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In 2006, a visually-striking war movie hit theaters across America. It featured a band of trusty, muscular Spartans fighting hordes of Persians. How much do you remember about the movie "300"?

The movie "300" is a war story about which famous conflict?

"300" is all about the Persian Wars that occurred around 499 BC. More specifically, it shows a dramatized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae.


Actor Gerard Butler has the main role in "300." He plays the part of which character?

Butler plays the part of the ferocious King Leonidas. Butler's had roles in other big films, such as "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Tale of the Mummy."


As the movie begins, we learn about the Spartans. Who are the Spartans?

The Spartan warriors were a Greek warrior society that took up military life from a young age. The men drilled constantly for their role as protectors of Greece ... and Sparta.


Spartans were known for their strength. What did they do with baby boys that were born deformed or weak?

The Spartans had no time or energy for raising what they thought were less than strong babies. Weak or deformed sons were abandoned to die.


What did the Spartans do with all of their 7-year-old boys?

Once boys reached 7 years of age, they were sent into the wilderness. They could only return home once they'd become true men.


Who is King Xerxes?

King Xerxes is the Persian king in command of a huge army that has steamrolled its way across the world. He demands that everyone in his path pay homage to his god-like greatness.


Persian conquerors arrive near Sparta. What do they demand from the Greeks?

The Persians arrive and snootily demand "earth and water," symbols of surrender. They want to take the land and people of Greece as part of their conquests.


What does King Leonidas say to the Persian envoys who demand "earth and water," in other words, a surrender?

Leonidas decides to make a political statement. He throws the messengers into a deep well with the words, "Dig it out for yourselves."


With the Persians threatening Sparta, who does King Leonidas turn to for guidance?

Leonidas consults the Ephors, the local priests, and tells them that he has a plan to fight the Persians. But the corrupt Ephors have been secretly paid off by the Persians … and they tell Leonidas that this not the time to fight.


What's a big difference between the Spartans and the Persians?

The vast Persian army is huge compared the Spartan units. The invaders have something like 300,000 soldiers; the Spartans have just 300, thus the name of the film.


Leonidas decides to fight the Persians anyway. What's his plan?

King Leonidas knows he is far outnumbered by the Persians. He plans to funnel the Persians into a narrow gorge where their numbers will count for nothing.


True or false, are the Spartans the only ones sending men to fight the Persians?

As the Spartans travel to fight the Persians, they are joined by a few allies, such as the Arcadians and other Greek men. But the burden of battle will fall mostly on the Spartans.


As the Spartans await the Persians, a disabled man named Ephialtes visits Leonidas. What is his greatest wish?

Ephialtes tells Leonidas that he wants to fight with the other Spartans, but Leonidas turns him down. In anger, Ephialtes wanders into a Persian camp with plans to betray his countrymen.


In one famous scene, a Persian warrior says they will fire so many arrows at the Spartans that they'll ______

The warrior ominously boasts they their army will fire so many arrows at the Spartans that they'll blot out the sun. But the Spartans' reply is even better.


How does King Leonidas respond to the Persian soldier who says they'll "blot out the sun" with clouds of arrows?

Unflinching, Leonidas replies, "Then we will fight in the shade." The Spartans are no stranger to danger. They will fight on in spite of their numerical weaknesses.


What is the "phalanx formation"?

The Greek phalanx formation is a combat formation. Leonidas plans to tightly pack his men into a narrow gorge to stop the gigantic Persian army.


What's the name of the narrow strip of land that Leonidas and his men plan to defend from the Persians?

The narrow bit of land is called the Hot Gates, an area filled with many hot springs. In ancient days it was seen as a route to the supernatural underworld.


As the Persian army sails towards the battle area, what happens?

The enormous Persian army sails towards the Hot Gates, and a violent ocean storm strikes. Many boats are lost to the sea, but the Persians still have a ridiculous numerical advantage.


Before the great battle, the Persians tell King Leonidas and his men to lay down their weapons. What does the king say in response?

King Leonidas backs down to no one. When the Persians order him to drop his weapons, he says, "Come and get them."


The Persians send waves of soldiers to attack the Spartan phalanx formation. What happens?

The Persians, hampered by the tight canyon, can't put their superior numbers to work for them. The Spartans push them back, over and over again.


What does King Xerxes do after his men lose the first battle?

King Xerxes is impressed with the Spartans. He asks Leonidas to surrender in exchange for great power and wealth in the Persian empire. Leonidas, of course, refuses.


Xerxes is angered by Leonidas' refusal to surrender. He sends his personal elite troops to battle the Spartans. What are they called?

Xerxes sends his elite troops, The Immortals, to put down the Spartans. But even with their scary masks, The Immortals die just like the other Persian soldiers.


In an effort to beat the Spartans, Xerxes brings in crazy weapons from all over his empire. He uses which trained animals?

Xerxes has a lot of different weapons at his disposal, including massive war elephants from India. But even these gargantuan creatures can't break the Spartan lines.


After being rebuffed by Leonidas, Ephialtes goes to Xerxes and promises to show him a secret _____ that he can use to defeat the Spartans.

In exchange for Persian women and wealth, Ephialtes tells Xerxes about a secret path that leads to the rear of the Spartan formation. But he also must bow to the Persian king, in effect giving up much of his dignity in the process.


Spartan Queen Gorgo (Leonidas' wife) wants to ask a local council to send reinforcements to the Spartans. But in order to have a word with the council, what does she have to do?

Queen Gorgo tries to curry favor with a councilman by sleeping with him, but then he betrays her trust in front of the other men. Then the queen outs him as a paid traitor and Persian spy, and then the council agrees to unite against Xerxes.


The Spartans realize that Ephialtes has betrayed them to the Persians and that they are going to lose the battle. What do they do?

The Spartans realize that Ephialtes told King Xerxes about the secret path. Rather than run, they decide to make a desperate last stand against the Persians.


Xerxes once again demands that Leonidas surrender. What does Leonidas do?

Leonidas seems to surrender. He drops his weapons and approaches Xerxes as if he is going to bow to the "god-king." Then his men leap to attack once more.


Instead of surrendering, Leonidas attacks Xerxes with what weapon?

Leonidas hurls a spear at Xerxes, and the blade cuts the god-king's face. Xerxes is shocked that anyone could come so close to killing him. He is momentarily stunned.


What happens after Leonidas wounds Xerxes?

The Persians, with their immense superiority in numbers, finally crush the Spartan resistance. Leonidas and his men die in ultimate Spartan glory.


How does the movie end?

The Spartans did not die in vain. They inspired a new Greek alliance that goes to war with the Persians. Eventually, they drive the Persians out of their lands.


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