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Take one straight-laced captain, throw in a crew intent on mischief and add a gorgeous South Pacific setting, and you've got "McHale's Navy." This silly series may have been set during wartime, but it was pure comedy, preferring to leave the realities of WWII on the battlefield. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic '60s TV series!

What was the name of the boat used on "McHale's Navy?"

Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale led a crew of "pirates" in the South Pacific during WWII. While their boat, the PT-73, was designed for patrolling, the men weren't shy about using it for water skiing or fishing.


What was Charles Parker's role in the Navy?

The klutzy Charles Parker served as Ensign for McHale's crew, which had run through several Ensigns in the two months before Parker was brought on board in the first episode of the show.


Who is the captain in charge of the boisterous McHale and his men?

Captain Binghamton -- known as Old Leadbottom because he was once shot in the rear end -- has the unfortunate luck of managing Commander McHale and his men. The Captain spends much of the series trying to rid himself of McHale, either by having him transferred or put in prison.


What is the name of the crew's POW?

In exchange for keeping him out of a POW camp, Fuji is allowed to live with the men and serve as their cook. McHale and his men work hard to keep Fuji a secret from Captain Binghamton.


What actor plays Commander McHale on the show?

Ernest Borgnine -- he was the original voice of Mermaid Man on "SpongeBob" -- played the freewheeling McHale. Tim Conway co-starred as Ensign Charles Parker.


Why is Tinker arrested in season two?

Machinist Harrison James "Tinker" Bell keeps the equipment running on PT-73. In season two, he ends up getting arrested for stealing Binghamton's printing press in the episode "My Ensign, the Lawyer."


What do McHale and his men turn into a distillery while in Italy?

Willing to do whatever it takes to keep the liquor flowing, Gruber and the other crew members create a mobile distillery in an old fire engine in the episode "Fire in the Liquor Locker."


Where is the crew stationed in season four?

With the war coming to a close, McHale and his men are sent away from Taratupa to the liberated town of Voltafiore in Italy.


Why was the crew trying to raise money in the 1964 film, "McHale's Navy?"

To support Gruber's efforts of funding St Theresa's Orphanage, the crew worked hard to raise funds in the 1964 film, "McHale's Navy." The movie was largely a continuation of the TV series and featured the same characters and settings, but it was filmed in color, rather than the black-and-white of the TV show.


Which character was known to lament, "Why is it always me?"

Captain Binghamton struggled mightily to keep McHale and his men in line, and he was known to utter," Why me? Why is it always me?," as well as, "I could just scream!" to express his frustration.


Which actor played Quinton McHale Jr. in the 1997 movie remake?

Tom Arnold plays retired Captain Quinton McHale, while Ernest Borgnine appears as a Naval Admiral named Cobra in the 1997 movie remake of the series.


Which character was known to exclaim, "Oy Vey!?"

For some inexplicable reason, the Japanese POW Fuji was known to exclaim "oy vey!" -- which is actually a Yiddish expression, not a Japanese one.


Which crew member ends up in the Air Force, in the 1965 film, "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force?"

It's poor Ensign Charles Parker who is mistakenly forced into the Air Force due to a typical "McHale's Navy" mix-up. Ernest Borgnine and Carl Ballantine -- who played Gruber -- do not appear in this film.


What is the name of McHale's lookalike Italian cousin?

Giuseppe McHale -- who looks just like McHale and is played by Ernest Borgnine in a dual role -- comes to the rescue more than once when McHale is accused of going AWOL in Italy.


Who steals the PT-73 while the crew are in jail in the episode, "French Leave for McHale?"

McHale's crew, who almost always manage to come out on top, find themselves swindled by con-man Big Frenchy on multiple occasions in season two. Not only does he swipe the PT-73, but he later scams the group out a bunch of supplies and convinces them to transport them for him.


Who is the native chief of Taratupa?

McHale and his men often have dealings with the local natives, led by Chief Urulu. In season one, Urulu puts a curse on Captain Binghamton after Naval vessels damage the island. Urulu proves to be a tough negotiator as the series progresses.


What almost gets Parker sent home in the season two finale?

When Parker destroys a pearl necklace meant for Binghamton's wife, the captain is ready to send the Ensign packing. Instead, the crew works to raise $1,000 to replace the pearls, so Parker can stay a part of the team.


What is the crew trying to raise money for, by selling fake artwork in season three?

When Christy's daughter needs a tonsillectomy, the crew will do anything to help him raise money for the surgery. They create a paint-by-numbers portrait by "Claude Gaugin," brother of the famous artist, which they try to sell to raise the funds.


What stand-alone special served as the premiere of the characters seen on "McHale's Navy?"

An April 1962 special, called "Seven Against the Sea," introduced the world to McHale and his men. The show was so popular that a series quickly followed, with the plot line and characters remaining fairly similar.


Which member of the crew received a Purple Heart in season one for cutting his finger while doing laundry?

The U.S. Military awards Purple Hearts to soldiers wounded or killed while serving. Torpedoman Lester Gruber is awarded one by the Navy after suffering a cut to his finger while doing laundry in the second episode of the show.


Where is the crew stationed in the first three seasons?

McHale and his men are stationed on a stretch of land they call "McHale's Island," just across the bay from Taratupa. The gang leaves the South Pacific after season three and moves to Europe for the final season of the show.


What lands the mayor in jail in season four?

McHale and the crew have plenty of run-ins with Mayor Lugatto after moving to Italy. In the episode, "The Good Luck Fountain," Binghamton throws the mayor in jail after he scams tourists with a Good Luck Fountain in the Town Square.


Where do the crew members make their home when they move to Italy?

The group starts out living in tents on the beach after moving to Italy in season four. In the episode "A Wine Cellar Is Not a Home," they move to a wine cellar, which they furnish with fine pieces of furniture they salvaged.


How many seasons did the show run?

"McHale's Navy" ran for 138 episodes over four seasons, from 1962 to 1966 -- and poor Captain Binghamton never achieved his goal of ridding himself of McHale and his men.


Who is the only member of the PT-73 crew to marry?

Quartermaster Christy becomes the only member of McHale's crew to marry when the gang helps him wed Lieutenant Gloria Winters. The pair have a child together in the episode, "The Big Raffle," and end up giving her the longest name ever so that her name can acknowledge each member of her father's crew.


What is Binghamton searching for when he finally discovers Fuji?

The crew manages to keep POW Fuji hidden for all of season one. While searching for a stolen case of champagne in the season two premiere, Captain Binghamton finally discovers the ruse and captures poor Fuji.


How did the gang raise money in the 1964 film?

McHale and his men hope to make a mint betting on horses. After they bet the farm on a horse named Silver Spot, they are out of luck when the horse loses. Fortunately, their decision to rescue Silver Spot after his loss helps get them out of hot water and saves the day.


What is Parker accused of, in the episode, "Will the Alligator take the Stand?"

Parker is put on trial after the Captain tries to frame McHale for stealing his wallet in this season three episode. Fortunately, a friendly alligator helps get Parker off the hook.


Who does Binghamton try to marry McHale off to in the season two episode, "Orange Blossoms for McHale?"

When the Navy institutes a policy that all married officers must be sent home, Binghamton finally sees his chance to get rid of the pesky McHale. He schemes to get McHale to marry barmaid Kate O'Hara, an old friend, but both she and McHale manage to turn the tables on the captain.


What was the name of the spin-off from "McHale's Navy?"

A spin-off called "Broadside" featured an all-female cast and ran from 1964 to 1965. The cast members were WAVES -- or female Naval Reserve members.


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