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Although "Once Upon a Time in the West" largely flopped when it was released, the film is now recognized as one of the most important Western films of all time, blending the brutal reality of the Wild West with beautiful scenery, striking music and a top-notch cast. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic film!

Which actor played killer Frank in the film?

Henry Fonda may have been used to playing the hero, but in "Once Upon a Time in the West" he finally got a chance to play the bad guy. He starred as henchman Frank, who had no problem with killing kids or anyone else who got in his way.


Where does the film take place?

The film is set in the fictional town of Flagstone, Arizona -- back in the days of the Wild West, when the railroad was just beginning its march across the United States.


What is the name of Brett McBain's farm?

Everyone laughs at Brett McBain when he purchases Sweetwater, a piece of land that no one thinks is worth anything. Turns out the land is actually pretty valuable -- enough that people are willing to kill for it.


How many children does McBain have?

McBain is a single father to three children. He and all three kids are shot and killed by Frank early in the film.


True or false: Morton ordered Frank to kill the McBains.

Railroad tycoon Morton is furious after Frank kills the McBains. He hired Frank to put a scare into the family, not to kill innocent kids.


What clue does Frank leave behind at the farm?

Frank and his men leave an important clue behind at the farm after killing the McBains. It's a piece of a duster jacket that points the blame to someone else and away from Frank and his men.


What were McBain and his kids doing before they were killed?

The McBains were preparing for a wedding party to welcome Brett McBain's new bride. Unfortunately, their deaths mean that the party becomes a funeral and burial.


What is the name of Brett McBain's new bride?

When she arrives at Sweetwater, Jill reveals that she had married Brett McBain a month earlier in New Orleans. Now that she has arrived at Sweetwater, she discovers she is a widow.


True or false: Jill was a prostitute before she married McBain.

Jill was a well-known prostitute in New Orleans before wedding McBain, which Frank reveals in a disturbing scene, in which he rapes Jill.


What does Sweetwater have that makes it so valuable?

Brett McBain was a smart man to purchase Sweetwater. Turns out, it's the only source of water for fifty miles west of Flagstone -- making it extremely valuable for the railroads, which use water to produce steam to run the trains.


Which item is Charles Bronson's character never seen without?

Bronson appears in town in the middle of all of the action, and no one is quite sure about his purpose for being there. Turns out, he's hell-bent on revenge against Frank. He spends the entire movie playing a harmonica.


Who gets blamed for the McBain murders?

Jason Robards, who plays Cheyenne, gets blamed for the murders. He protests his innocence, claiming that he would never kill a kid.


What is the name of the man who runs the town laundry?

Laundry man Wobbles finds himself facing the wrath of Frank, Jill and Cheyenne after getting mixed up in the madness of Flagstone and Sweetwater.


How does Harmonica respond when Frank continually asks who he is?

Frank asks Harmonica about his identity at several points in the film. Each time, Harmonica replies with the names of men who Frank has killed in the past.


What does Jill find in a trunk at Sweetwater?

Jill finds a miniature village with a tiny train station hidden in a trunk at the farm.


What do viewers see each time they are given a glimpse into Harmonica's identity?

Harmonica's identity is a mystery to both viewers and other characters in the film. As movie viewers are given glimpses into the man's past, all they are able to see is a blurry image of a man walking in the desert.


What is delivered to the farm after Jill settles there?

Jill is shocked to receive a huge supply of lumber. Eventually, Harmonica and Cheyenne help her figure out that the lumber should be used to build a station for the railroad.


Why does Jill auction off the farm?

Jill is so intimidated after Frank threatens her -- and rapes her -- that she agrees to auction off the farm. Frank and his men position themselves around the auction area to scare off potential buyers.


Who ultimately buys the farm at the auction?

After Frank offers $500 for the farm, Harmonica shows up to turn Cheyenne over to the authorities. He then uses his $5,000 reward money to buy the farm at auction.


How much does Frank offer Harmonica for the farm?

After Harmonica wins the farm for $5,000, Frank offers him $5,001 for the property -- a $1 profit. Harmonica turns the deal down.


What does Morton offer Frank's men to win their loyalty?

While Frank's men are supposed to be guarding Morton on his private train, the group plays a hand of poker. After Morton deals each man $500 instead of cards, they move their loyalty from Frank to Morton.


Who gets off the train in the opening scenes of the movie?

The opening scenes of the film are rife with tension as three gunmen wait for a train. When Harmonica gets off and asks for Frank, the men attack, but all three end up dead and only Harmonica survives.


What is Morton's ultimate dream?

The rich railroad man wants nothing more than to extend his railroad to the Pacific before he dies, and he is willing to do almost anything to make his dream come true.


Who saves Frank when Morton sends a group of men after him?

Jill is furious when Harmonica saves Frank's life. Harmonica has to explain that he didn't want anyone else to kill the man -- because he wanted to do it himself.


Where does the final shootout between Harmonica and Frank take place?

Harmonica and Frank have their final showdown at Sweetwater. Frank finally learns why Harmonica is after him, just before Harmonica shoots him dead.


Which of Harmonica's family members was killed by Frank?

Just before Frank dies, viewers see a flashback where Frank killed Harmonica's brother when the two were much younger. Frank doesn't remember until the moment before he dies.


What did Harmonica stuff in Frank's mouth just before he died?

When Frank killed Harmonica's older brother, he had also stuffed a harmonica in the younger boy's mouth. When Harmonica finally got his revenge and killed Frank, he returned the instrument to its rightful owner.


True or false: The movie ends with Jill and Harmonica together as a couple.

Jill ends up alone, a widow still, at the conclusion of the film. Both Harmonica and Cheyenne move on after the battle with Frank has ended.


Who shoots Cheyenne?

At the end of the film, Cheyenne collapses and dies after revealing that he had been shot by Morton on the train.


True or false: Jill gets the riches that Brett McBain promised her before his death.

As the film ends, viewers see Jill taking water out to the railroad men laying tracks outside of Sweetwater. Now that the railroad is passing through, the land is more valuable than anyone -- except for the wise Brett McBain -- had ever dreamed possible.


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