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Sally Field was such a hot commodity after starring in "Gidget" that producers felt she could make any show a hit -- even one about a flying nun. This '60s sitcom featured Field as a nun new to the habit, who helped shake things up at the convent and used her special flying skills to get her fellow sisters out of hot water more than once. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic TV series!

Where is "The Flying Nun" set?

The sisters on "The Flying Nun" reside at the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The convent sits high on a bluff, where frequent strong winds can provide a pick-me-up for certain nuns.


What is the name of Sally Field's character before she becomes a sister?

Sally Field plays Elsie Ethrington, a woman so impressed with the missionary work of her aunt that she decides to become a nun. When she arrives at the convent, she is renamed Sister Bertrille and fitted with a very elaborate headpiece.


What is Sister Bertrille's job at the convent?

Sister Bertrille serves as a kindergarten teacher for local children, including orphans. She is forced to make do with a very tight budget and few supplies or resources to help the kids in her care.


How much does Sister Bertrille weigh?

Sister Bertrille is very petite and weighs just 90 pounds. It's her low weight, combined with her flared cornette -- that's the headpiece she wears -- that allows her to fly when the winds feel like cooperating.


Which of the sisters serves as narrator for the show?

Marge Redmond plays Sister Jacqueline, who not only narrates the intro to each episode, but also becomes a good friend to Sister Bertrille.


What business is Carlos Ramirez involved in?

Carlos Ramirez is an orphan who was raised at the convent, then later runs the Carlos A-Go-Go Discotheque and Casino. Despite his seedy business dealings, he is a good friend to the nuns of the convent, especially Sister Bertrille.


What does Carlos do after he sees Sister Bertrille fly for the first time?

In the second episode of the series, Carlos sees Sister Bertrille fly for the first time. The act scares him straight, leading him to give up women, alcohol and gambling -- at least for a while, before he turns back to his old ways.


What do the nuns want to build on Carlos' property?

The school at San Tanco is overcrowded, and the nuns hope to build a larger one. Unfortunately, the only appropriate piece of land for the new school is owned by Carlos, who is reluctant to give up his land.


What flower do the nuns believe will kill Sister Bertrille in season one?

The Reverend Mother thinks Sister Bertrille is too spirited for San Tanco, and considers having her transferred to Rome. The other nuns mistakenly think Bertrille is dying after coming in contact with a hibiscus flower, only to learn that she is actually being forced to leave the convent. In the end, the Reverend Mother allows her to stay because of all the support she receives from the local community.


Which of these illnesses prevents Sister Bertrille from flying?

After she is stricken with an ear infection, Sister Bertrille is too dizzy and disoriented to fly. Unfortunately, this leads to confusion with church psychologist Father Lundigan, who thinks the nuns are all suffering from a mental illness.


Which of the nuns serves as secretary to the Reverend Mother?

Sister Ana is the Reverend Mother's regular secretary. When she is out sick in season one, a con artist named Bobbye Starr -- girlfriend of mobster Al Caine -- temporarily takes over the job.


What is the Nectar of San Tanco?

To raise money for the convent, the sisters develop a concoction called the Nectar of San Tanco -- which is really juice made from sea grapes. As they put the product out for sale, it ferments a few times, turning from grape juice to wine and then to vinegar. Eventually, the sisters come out of the deal twenty-five cents in the red.


What does Sister Bertrille use to settle the battle of Santa Thomasina?

After she learns that the citizens of two villages have been feuding over which village is the real Santa Thomasina, Sister Bertrille threatens to split the statue of the matron saint in half if they can't settle their differences. The two towns agree to leave the statue at a fork in the road between the two villages and use the names East and West Santa Thomasina to resolve their feud.


True or false: Sister Bertrille can't fly when it's raining.

When her elaborate cornette gets wet or loses its starched finish, the nun is stuck with her feet firmly on the ground.


What do the nuns inherit when they are named in a will in season one?

When they are named as beneficiaries, the convent receives the contract of a boxer named Buffalo Buzzsaw -- real name Mike. Mike really, really wants to stay out of the ring, and eventually ends up with a job cooking in Carlos' restaurant.


