.


The Gibb brothers were the foundation of which popular ‘70s music group?

The Beatles owned the ‘60s — the brothers Gibb, better known as the Bee Gees, dominated the ‘70s. Their pop tunes and disco hits made them worldwide celebrities.


Which fad was popular during the ‘70s?

In 1975, a guy named Gary Dahl began selling Pet Rocks in special carrying cases ... and they sold like crazy. The rocks were $4 each, making Dahl a millionare in no time.


What style of rock music became popular, starting in the early ‘70s?

In the early ‘70s, glam rock, with its crazy costumes and hair, took to the mainstream. Artists like Iggy Pop and David Bowie took glam rock to natural extremes.


How much did a movie ticket cost in1975?

In the mid-70s, movie tickets were around $2.30. Add that to the low price of gas (at least in the early '70s) and snacks and it was a cheap date night.


Young women were all about the _____ skirt in the ‘70s.

Years earlier, the mini skirt was popular. In the ‘70s, though, the maxi skirt, which went all the way to the floor, became popular.


What sort of carpet was popular in the ‘70s?

In the ‘70s, long shag carpet was exceedingly popular. If you were unlucky, your parents kept it in the house until the ‘90s.


“Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me..." is the first line of which ‘70s hit?

In 1977, the Bee Gees unleashed "Stayin’ Alive" upon an unsuspecting world... and to this day, it is the scourge of wedding receptions across the land.


Which video game was introduced in the ‘70s?

In 1972, Atari released "Pong" and changed the way people thought about computers. It was a simplistic but addictive game in which players competed in ping pong.


What was "Tiger Beat"?

In the ‘70s, all the kids read "Tiger Beat," a teen pop culture magazine. Where else would you see the latest pictures of John Travolta or the DeFranco Family?


True or false: Bellbottomed pants were still popular in the ‘70s.

Bellbottoms were exceedingly popular in the counterculture days of the ‘60s, and they didn’t go anywhere — they were still very fashionable in the ‘70s.


Before the oil crisis of 1973, gas sold for about 38 cents per gallon. In ‘76, gas was around _____.

The Mideast oil embargo caused gas prices to skyrocket, from 38 cents to 61 cents in just three years. During the peak of the crisis, long lines formed at gas stations.


Donna Summer was a very popular music act in the ‘70s. She fell in the category of _____.

Donna Summer was a fabulous disco star. She was the "Queen of Disco" and had hits like "Heaven Knows" and "Hot Stuff."


In 1972, one of the highest-rated TV shows in history — which was set in Korea — started its run. Which show was it?

In 1972, Hawkeye Pierce and the rest of the characters of "M*A*S*H" started their stint on TV. The show lasted until 1983 and is still one of the highest-rated programs ever.


What did kitchen appliances look like in the ‘70s?

Maybe it was because of all of the acid they took in the ‘60s — in the ‘70s, kitchens were a kaleidescope of colors, from weird golds to bright greens and everything in between.


The "2600" was a gaming system from _______, introduced 1977.

In 1977, the Atari 2600 made history, becoming a landmark gaming console. The controllers had just one red button — and that was all you needed to play games like "Joust" and "Combat."


What was a must-have fashion item in the early ‘70s?

Sweaters were where it was at. In the early ‘70s, you either understood sweater fashion or you were an outcast.


“Welcome Back Kotter" introduced which young star to the TV world?

In 1975, ABC began airing "Welcome Back, Kotter," a TV show that portrayed a high teacher and his classroom hijinks. Notably, it introduced a young actor named John Travolta, who became one of the most famous actors of the 20th century.


Cheryl Tiegs is sometimes called America’s first _____.

In the ‘70s, Tiegs became iconic with her pink bikini poster, which wound up in bedrooms all over the world. She’s often called America’s first supermodel.


“Four on the floor" refers to which aspect of the ‘70s?

In the ‘70s, disco music often used "four on the floor," a distinct rhythm pattern, one that is still strongly associated with dance music. Hit after hit employed four on the floor to get clubbers moving.


Before the mid-70s, the t-shirt was considered _____.

Nowadays, t-shirts are everywhere, all the time. But before the mid-70s, t-shirts were actually regarded as underwear only.


“Charlie’s Angels" was all about three women who worked which job?

“Charlies Angels" made stars out of Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. The women played private investigators who took down criminals while wearing tight shirts.


Which late night show debuted in 1975?

In 1975, "Saturday Night Live" debuted its silly sketches and biting commentary. Four decades later, it is still a force in pop culture.


In 1979, what happened during "Disco Demolition Night" at a Chicago White Sox game?

At a White Sox game, promoters mockingly blew up a stack of disco records, mocking what had once been America’s most popular music trend. The result? The explosion - and rioting fans - damaged the field and the team was forced to forfeit the game.


Which type of footwear reached an all-time popularity with women during the ‘70s?

Boots, boots, and more boots — women had all types of boots for every occasion in the ‘70s. And of course, they had to match sweaters just the right way.


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