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Take one average American family, throw in a robot in the form of a young girl, add a couple of nosy neighbors, and you've got "Small Wonder." This '80s classic added a sci-fi/tech twist to the family sitcom and kept fans tuning in every Saturday morning for the latest episode. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about "Small Wonder!"

What is the name of the young robot on the show?

Designed to help disabled children, the robot assistant in the body of a young girl is known as Vicki. Officially, she is a Voice Input Child Identicant -- or VICI -- but it makes a lot more sense to call her Vicki, especially as she becomes more family member than work project.


How old is Vicki supposed to be?

Vicki was designed and programmed to resemble a 10-year-old girl and do everything a normal 10-year-old could do. Of course, she is still a robot and has her own quirks -- such as a lack of emotion and the tendency to take every word literally.


Where does Vicki live?

She might seem like a young girl, but Vicki actually lives in a cabinet in Jamie's room when she isn't in use by the family. He keeps her there, "with the rest of his toys," starting in the first episode.


What is the name of the father on the show?

Dick Christie played Ted Lawson, an engineer at United Robotronics and father to young Jamie. He also invented Vicki and brought her home to live with the family, where she became a favorite of Ted's wife Joan.


True or false: Ted and Joan pretend that Vicki is an orphan.

When the neighbors get suspicious about the new girl in the Lawson home, they pretend that she is an orphan they plan to adopt. Child Services soon gets involved and makes the "adoption" process a lot more complicated than the Lawsons expected.


Who is the red-haired girl who lives next door?

The Lawsons spend much of the series fending off their nosy neighbors, the Brindles. Young Harriet Brindle, who has fiery red locks, is a frequent visitor to the Lawson home, mostly because of her massive crush on Jamie.


How does Jamie get rid of Warren when he falls for Vicki in season one?

In season one, the nerdy Warren falls for Vicki -- mistaking her lack of emotion for acceptance. To get rid of him, Jamie programs Vicki to insult Warren, but ends up hurting his feelings.


What does Jamie hope to sell to make money in season one?

After learning that Vicki is a whiz at rolling tasty burritos, Jamie plans to start a business to exploit her talent in the season one episode, "The Burrito Story."


Who takes up smoking with Jamie in the season two premiere?

Jamie and his buddy, Reggie, are the low men on the totem pole when they start junior high. To make themselves look cooler, they try smoking. Even worse, they get Vicki involved in their scheme and she tries smoking too.


What does Vicki steal in the season two episode, "The Shoplifter"?

The Lawsons plan a pretend birthday party for Vicki, to impress Child Services and to help hide the fact that Vicki is a robot. Poor Vicki gets confused about the whole birthday concept and steals a gold watch from the store, intending to give it to Joan as a gift.


Why does Jamie pretend his parents have split up in season two?

After learning that his friend Adam gets to go on a charity field trip to a ski resort, Jamie pretends that his parents have split up so that he can go on the trip in the season two episode, "Thanksgiving Story."


Why does Vicki pretend to be a boy in season two?

Jamie's baseball team isn't doing so hot, so he has Vicki dress as a boy so she can join the team. Vicki's super strength makes her a great resource for the team, but Jamie's dad warns him that it's not exactly fair to have a robot on the team.


What makes Vicki act likes she's possessed in season three?

After Vicki is struck by lightning, she acts possessed -- and starts interacting with random objects in the house -- in the season three episode "The Lawsonville Horror."


What is the name of Vicki's evil twin?

Ted makes a new and improved version of Vicki the robot in the season three episode, "The Bad Seed," but doesn't realize that the new robot Vanessa is evil. Vicki actress Tiffany Brissette also played Vanessa on the show.


What product is Vicki picked to promote in a commercial?

In the season three episode, "TV or Not TV," producers pick Vicki to star in a cereal commercial. The Lawsons are on board until they realize that the cereal might not be all that the commercial claims.


What disaster do the Lawsons fake to drive out the Brindles in season three?

Tired of their annoying neighbors, the Lawsons fake an earthquake in hope of getting the Brindles to move away. The plan works, but the Lawsons get more than they bargained for when someone even worse moves in next door.


Where is the family heading when their plane is hijacked in season four?

The Lawsons and the Brindles are on their way to a business convention in Miami when their plane gets hijacked in the season four episode, "Come Fly With Me."


True or false: Vicki was reprogrammed to make her age over time.

Worried that the neighbors and people at school would be suspicious if Vicki never grew, Ted added a growth chip and new programming in seasons three and four to make Vicki grow like a real girl. This also helped to explain away the plot hole of how Vicki was growing as the actress playing her grew up over the years!


What gets Jamie and Vicki arrested in season four?

Jamie and Vicki get into big trouble when they are caught vandalizing with spray paint in the season four episode, "The Jailbirds."


What does Vicki invent while playing with a chemistry set in season four?

In the season four episode, "Riches to Rags," Vicki accidentally invents a new laundry detergent while playing with Jamie's chemistry set. Ted immediately sees dollar signs, but his plans to sell the detergent don't work out like he planned.


Where does Vanessa travel with the family on a trip in season four?

Hoping to make it big as an actress, Vanessa locks Vicki in her cabinet and sneaks off with the family on a trip to Hollywood in the season four episode, "Hooray for Hollyweird."


How does Vicki win ownership of United Robotronics?

After Ted buys a pool table, Vicki beats Ted's boss, Mr. Jennings, in a game of pool to take ownership of the company.


Where is the Brindle family planning to move in the series finale?

The Lawsons may finally get rid of the Brindles for good, according to the series finale. When Mr. Brindle is offered a job in Japan, Joan Lawson poses as his wife to help him win the job.


What did Ted base Vicki's appearance on?

Ted based Vicki's appearance on a missing child poster he saw around town. This comes back to bite him later when people start to think the missing child has finally been found -- but it's really Vicki.


Who is Jamie's on-and-off girlfriend on the show?

Jamie dates Jessica on-and-off throughout the series. He is so smitten that he even takes the fall for her after she tries to steal the answers to a test at school.


Which sports star appeared as Wally in season two?

When Ted was in college, he found plenty of time to tease Wally the Wimp, but is more than put in his place when a much tougher Wally comes to the Lawson home for dinner. Wrestler Jesse Ventura guest starred on the show as Wally.


What is the name of Brandon Brindle's nosy sister?

Edie McGlurg, who played Bonnie Brindle, left the series in season three to work on other projects. Brandon's sister, Ida Mae, moved in to help with the kids and proved to be just as meddlesome as her brother.


What is Vicki's signature dress color?

Vicki almost always wears her signature red dress and crisp white pinafore -- perfect for cleaning under the couch or cooking dinner.


How does Ted access Vicki's wires?

She's fantastic, made of plastic -- with an easy-access panel in her back that opens up to reveal her inner workings. Vicki also has handy outlets in each armpit for various add-ons and accessories.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Small Wonder" ran for 96 episodes over four seasons, from 1985 to 1989. The total number of episodes -- just shy of 100 -- meant the show was ready for syndication, and it's been on and off the air in the decades since it was canceled.


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