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"Patton" takes a fresh look at one of the most popular and charismatic generals in American history. He led the Army in the Mediterranean theater in WWII, and then the fighting in France following the invasion of Normandy. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the man on a mission — and a true war hero.

Who plays General Patton?

George C. Scott portrays General Patton. He received unanimous critical acclaim for his performance … and then he turned down an Academy Award due to philosophical differences.


True or false: The speech that starts the movie uses the real Patton's own words.

It's true, the general really did say many of these legendary words. But the movie version combines multiple speeches into one that's perfect for the big screen.


During the Italian campaign, Patton encounters a traumatized Allied soldier. What does he do to the soldier?

The egotistical American general sees the shell-shocked soldier and thinks he's a coward who's scared of battle. He slaps him and mocks him and orders him back to the front.


Before D-Day, Patton is placed in charge of the First United States Army Group. What's special about this unit?

The First United States Army Group is a fake army group that exists only on paper. It's meant as a decoy to confuse German spies and military leaders.


At the end of the movie, Patton realizes that he's a lion with no more battles to fight. He says that all glory is ______.

Patton speaks about ancient Roman conquerors and the glory they felt after winning a war. But he also realizes that "all glory is fleeting."


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