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You may know Donna Reed from her role as Mary Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life," but Reed actually made just as big of a splash on television as she did on the big screen. "The Donna Reed Show" paired the actress' genuine charm and warmth with feel-good storylines that fit right into the world of '60s TV. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic show!

What does Reed do at the start of each show?

Each episode of the show opens with Reed answering the phone, then passing the receiver to her husband, before ushering him and the kids out the door.


What is Alex Stone's profession?

Dr. Alex Stone -- played by Carl Betz -- is a pediatrician, while his wife, Donna Stone, is primarily a housewife.


How many children do the Stones have when the show premieres?

The Stones have just two children when the show premieres -- 14-year-old Mary and 11-year-old Jeff. They later adopt a third child after Mary goes to college.


What is the name of the Stones' adopted daughter?

The family adopts young Trisha in season five. She is an orphan, and while her uncle is willing to raise her, he believes she is better off with the Stone family.


Where does Donna want the family to go on vacation in the first episode?

Donna wants the family to take a much-needed ski trip, but her husband is dealing with a sick patient who is suffering from a mysterious disease. It turns out that the school bully is behind the boy's malady.


What family lives next door to the Stones in season one?

The Stones must deal with nosy neighbors Wilbur and Cecelia Wilgus during the first season.


What singer plays pop star Buzz Berry in season one?

James Darren makes a guest appearance as pop star Buzz Berry. He comes to town to perform, but then comes down with the measles and must recover at the Stones' house.


What sport does Jeff play throughout the series?

Jeff is a member of the football team throughout much of the run of the series. He also takes up track briefly and plays the trumpet when his mother discovers he has musical talent.


Where is the show set?

The Stone family lives in the town of Hilldale. While the state is not explicitly named, the family often travels to Chicago, so it is likely Hilldale is somewhere in the vicinity.


Which actress played Donna's old friend, Molly Duncan, on the show?

Legendary swimmer and actress Esther Williams played Molly Duncan, Donna's friend and a famous fashion designer, on "The Donna Reed Show."


What is the name of "Alex's Twin" in season three?

In the season three episode, "Alex's Twin," Mary starts dating a boy at school named Elroy. Though she swears he is the spitting image of her father, Alex can't quite see the resemblance between himself and the teen boy.


Which singing star does Donna meet in court while fighting a ticket?

Singer Tony Martin guest stars in season three, as a man who decides to fight a speeding ticket after learning that Donna plans to fight an unjust parking ticket.


What business do Donna and Madeline plan to start together?

In season three, Donna and her friend Madeline get the idea to start a poodle parlor, where customers can have their poodles groomed and styled. They drop the idea after learning that there are only a handful of the dogs in town.


What item of Alex's does Jeff break, near the end of season three?

Jeff is upset when he breaks his dad's musical tobacco jar while performing a puppet show. Not knowing that Alex doesn't really like the tune of the jar, everyone in the family rushes to replace it.


What does Donna do to spice up her marriage, in the episode,"Mouse at Play"?

After her friend Iris clues her in that it's a wife's job to keep the spark alive, Donna dyes her hair platinum blonde to spice things up with Alex. She ends up hating her new look and quickly dyes her hair back to its normal shade.


What does Dr. Stone name his 1910 vintage car in season four?

The entire town enjoys a laugh when Dr. Stone proudly drives around in his 1910 car, which he dubs Eloise, in the season four episode, "Dr. Stone and His Horseless Carriage."


Paul Petersen, who played Jeff, had a hit song called "She Can't Find...

Both of the child actors on "The Donna Reed Show" were required to sing on top of acting in the series. Paul Petersen had a hit with "She Can't Find Her Keys," while Shelley Fabares -- who played Mary -- hit the charts with "Johnny Angel."


What do Jeff and his buddy Smitty decide to give up so they can buy a boat?

In the season five episode, "To Be a Boy," Jeff and Smitty decide they will give up dating so they can save up to buy a boat. Of course, the pact to swear off dating only lasts until the next girl comes along.


What does Donna go undercover as, in the season five episode, "Rebel with a Cause"?

Donna goes undercover as a hotel maid to help score a big scoop for the newspaper in the season five episode, "Rebel with a Cause."


The actors who played which two characters on the show were real-life siblings?

The roles of Jeff and his adopted sister Trisha were played by brother and sister pair, Paul and Patty Petersen.


Who are Donna and Alex's best friends, starting in season five?

Dave and Midge Kelsey become best friends with the Stones, starting in season five. At one point, the couple recalls how Alex and Donna set them up on a blind date.


What does Dave Kelsey give Trisha, in the episode, "Guest in the Nursery"?

Kelsey gives young Trisha a baby fawn, who she names Tiny. Trisha is heartbroken when Alex and Donna tell her she can't keep the animal.


What activity do Midge and Donna take up in "The Pros and the Cons""

Hoping to spend more time with their golf-loving husbands, Midge and Donna take up golf in the season six episode, only to have Alex and Dave try their best to talk them out of it.


What is the name of Mary's on-and-off boyfriend, played by Jimmy Hawkins?

Jimmy Hawkins actually appeared as three different characters on the show. He briefly played dates of Mary's named George and Jerry, but spent the most time playing Mary's boyfriend Scotty.


What does Alex claim to see in his waiting room, in the episode, "Peacocks on the Roof"?

The Stones and their friends decide Alex has been working way too hard after he claims to see a deer in the backyard and a bear in his waiting room.


Jeff and Smitty hope what singer will perform her song in the season finale?

When Lesley Gore of "It's My Party" fame appears in town, during the season finale of the show, Jeff and Smitty try to get her to perform their song.


What show crossed over with "The Donna Reed Show," in the episode, "Donna Decorates"?

In a series crossover, Dennis Mitchell shows up in the Stone house and gets in the way as Donna tries to decorate. She finally has to ask for help from a neighbor -- Mr. Wilson.


Which of the Stones' neighbors was supposed to get their own series, via the episode, "The Wide Open Spaces"?

Donna Reed planned to quit the show after season four, so producers pitched a back-door pilot for neighbors David and Millie Adams in the season four episode, "The Wide Open Spaces." When Reed decided to continue with her show, the new pilot was dropped.


Who produced "The Donna Reed Show"?

The show was produced by Tony Owen, who was Donna Reed's real-life husband at the time. The couple divorced in 1971.


How many seasons did "The Donna Reed Show" run?

The show ran for 275 episodes over eight seasons, from 1958 to 1966. Reed pulled the plug on the series in order to spend more time with her family.


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