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In the 80s shows about the Old West seemed dusty and unpopular. Then, an incredibly popular TV mini-series revitalized the genre. How much do you know about "Lonesome Dove"?

"Lonesome Dove" is a famous TV mini-series. What genre is it?

"Lonesome Dove" is a western mini-series. The 1989 TV show was unveiled in four epic episodes.


Who did NOT star in "Lonesome Dove"?

No, Tom Cruise wasn't in this one. The star of the show was Robert Duvall as Capt. Augustus "Gus" McCrae. It featured other stars like Jones, Danny Glover, Diane Lane and Robert Urich.


The show's story unfolds in an Old West location in ______.

The story happens mostly in a small Texas town named Lonesome Dove, a dusty little town near the Mexican border.


Robert Duvall is Gus McCrae. Gus is retired from which occupation?

Gus is a former Texas Ranger. He's retired into a slower life and needs a bit of excitement to bring back his spark. He spends his time with Call, another retired Ranger.


Jake Spoon, another former Ranger (and friend of Gus and Cal) suddenly appears in Lonesome Dove after being gone for 10 years. Why is Jake on the run?

Jake accidentally killed a man in Arkansas and now he's a fugitive. He's hiding in Lonesome Dove in large part because he knows Gus and Call won't turn him in.


Jake sees that his friends Call and Gus are retired and lazy. He convinces them to do what?

Jake tells his friends about an amazing place called Montana. He convinces Call to drive a herd of cattle there to start new (and more profitable) lives.


Who is July Johnson?

July Johnson is an Arkansas sheriff who also happens to be the brother of the man that Jake shot to death. He's bound and determined to track down Jake and bring him to justice.


Jake convinces Call to take cattle to Montana. But Jake isn't going along -- why?

Jake falls for a local prostitute named Lorena. He promises her that he'll take her to San Francisco.


July Johnson leaves Arkansas in pursuit of Jake. What does July's wife do as soon as he leaves home?

July's wife, Elmira, is just waiting for a chance to rejoin her first husband in Nebraska. As soon as July leaves home, she packs up and leaves to find her former lover.


Jake is an old friend of Gus and Call. What is Jake really like?

Jake pretends to be an upstanding man, but he's not. He lies and schemes to get his way in just about every situation.


In the first episode, our heroes must survive which event?

The men are trapped by a gigantic, Texas-sized dust storm, which threatens to whisk them away. The storm finally subsides but they are all badly in need of a shower.


Gus decides to join the cattle drive, but only because he wants to go to which area?

Gus decides to tag along with Call, but only because he wants to stop in Nebraska. That's where one of his former lovers, Clara, lives.


Roscoe is July's deputy sheriff in Arkansas. Why does he leave home to find July?

Roscoe is sent off to find July and tell him that Elmira abandoned home. But Roscoe turns out to be terribly unfit for life on the frontier.


Gus loves Clara, but she married a man named Bob. What happened to him?

Clara married a man named Bob, who was kicked in the head by a horse. Now he's comatose … leaving the door open for Gus' reappearance in Clara's life.


During the second episode, an Irishman named Sean dies. What kills him?

Sean crosses a river, and in the process, he is bitten by venomous water moccasins. He later dies from the bites.


Lorena is a prostitute, so does she actually like Jake or is she just using him to get to San Francisco?

Lorena really likes Jake, unlike most men, who simply buy her affections. But she's about to find out that Jake may not be who he first seems.


Gus is a retired lawman. He spends his time doing what?

Gus is a pig farmer, and he spends way too much time alone with the animals. He's known to talk to the pigs.


In the second episode, what happens to the prostitute named Lorena?

Lorena is kidnapped by a notorious Indian bandit named Blue Duck, who tries to sell the white woman to another band of Indians. Blue Duck's ridiculous name belies his truly evil nature.


Who rescues Lorie from Blue Duck?

Jake suddenly doesn't seem like much of a knight in shining armor -- he's not too concerned about Lorena. But Gus rides to the rescue and saves her from the vicious Blue Duck.


Jake meets a gang of criminals at a saloon. He decides to join them to ______.

Told you that Jake was no good. He joins up with a vicious gang that's hellbent on robbing a bank in Kansas.


Jake and his gang encounter horse wranglers. What do they do to the men?

The gang murders the wranglers and steals their horses. Then they encounter a settler and kill him, too. It's an all-out rampage and one that Jake isn't entirely sold on. But it's too late for him to back out now.


Gus and Call catch up to the gang and kill the worst of the men. They know Jake was involved in the murders. What do they do with him?

Gus and Call know that Jake is the equivalent of a rabid dog -- he's got to be put down. They tie a noose around his neck and Jake essentially agrees that he needs to be hanged.


Elmira left July for Nebraska. She winds up hanging out in the home of which man's former lover?

By weird chance, Elmira winds up at the home of Clara, Gus' former lover. There, she gives birth to July's son … whom she promptly leaves with Clara. Then she continues her journey to find her first husband.


Elmira finally catches up to her first husband. What are his circumstances?

Elmira finds her first husband locked in prison for murder. He's about to be hanged, meaning that her long-awaited reunion isn't going to work out the way she hoped.


Gus arrives at Clara's house in Nebraska. How does Clara react?

Clara is clearly pleased to see her former lover but she tells him that she can't marry him, largely because her comatose husband is still alive. But she'd like Gus to live nearby, because, you know.


Elmira, having abandoned her baby in search of her first (and now executed) husband heads back East. Then what happens?

Elmira decides to head back East in search of a new life. On the way, though, she and her traveling companions are killed by Indians. It is a sort of poetic justice for a woman who betrays her own family.


In Montana, Indians chase Gus and he's badly hurt. What happens to him?

Gus has a terrible leg wound and a doctor amputates the entire limb. But Gus is too far gone -- he dies from his wounds.


The doctor could have saved Gus' life, but Gus told him not to. Why?

The doctor could have saved the wounded man, but only by amputating both legs. Gus doesn't want to live if he can't walk.


After Gus dies, what does Call decide to do?

Call decides to honor his friend by returning his body to Texas. So after making the long journey to Montana, Call turns around and heads for home again, this time with his friend's corpse in tow.


On his way back to Texas, Call finds the evil Blue Duck in jail. How does Blue Duck die?

On his way to execution, Blue Duck grabs a deputy and flings himself and the lawman out of a high window. Both men die on impact. Not everything in life (or in the movies) works out the way it should.


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