Who is Sister Bertrille stranded on a deserted island with in the season one finale?

Sister Bertrille finds herself stranded on a desert island after crash landing in a storm. The bad news is that her cornette gets wet and torn, so she can't take off. At least she's not alone, though, after discovering that Carlos is also shipwrecked on the island -- along with his angry date April.


Which band agrees to record a song to raise money for the convent in the season two premiere?

Sister Bertrille pens a tune for Sonny and the Sundowners, who turn it into a trippy recording perfect for fans of psychedelic '60s music. The royalties from the song will help the convent carry out their mission.


What does Gaspar Fomento do for a living?

Gaspar Fomento serves as Police Captain on the show. He makes his first appearance early in season two. In his first interaction with the convent, he accuses the sisters of running a gambling ring after he loses money at their fundraising bazaar.


Who hypnotizes Sister Bertrille and the Reverend Mother into switching places in season two?

When Sister Bertrille is terrified of the dentist, she gets hypnotized to ease her fears. Unfortunately, the hypnosis also leads her and the Reverend Mother to switch places every time they hear the word "red." To make things worse, this all happens just as church psychologist Father Lundigan stops by the convent.


Which of the sisters struggles with English?

Poor Sister Sixto is from Puerto Rico, and speaks pretty good English -- but tends to get terribly confused by certain terms -- confusing branded with brandied, for instance.


What food does Sister Sixto have a special talent for preparing?

Sister Sixto is known for her amazing bread-making skills. When the nuns decide to turn her talent into a business, they are dismayed to find that mass production changes the entire appeal of the bread, stopping their business before it even gets off the ground.


What was the Mother General's career before moving to the sisterhood?

The nuns are shocked to learn that the Mother General used to be silent film star Gloria Davenport. They are worried she will be furious when they arrange to screen one of her old films to raise money for the convent.


What lands Sister Bertrille in the slammer, in season three?

After she receives a traffic ticket she is unable to pay, Sister Bertrille lands in jail in season three. While there, she ends up solving a robbery when her cellmate confesses the details of the crime to her.


True or false: All of the women in Sister Bertrille's family were nuns.

Sister Bertrille comes from a long line of doctors. In fact, her physician sister Jennifer Ethrington came to visit San Tanco a few times throughout the series.


What product does Sister Bertrille plan to promote in a commercial, during season three?

Sister Bertrille hopes to earn a new washing machine for the convent by appearing in a commercial for Delight detergent. By the time the Reverend Mother approves the deal, all of the nuns are hopping on the commercial bandwagon -- because they need a new dryer for the convent too.


What does Carlos' Uncle Thomas Martinez mistake Sister Bertrille for, in the series finale?

In the final episode of the series, Thomas Martinez mistakes the flying Sister Bertrille for a bird -- a sure sign that his death is near. He begins planning his own funeral until Bertrille reveals her secret ability, leading Martinez to get married to his sweetheart Luisa instead.


Why does Sister Bertrille try to gain weight so she can stop flying?

Sister Bertrille is hoping to go on a trip to Chicago, but the Reverend Mother worries that the nun will blow away in such a windy city. Bertrille tries to gain five pounds to keep her feet on the ground, and when that doesn't work, she wears lead shoes to avoid flying.


Why did Sally Field take the role on "The Flying Nun"?

Field was reluctant to take the role as Sister Bertrille, and only agreed to take the part after her stepfather reminded her that leading roles on TV shows were hard to get, and she might never get another offer.


True or false: Field was pregnant for the third season.

It's bad enough that producers had to deal with a pregnant nun -- much less one who could fly! Field got married in 1968 and found herself pregnant by season three of the show. Producers used clever disguises and long shots to hide her baby bump and film stunt doubles flying so Field could stay safely on the ground.


How many seasons did the show run?

"The Flying Nun" ran for 82 episodes over three seasons, from 1967 to 1970. Sally Field starred in "Gidget" before donning her famous cornette. After "The Flying Nun," Field moved on to star in "The Girl with Something Extra," about a woman with ESP.


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