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Before the Cleavers painted an idyllic picture of the American family for TV viewers, there were the Nelsons, who spent more than a decade playing the perfect '50s family. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson's iconic TV show was a true family affair, with their real-life sons starring with them. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the onscreen adventures of this famous showbiz family!

How many children did the Nelsons have on the show?

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson brought their two sons, David and Ricky, to star with them when they switched from radio to television. David was 16 when the show premiered, while Ricky was 12. Many of the family's real-life adventures are reflected on the show.


True or false: Every episode was directed by a member of the Nelson family.

Ozzie wrote every episode and directed the majority. The episodes not directed by Ozzie were directed by his son David, which meant a member of the family was always at the helm.


What was the name of Ricky's wife?

To the dismay of the thousands of young girls who loved Ricky, the younger Nelson married Kris in season twelve. His real-life wife, Kris Harmon, played his wife on the show.


Who was mistaken for a prowler in season fourteen?

When he pretended to go fishing to avoid playing bridge with the Randolphs, Ozzie ended up in big trouble after he was mistaken for a prowler.


Who performed with Kris in a production of "Swan Lake"?

After the frat decided not to perform in the Women's Club's Annual Children's Show, Kris stepped up and performed a scene from "Swan Lake" -- with the help of hubby Ricky.


Which Nelson neighbor was introduced in the pilot episode?

Mr. Sid Thornberry, better known as Thorny, served as both rival and friend to Ozzie Nelson. Played by Don DeFore, the character disappeared after a few seasons.


What was Ozzie's job on the show?

In the TV movie that preceded the series, Ozzie was an advertising executive. On the TV series, however, Ozzie didn't seem to have a job at all.


What was the name of Ricky's best friend and frat brother?

Skip Young played Ricky's buddy, Wally, who later became his frat brother, resulting in all sorts of crazy adventures for the duo.


Which of Ricky's Christmas gifts got delivered to the wrong house?

In one very special Christmas episode in season three, called "The Lost Christmas Gift," Ricky's catcher's mitt was nowhere to be found under the tree. The family tracked the gift down to a very poor family across town and decided to let them keep the glove as a celebration of the spirit of the season.


What was the name of the Thornberry's son, who was David's rival on the show?

Thorny's son, Will, was David's rival -- while his daughter, Julie Thornberry, was the one who asked Ricky to his first school dance. Thorny's wife, Katherine, was never seen on the show.


Who did Ozzie rescue when he became a volunteer firefighter in season three?

Ozzie was proud to join the Volunteer Fire Department, but he ended up sleeping through his first big blaze. When he finally got a chance to show off his training, he got to make a big rescue -- of a kitten.


What instrument did Ozzie want to play in Ricky's band?

When Ricky's band got the chance to play a sorority dance -- their first big gig -- in season five, Ozzie was determined to join in with his banjo. While it was rarely mentioned on the show, Ozzie and Harriet were big-time music and radio stars before they moved to television.


What did the family create in the attic for Ozzie?

The family created a private reading room for Ozzie in the attic in season five. While they expected him to be thrilled, he actually felt left out and missed hanging out downstairs and watching TV.


What is the first song that Ricky Nelson performed on the show?

Ricky Nelson became a huge teen idol in the early '60s, and the Nelsons gave him plenty of chances to show off his musical talent on the show. The first song he ever performed on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" was "I'm Walkin'," in a season five episode, "Ricky, the Drummer."


What was Ozzie's favorite ice cream flavor?

In a totally "Seinfeld"-esque episode, Ozzie and his neighbor Darby went in search of some tutti frutti ice cream. They ended up getting lost and needed the police to help them find their way home.


What food gave Ozzie nightmares?

in the second of two ice cream-themed episodes in season six (hey, these were simpler times), Ozzie had terrible nightmares after consuming too many banana splits.


What home business did the boys start in season six?

David and Ricky tried to make money for Christmas gifts in season six by starting a Christmas tree lot in the back yard, but soon learned that running a business is a lot more work than they expected.


What was Ozzie trying to win when he faced off against a cowboy in season six?

After bragging that his great-grandfather was known as Six-Gun Nelson, Ozzie was stuck facing off against a cowboy named Tex Barton in an attempt to win a teepee in a supermarket contest.


What was David's first real job?

David took a job as a law clerk for the firm Dobson and Kelly. Unfortunately, his family's interactions with the Dobson family almost cost him his job in season eight.


Who borrowed Ozzie's lawnmower in season nine?

About midway through the series, the Nelsons started spending more time with their neighbors, Joe and Clara Randolph. At one point, Joe borrowed the Nelsons' lawnmower for so long that Ozzie was forced to break into the Randolphs' garage to get it back.


On the show, who did David marry?

David married June in season ten, leaving Harriet and Ozzie to fix up the couple's apartment while they were on their honeymoon. David's real-life wife, June Blair, played his wife on the show.


What did Ricky's frat do to win publicity in season eleven?

David and his friends carried a canoe all the way up a mountain to get their names in the paper and win publicity for the frat.


Who was Wally's girlfriend on the show?

Wally dated girlfriend Ginger -- played by Charlene Salerno -- for much of the series. At one point, the couple broke up, and it was Ricky's wife Kris who helped them patch things up.


What animal caused Wally to get a traffic ticket in the show's final season?

After his view of a stop sign was obstructed by an ostrich, Wally got a traffic ticket. David went to court to defend him, but getting anyone to believe the ostrich defense was a tall order.


What did Ozzie and Harriet do with the boys' room after they moved out?

While Harriet would have loved a guest room, Ozzie brought home a pool table and turned the boys' old bedroom into a game room in the series finale.


True or false: The show got a spin-off in the '70s.

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson returned to TV in 1973 with "Ozzie's Girls." In the show, which lasted only a single season, the couple rented out rooms in the house to a pair of college students named Susan and Brenda.


True or false: Ricky's first name was really Eric.

While many assume Ricky's first name was Richard -- and he preferred Rick -- his real name was actually Eric Nelson.


True or false: Exterior shots featured the Nelson's real home.

Part of the appeal of the show was that viewers felt they were seeing how the family really lived. To maintain the illusion, shots of the family's Hollywood Hills home were used in the show.


True or false: The family worried every single year that the show would be canceled.

Before he moved to TV, Ozzie negotiated a ten-year contract, resulting in "Ozzie and Harriet" being the very first television show to run for a full decade.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Ozzie and Harriet" ran for 436 episodes over 14 seasons, from 1952 to 1966. The show was on the radio from 1944 until it was finally canceled in 1954 -- two years after the TV show premiered.


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