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In "The Fugitive," a handsome doctor goes on the lam in an attempt to heal his broken heart and restore his good name. How much do you remember about this blockbuster film?

1993's "The Fugitive" is what sort of movie?

"The Fugitive" is definitely an action-thriller of epic proportions. It's based on the 1960s TV series of the same name.


Who is the tousle-haired star of "The Fugtive"?

From Han Solo to Indiana Jones to Dr. Richard Kimble, the main character in "The Fugitive," it's Harrison Ford who brings big characters to life. He is the star of this show.


Harrison Ford is Dr. Richard Kimble. What sort of doctor is he?

Richard is a well-known vascular surgeon in Chicago. He's about to embark on an adventure that he really wants no part of.


Richard returns home one day to discover what tragic event?

When he arrives home, Richard finds his wife, Helen, being mortally wounded by an unidentifiable man. But it's clear that the attacker has just one arm.


After his wife's murder, Richard is wrongfully convicted of which crime?

He's charged with and convicted of first-degree murder. He's an innocent man, but he's going to prison.


What is Richard's sentence for first-degree murder?

Well, that escalated quickly. From living a normal life, to convicted criminal, to death-row inmate, it seems as though Richard's luxurious life is over.


As Richard is being transported to death row, what happens?

A prisoner transport bus' trip goes awry when other prisoners revolt. The bus is then hit by a train, but Richard survives the crash and escapes.


What does Richard do after he escapes from the prison bus?

Richard is hellbent on finding his wife's true killer. He returns to Chicago hoping to evade law enforcement long enough to find the murderer.


Richard pretends to be a janitor so that he can break into a hospital to do what?

Richard dresses like a janitor and wanders into a local hospital. He looks for -- and finds -- records on one-armed men who have received prosthetic limbs.


Tommy Lee Jones has a major role in this film. What occupation does he have?

Jones is U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard. It's his job to track down the missing fugitive named Richard Kimble.


In one scene, Gerard nearly catches Kimble, who says that he's innocent. How does Gerard respond?

Gerard has dealt with plenty of hardened criminals during his law enforcement career. When Kimble says he's innocent, he replies, "I don't care!"


After his confrontation with U.S. Marshal Gerard, what does Kimble realize?

Kimble once had faith in the authorities, but his encounter with Gerard makes him realize that there's only one way to get back his own life -- he has to bring the true killer to justice.


During the face-to-face encounter with Gerard, what mistake does Kimble make that convinces Gerard that he has the right man?

Desperate to evade capture, Kimble points a gun a Gerard. The lawman takes this as evidence that Kimble is indeed a violent man capable of killing his own wife.


When Kimble returns to Chicago, he contacts many of his former friends. How do they respond to him?

Kimble's reputation as a good man is solid. His friends never believe that he killed his wife and they are more than happy to help him.


Upon his return to Chicago, Richard contacts a friend named Dr. Charles Nichols. How does Nichols help Richard?

Dr. Nichols appears to be a great friend. He helps Richard by giving him money and promising not to tell anyone that he's back in town.


Kimble's detective work leads him to break into the home of a man named Frank Sykes. Sykes is a former ______.

Sykes is a former police officer. He also has just one arm. Richard is sure that he's found his wife's real killer. And he thinks he knows why.


Sykes is a former police officer who now works as a security guard in which industry?

Richard learns that Sykes is a security guard for a major pharmaceutical company. It just so happens that Richard has had a previous conflict with just this company.


Why does the drug company want Richard dead?

Richard planned to expose one of the drug company's expensive new products, but the drug actually causes liver damage. To stop Richard from ruining their profits, they simply plan to have Frank Sykes kill him.


Gerard tracks down another prisoner who escaped the crashed prison bus. What does he do to him?

When Gerard and his men track down the prisoner named Copeland, Gerard shoots and kills him. "I don't bargain," he says.


Gerard figures out that Kimble is back in Chicago. How?

The Marshals tap the phone of Kimble's attorney. When Kimble calls for legal advice, the lawmen use a convoluted system to track their fugitive's location ... and it's in Chicago.


Gerard interviews one of Richard's associates, Dr. Nichols. What does Dr. Nichols have to say about Gerard's pursuit of the fugitive?

Dr. Nichol's tells Gerard to give up the hunt. Why? Because Richard is simply too smart to be caught.


Richard knows that the drug company wants him dead. So why did they kill his wife Helen?

Helen certainly wasn't the intended target. She just happened to be home when the killer arrived, and she paid the price with her life.


As he continues his search, Richard realizes that his friend Dr. Nichols is actually ______.

Richard realizes that his supposed "friend" Dr. Nichols is the one supervising the evil drug program that hurts patients' livers. It is probably Nichols, then, who tried to have Richard killed.


Richard finds Frank Sykes on a train and confronts him. A local police officer intervenes, and then what happens?

The cop stumbles into a violent situation. In attempt to escape, Sykes shoots and kills the cop. But then Richard manages to handcuff Sykes to the train, thwarting his getaway.


Richard makes his way to a hotel conference room, where he finds Dr. Nichols doing what?

Richard finds Dr. Nichols giving a pitch about his deadly drug. He begins verbally attacking Nichols in front of the large audience.


Nichols calms down Richard and ushers him into a side room. Then what happens?

Nichols knows the scam is over and that Richard can prove he's responsible for a lot of wrongdoing. So, he physically attacks him.


Nichols and Richard continue fighting. Where does their conflict wind up?

The two men begin relentlessly attacking one another, and the fight continues on the rooftop of the hotel.


During the fight, what happens to both men?

The fight escalates and the two men grapple and fall through a skylight onto a descending elevator. They are stunned, but recover and resume their mortal combat.


During the fight, Nichols grabs a gun and points it at Gerard, who has arrived on the scene. Who saves Gerard?

Richard finally gets the upper hand in the fight. He leaps onto the distracted Nichols, saving Gerard from a near-certain gunshot wound.


The violent fight is over. How does the movie end?

The police take Frank Sykes and Dr. Nichols into custody. After a long ordeal, Richard Kimble's name is finally cleared.


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