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If you're looking for an American fortune in the mid-19th century, there's only one direction to go -- West. Follow the hopes, dreams and adventures of the people in "Wagon Train," a famed TV series from the '50s and '60s. How much do you remember about this dusty Old West show?

The TV series "Wagon Train" is all about which historical event?

"Wagon Train" ran for eight seasons and detailed the drama of families attempting to travel to the western frontier of America. There, they hope to make their fortunes and establish homesteads.


The people in "Wagon Train" are loading up their wagons and heading for _____.

In the show, tough and adventurous folks load their wagons and head for California. It's there that they hope to start new and more prosperous lives.


The stories of "Wagon Train" take place during which era?

"Wagon Train" starts a few years following the Civil War. Americans are leaving the great conflict behind them and looking to start their lives anew in the West.


What was a "wagon master"?

In the Old West days, wagon masters were the people hired to lead wagon trains from place to place. The trip to the West was long and arduous, so the wagon master's abilities could make or break the journey.


In the first four seasons, who is the wagon master in charge of leading settlers to the West?

Actor Ward Bond kicked off the first four seasons in his character, Major Seth Adams. Bond was immensely popular in his role … but he died of a heart attack during season four.


In the very first episode ("The Willy Moran Story"), the wagon train is about to get underway … but one wagon is missing a ____.

There's no driver for one wagon. In desperation, the wagon's owner hires a drunk from a saloon in order to keep his place on the journey to the West.


Who is NOT one of the wagon masters during the series?

Charlie Wooster was a cook for the wagon train in later episodes. Adams and Hale were two of the show's better-known wagon masters.


In "The Mavis Grant Story," the wagons are desperately low on water. They stop at a station run by Mavis, who says what?

For water, Mavis wants five times as much money as the wagon train can pay. The desperate travelers will have to find a way to wet their whistles … or die on the frontier.


Actor Robert Horton is Flint McCullough. What is Flint's job on the wagon train?

Flint is the steely scout who helps the wagon train find its way and avoid danger. He's a former soldier who is accustomed to hazardous situations.


In "The John Cameron Story," a wife named Julie decides to do what?

Julie Cameron is upset about uprooting her life in the East for the West. She leaves the wagon train and her husband tries to hunt her down … but the story ends in tragedy.


In an episode called "The Julie Gage Story" a young woman's father dies from what cause?

Diseases killed scores of people heading West, and a fever offs this young woman's father. That's OK, pardner, she's real purty, and plenty of young men on the train offer to "help" her.


In "The Cliff Grundy Story," Flint's friend Cliff is badly hurt by which animals?

Poor Cliff is severely wounded during a bison stampede. The rest of the wagon train leaves him behind, but Flint stays behind so that Cliff won't have to die alone.


When danger lurks in this series, what do the wagons do?

In "Wagon Train," there's danger around every river bend. When threatened, the wagons form a defensive circle to protect occupants from attacks.


A wagon plummets off of a cliff in "The Davey Baxter Story," and Davey is badly hurt. Chris makes the decision to do what?

Davey's arm is mangled in the wagon wreck. Chris must amputate his arm, a fact that's bound to change Davey's relationship with his soon-to-be wife.


In "The Clara Beauchamp Story," a bored officer's wife makes the mistake of doing what to an Indian chief?

Life is boring on the months-long wagon train journey, and one officer's wife makes the mistake of insulting a local Indian chief. The result? A potential war.


In "The Les Rand Story," a man named Les is released from prison and he visits his father to ____.

Les is paroled from prison and returns home to kill his father and exact revenge. But Flint is there, and he helps Les think twice about committing murder.


In "The Donna Fuller Story," a woman and her friends head West to jumpstart the _____ movement.

Donna and her friends are anti-alcohol, and they want to spread their message to the West. On the way, Donna falls for a man making the journey … but he's a winemaker.


In "The John Bernard Story," a band of Indians kidnaps an old woman. They agree to return her unharmed so long as the people of the wagon train do what?

The Indian chief is desperate -- he needs someone to heal his sick son. In kidnapping the woman, he hopes for leverage to find a cure for his boy.


In "The Zeke Thomas Story," the train rolls into town for water, but there's a problem. What happens?

In the past, the water in this town was free -- now, the locals are charging exorbitant prices for the vital liquid. The story devolves into mayhem … and potential murder.


In "Trial for Murder: Part 1," a drunken man named Bradley Mason is accused of what crime?

Mason is found passed out next to a murdered man, so he immediately becomes a prime suspect. Adams must seek justice and prevent a lynching.


In "The Maggie Hamilton Story," Flint is sent off to find ____.

Flint sets off to find a young girl named Maggie, who has run away from the wagon train. Turns out, Maggie is an insufferable spoiled brat and Flint nearly wishes the Indians would just scalp her already.


How did the completion of the transcontinental railroad change parts of "Wagon Train" episodes?

In real life, the railroad made wagon trains obsolete during the time frame that "Wagon Train" episodes take place. So the writers conveniently ignored railroad history.


In "The Alexander Portlass Story," Flint is held hostage and told that he needs to help a group of men find a lost _____.

Under threats of violence, the men force Flint to decipher ancient codes leading to an Aztec treasure. Flint fights back and ultimately escapes his captors.


As the story goes, Flint McCullough was supposedly brought up by which famous man?

Flint's parents both dropped dead when he was just a kid. Stranded in Wyoming, the famous mountain man Jim Bridger took the boy under his wing and raised him to be a solid outdoorsman.


In "The Luke O'Malley Story," a man named Luke is trying to escape a violent outlaw. He joins the train disguised as a _____.

Luke is desperate to escape a violent outlaw blaming him for life's misfortunes. So Luke dresses like a preacher and joins the wagon train. But his behavior is decidedly not very preacher-like.


In "The Shadrack Bennington Story," a medicine man joins the wagon train. He also brings along what?

Shadrack Bennington is a medicine man who uses a lion as part of his public performances. But Seth Adams is none too happy with the medicine man's many antics.


At the beginning of "The Luke Grant Story," a man named Luke is wandering through the desert yelling _____.

It's fair to say that Luke Grant is distraught -- he's wandering the desert screaming, "Kill me!" He joins the wagon train and eventually wants to rescue an old flame.


In "The Annie MacGregor Story," a group of travelers has a major falling out over which issue?

A group of immigrants loves their bagpipes … but no one else does. The groups part ways and everyone is left struggling to survive Indian attacks.


In "The Charlene Brenton Story," why does Wooster make off with a baby girl?

Wooster overhears a conversation in which he thinks men are plotting to kill the baby. It's just a miscommunication, though, and the baby eventually winds up in the right hands.


In "The Countess Baranof Story," a countess must get to ______ in order to claim a family fortune and assure her personal wealth.

The countess has a long and brutal journey to claim her fortune, because she has to make it all the way to Alaska. But her bodyguard's violent behavior may derail her plans.


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