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Legendary Western author Louis L'Amour penned well over a dozen books about the Sacketts in the mid-20th century. The Sackett family saga became so popular that two of the books were combined to make a 1979 TV movie. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this favorite American family and their adventures in the Wild West!

Which of these leading men did NOT play one of the Sackett brothers in the film?

Glenn Ford starred in one of the leading male roles in the film, but he didn't play a Sackett brother. Instead, he played Tom Sunday, a cowboy who ends up becoming friend and mentor to Tyrel.


Which of the three Sackett brothers was played by Sam Elliott?

Sam Elliott starred as oldest brother Tell, with Tom Selleck as Orrin and Jeff Osterhage as Tyrel.


Where does the Sackett family hail from?

Set in the 19th century, the film starts at the family's homestead in Tennessee and follows the travels of three Sackett sons out west to New Mexico.


Which of the Sacketts is getting married when the film opens?

Orrin Sackett's wedding opens the film, but the happy occasion is marked by tragedy when Long Higgins shows up. Higgins is seeking revenge on Orrin, who killed Higgins' brother.


Who is killed at Orrin's wedding?

It is Orrin's bride who is killed by Long Higgins' bullet -- which was meant for Orrin himself.


Who kills Long Higgins?

It is young Tyrel Sackett who draws his gun and kills Long Higgins on the Sackett family property. Knowing that someone will be along to avenge Long's death, Tyrel's mom urges him to leave town to stay safe.


What is Tell doing to make money as the drama unfolds at the Sackett homestead?

Tell has been away from the Sackett family home for many years. When the film opens, he is working at a Texas mining camp.


Why does Tell kill Wes Bigelow?

Tell runs into Wes Bigelow while the pair are playing poker at the mining camp in Texas. After accusing Bigelow of cheating, Tell is forced to kill the man to save his own life. Tell knows Bigelow's brothers will be along soon to seek revenge, so he leaves Texas and heads back on the road.


What job does Tyrel take after leaving the family homestead?

Tyrel runs into a large cattle drive as he travels across the plains on his own. The crew give him a job, taking the young Sackett brother along with them on their journey.


What do a group of herd cutters want in exchange for Tyrel's life?

After claiming that Tyrel's crew stole some of their herd, a group of cattle rustlers demands 50 head of cattle in exchange for Tyrel's life.


Who saves Tyrel from the cattle rustlers?

Big brother Orrin saves the day when Tyrel is outnumbered seven to one by cattle rustlers. Orrin scares off the bad guys, then becomes a cowhand along with his brother.


What does Tell find in the mountains that suggests Spanish gold may be close by?

After finding a chest plate from a suit of 16th-century armor, Tell suspects that maybe there really is gold in them there mountains.


Where does the cattle drive finally come to an end?

After reaching Abilene, Kansas, the cattle drive comes to an end and Tyrel and Orrin pick up their wages. While in the city, they fall for the daughter and granddaughter of a pair of feuding families.


What do Orrin and Tyrel plan to do once the cattle drive arrives in Abilene?

Orrin and Tyrel see that there's money to be made in herding wild cattle and selling the animals to ranchers. With the help of new pal Sunday, they plan to trade in cattle on their own.


Who heads for the mountains to search for gold with Tell?

Old cowhand Cap joins up with Tell Sackett to hunt for gold in the Purgatorie Mountains after the cattle drive reaches Abilene.


Which of the Sacketts is Ira Bigelow searching for?

The murder-minded Ira Bigelow is seeking revenge on Tell for shooting his brother Wes. Ira brings a whole posse of men along with him in his search, including younger brother Jack and a gun fighter named Kid Newton.


Who becomes Sheriff after the men reach Santa Fe?

After the cattle drive, Orrin runs against Tom Sunday for the role of Sheriff. Orrin wins the race after people learn that Sunday is actually an ex-con.


Who becomes Orrin's deputy?

After Orrin beats Sunday in the race for Sheriff, he asks Tom Sunday to be his deputy. After Sunday refuses, Orrin brings brother Tyrel on board as his second-in-command.


True or false: Orrin kills Sunday.

After Sunday grows more and more angry when Orrin runs for Mayor, Tyrel is forced to shoot and kill his old friend.


Who is the strange woman that Tell and Cap meet in the mountains?

Tell and Cap meet a woman named Ange while searching for gold in the mountains. After their camp is attacked, it is Ange who runs for help and gets a message to Orrin Sackett.


Who gets shot when the Bigelows attack Tell's camp?

After the Bigelow brothers track Tell down, they attack his camp and shoot Cap -- who manages to survive the attack.


How many Bigelow brothers die in the final shootout at the end of the film?

The Sacketts and their friends manage to take down all seven Bigelows, ensuring no other brothers remain to seek revenge for their lost loved ones.


True or false: All three Sackett brothers survive the final shootout.

All three Sackett brothers manage to survive the shootout that kills the Bigelow brothers.


Who kills Ira Bigelow?

Tell started the feud with the Bigelows and it's up to him to finish it. He manages to shoot and kill Ira Bigelow and bring an end to the threat against himself and his brothers.


Who is Tyrel's love interest?

Tyrel has his eye on Drusilla, granddaughter of Mexican land owner Don Luis.


Who is the Santa Fe Hotel named after?

The Pritts Hotel in Santa Fe is owned by the wealthy Jonathan Pritts. His daughter Laura has lovely yellow hair, or golden, depending on which Sackett brother you ask.


True or false: Tyrel kills Reed Carney when he gets the chance.

After Carney spent the entire cattle drive antagonizing him, Tyrel gets the chance for revenge on Carney in Abilene. Even when he outdraws Carney, Tyrel chooses not to kill his rival, but does send him out of town.


Which of the three brothers is known for his gunslinger skills?

Tyrel is known for his skill with a gun, and has no doubt in his ability to outdraw any opponent.


True or false: Cap is killed in the final shootout.

Though he fights alongside the three Sackett brothers, Cap manages to survive the final battle and hobble off on his injured leg.


When does the film take place?

The film takes place in 1869, just after the Civil War has ended, when settlers spread west across the U.S. in search of new homes, gold and land.


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