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"Mo- to the, E- to the, Mo- to the, E- to the. MOESHA!" If you were a fan of the 1990s, there's a big chance you were watching Moesha. Appearing on UPN for five years, this sitcom had a lot of memorable faces and moments. How well do you remember the show?

Moesha premiered in 1996 on UPN. The series followed a young African-American teen who was dealing with the regular, everyday issues of growing up. Through its five-year run, the series had six successful seasons with 127 episodes. It would go on to be one of the network's best performing TV shows.

The sitcom was also able to perform well because of the actors. Moesha starred the R&B singer Brandy, as well as Countess Vaughn and William Allen Young. With the success of the character Kim, played by Countess Vaughn, the show even sparked a UPN spin-off, The Parkers. Many characters from the world of Moesha would go on to make guest appearances in this sitcom as well. 

Moesha definitely made a mark in '90s TV but how much of it do you remember? Where did Moesha and her friends like to hang out? What did Frank do for a living? Brandy's real-life brother, Ray J, played what character in the series? If you can answer these questions, you're ready!

Who's ready for a blast from the past with Moesha? Can you remember all there is to know about this TV show? Let's find out!

On what network did "Moesha" air?

"Moesha" was the first real hit for the young United Paramount Network. CBS had originally intended to air it, but did not, and UPN was able to pick it up.


Who played Moesha, the teenage protagonist?

Brandy brought her radiant smile and infectious energy to the show. She's equally well known for her singing career.


What was (and still is) Brandy's last name?

Originally, she was listed as "Brandy Norwood" in the opening credits. Later, a more sophisticated credits sequence listed her solely by her stage name.


Where is Moesha's mother for the entirety of the show?

Moesha's mother has died before the series starts. Early on, she has to balance loyalty to her mother's memory with her increasing affection for her new stepmother.


What is Moesha's father's name?

Frank Mitchell was played by William Allen Young. He kept a close eye on his teenage daughter -- especially given how popular she was with boys.


What does Frank Mitchell do for a living?

Frank sold Saturns, a type of car that was very popular in the 1990s. Later, Frank owned the dealership.


Where in Los Angeles did the Mitchell family live?

Leimert Park is a predominantly African-American neighborhood near the better-known Baldwin Hills. The area was heavily Japanese before black families began moving in.


What domestic issue was Moesha dealing with as the series began?

Studios want more than "teenager deals with high school life" for a series story arc, so there's usually some kind of "hook" involved. Frank's remarriage provided the initial tension for "Moesha."


What year did "Moesha" debut?

"Moesha" first aired in January 1996. The show featured a lot of colorful 1990s fashion.


Why did Moesha resent her father marrying Dee?

Dee, played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, was second-in-command at Moesha's school. This added an extra layer of tension to the new household arrangements, as if adjusting to a new step-parent isn't hard enough.


Where was Dee from?

Dee is from the island nation of Jamaica. The actress who played her, Sheryl Lee Ralph, is American, born in Connecticut.


What was the name of Moesha's younger brother?

Myles was played by Marcus T. Paulk. He evolved from the classic "annoying younger brother" to a more nuanced character.


Which of these is NOT the name of one of Moesha's school friends?

The core group in the early seasons was Moesha, Kim and Niecy. Plus Hakeem, the classic "close friend with a crush" character.


What did Moesha get in trouble for in Season Two's episode "Cold Busted"?

Actually, it was Quinton who sneaked up to Mo's room when she went to get some CDs. But she didn't make him leave, and as soon as he started kissing her, on cue -- Frank and Dee walked in on them.


Where did the teenagers like to hang out?

Every teen show has to have a place where the kids spend time outside of school and home. On "Moesha," this was "The Den."


What is the name of the older mentor figure who owns The Den?

Andell was played by Yvette Wilson, a comic actress. Sadly, she died of cancer in 2012.


Which sports star did Andell date in Season 1?

"Moesha" never failed to surprise with the quality of its guest stars . As early as Season 1, bright lights like two-sport star Deion Sanders dropped by.


In front of what is Moesha dancing in the early-seasons' opening credits?

For most of the series' run, the credits opened with Moesha dancing in front of a fountain in Los Angeles. This allowed Brandy to show off a little of her excellent dance skills.


Who was Moesha's first boyfriend on the show?

Ohagi and Moesha had a "secret love" at the beginning of Season One. He even wrote a poem about it, titled -- wait for it! -- "Secret Love."


Who did Shar Jackson play?

Shar Jackson had 15 minutes of (probably unwanted) fame when she lost her boyfriend Kevin Federline, who had fathered two of her children, to Britney Spears. She also has two children from an earlier relationship.


What relation is Ray J, who played Dorian, to Brandy?

Ray J was born William Ray Norwood and took the name Ray J for his music career. Nowadays, you might know him better for his exploits in reality TV, like VH1's "For the Love of Ray J."


Who played Jeremy, one of Moesha's early love interests?

The R&B star played the dreamy Jeremy. At a pajama party, he appears to pressure Moesha for sex, but she isn't having any, and then Frank arrives to spoil the fun.


What is Moesha's dream car?

The Mitchell family is fairly well off financially. This is evidenced by the fact that Frank gets her the Jeep she really wants, after first trying to get her to settle for a Saturn.


Who guest-starred as basketball ace Terry Hightower?

Hightower wants Moesha to help him cheat on the SAT. She refuses, but he later does so well on it that everyone thinks he *did* cheat.


In which season do Hakeem and Moesha first kiss?

This happened on the episode "Basket Case." In it, Moesha "wins" a date with Hakeem in a school fundraiser in which the girls date the boys whose basket they bought. This is a variation on the old "pie supper" fundraisers churches used to hold, in which young men would eat their supper with the young woman who'd baked the pie.


Who played Kim?

Countess Vaughn was a "Star Search" winner at age nine. Like more than one "Moesha" cast member, she's gone on the appear in several reality TV shows.


What stage name did Dorian choose for his rap career?

Dorian was an aspiring rapper. Actor Ray J, likewise, has a music career; his albums include "Raydiation."


What was revealed about Dorian late in the series?

Dorian came to live with the Mitchells in Season Five because he'd had some problems with authority in Oakland. Soon, it was revealed that "Uncle Frank" was really his father. A lot of fans disliked that storyline, because it took a rare depiction of a responsible black father on TV and tarnished it.


Who revealed Dorian's paternity?

This family secret was let loose by an eccentric aunt. On the same episode, and not entirely coincidentally, Moesha told her father she was moving out of the house.


What was the name of the episode on which Frank's paternity of Dorian was revealed?

The episode certainly contained a bombshell. But the title was "Secrets and Lies."


Which later "Castle" star had a small role as Hakeem's friend?

Huertas played Hakeem's friend Antonio. Later, he had a more prominent role as Lt. Esposito on the ABC hit "Castle."


Where does Moesha go to college?

Moesha goes to the fictitious "Cal U." Maybe she ran into some of the cast of "Beverly Hills, 90210," who also went to a "California University" in the 1990s.


Who proposed to Moesha in Season 6?

Quinton Brooks was played by Fredro Starr. He has an impressive resume in the rap world, having been discovered by Jam Master Jay, then performing with Onyx and as a solo artist.


What was the name of the "Moesha" spin-off?

"The Parkers" revolved around the hook of a mother and daughter (Kim and Nikki Parker) going to the same community college. This demands that their relationship shift to one of roommates and friends. Mo'Nique played Nikki Parker in the series.


What was Moesha's mother's name?

We see the mother's full name when Moesha goes to her burial vault to talk to her. It's Marguerite Jennings Mitchell.


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