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The men of "Maverick" moved to the beat of their own drum, traveling from town to town, collecting women, poker winnings and stories as they went. Not above causing a bit of trouble but never letting their own morals waver, these Wild West cowboys took viewers from gaming table to riverboat, in search of a big windfall or the next good time. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic Western series!

What was the name of the original Maverick, played by James Garner?

James Garner played the original Maverick, Bret, in the first three seasons of the show, before quitting over a contract dispute. After producers realized that having only a single star was slowing down production, they decided to add Bret's brother as a second main character on the show.


Which of the Mavericks was played by Jack Kelly?

Brought on to ease the burden on star James Garner, Jack Kelly actually ended up appearing in more episodes of the series than Garner himself. He played Bret's brother Bart starting in the eighth episode of season one, and stayed in the role all the way through season five. The parts designed for Bart and Bret were virtually interchangeable, often identified as "Maverick 1" and "Maverick 2" in the scripts.


Where did Maverick's cousin Beau hail from?

Producers brought yet another of the Maverick family males into the fray when they introduced cousin Beau from London. Roger Moore took on the role of this Maverick cousin, while Bret and Bart's brother Brent -- played by Robert Colbert -- also appeared in a few episodes.


The part of the conniving southern belle Samantha Crawford actually originated on which series?

The Mavericks ran into Samantha Crawford -- played by actress Diane Bewster -- on many occasions throughout the series. Each time they ran into the sneaky southern belle, the experience usually cost them a pretty penny, thanks to Crawford's conniving ways.


What did Bret Maverick keep pinned inside his jacket?

Maverick knew that money was helpful for getting himself out of trouble. He always kept a $1,000 bill pinned inside of his jacket in case he needed it.


How did Bret and Bart make a living?

The Mavericks traveled all over the country, looking for high-stakes poker games to pick up some cold hard cash. Although they preferred a hand of five-card stud, they weren't afraid to participate in other card games if the money was right.


What pal of the Mavericks was played by Leo Gordon?

Actor Leo Gordon, who also served as a scriptwriter for the show, played the Maverick's Irish buddy Big Mike McComb. Though Gordon wrote several episodes of the series, he never penned any of the episodes he appeared in.


Who was Bret's favorite person to quote?

Bret took his advice straight from his Pappy, who offered such wisdom as, "Stay clear of weddings, because one of them is liable to be your own."


Where does Bret meet up with Bart in Bart's first appearance on the show?

In the season one episode, "Hostage," Bret meets up with his brother Bart in New Orleans. The pair plan to ride on the maiden voyage of a riverboat -- until the daughter of the boat owner is kidnapped and the Mavericks step in to rescue her.


Who helps save Bret after he is falsely accused of murder in season two?

Jim Dandy Buckley is both friend and rival to Bret, but he does manage to help Maverick clear his name after he is falsely accused of a crime. The pair also team up to fight a crooked gambler in season one.


Who do Bret and Bart get mistaken for in the season one finale?

When Bret and Bart roll into Arizona in the season one finale, the locals mistake them for legendary lawmen Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. While the two deny these identities, they are able to protect the town from a bank robbery.


What does Bret spend the entire episode doing in "Shady Deal at Sunny Acres"?

In one of the most memorable "Maverick" episodes, Bret spends the entire episode whittling in a rocking chair after he is robbed of $15,000 by a shady bank manager. When asked why he isn't fighting to get his money back, Maverick famously replies, "I'm working on it," before outwitting the bank manager and recapturing his cash.


How does Bret break his leg in the season two episode, "Prey of the Cat?"

After his horse is spooked by a cat, Bret falls and breaks his leg in this season two episode. Things get even worse after he is taken to the home of a local rancher -- and the man's wife is willing to do anything to make Bret feel better.


What movie influenced the season two episode, "Escape to Tampico"?

The season two episode was set at La Cantina Americana -- a spoof on Rick's Cafe Americain from "Casablanca." The show also used sets from the movie to create a cafe in a small Mexican town, and many of the costumes used on the episode were based on outfits worn in the film.


What was the name of the steamboat that Bret owned in season three?

Bret ended up part-owner of a steamboat named the Cynthia B in season three. As he and his fellow boat owners sail up the Mississippi River, they are killed one by one in a story reminiscent of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None."


What is "The Maverick Line" from season four?

In Bret's final appearance on the show, he inherits "The Maverick Line," a stagecoach run formerly owned by his Uncle Micah. Unfortunately, the windfall is actually a curse and causes more problems than Bret ever expected.


Who does Bart find hidden inside a wagon he buys in the two-part episode, "The Devil's Necklace"?

Trying to escape a bad situation, Bart buys a wagon in the season four story arc -- only to discover that the wagon contains a kidnapped Indian girl.


What priceless piece of art is stolen in the season five episode, "The Art Lovers"?

Bart finds himself serving an unscrupulous railroad tycoon as a stolen Mona Lisa gets passed around the black market in "The Art Lovers," which also featured an appearance by Jack Cassidy.


The episode "Three Queens Full" in season five was a parody of which show?

Maverick is charged with marrying Henry, Small Paul and Moose Wheelwright to three troublesome young ladies in this "Bonanza" parody.


Who is the gambling conman played by actor Mike Road and always accompanied by his girl, Marla?

Mike Road played gambling man Pearly Gates, who appeared in several episodes with his girl, Marla, who was played by Kathleen Crowley.


How many seasons did the show run?

Maverick was making his fortune and picking up ladies for 124 episodes over five seasons, from 1957 to 1962.


What was the name of Bret and Bart's nephew, who appeared in the 1978 movie, "The New Maverick"?

Beau's son Ben came aboard the series in the 1978 TV movie, "The New Maverick," in which Bret, Bart and nephew Ben joined forces to take on Poker Alice. The movie served as a pilot for "Young Maverick," a new TV series.


True or false: "Young Maverick" lasted for just a single season.

The original series may have been uber-popular, but a remake featuring actor Charles Frank as Ben Maverick ran for only nine episodes over a single season before it was cancelled in 1980.


Which of the original Maverick men got his own TV series in 1981?

"Bret Maverick" premiered in 1981 and ran for 18 episodes before it was cancelled the next year. On the series, Bret was the owner of a ranch called the Lazy Ace, and part-owner of an Arizona bar known as the Red Ox.


Who played Bret Maverick in the 1994 film remake, "Maverick"?

Mel Gibson took on the part of Bret Maverick in the film, where he was determined to make it to a major poker tournament and prove he was the greatest card player of all time.


Who starred as con artist Annabelle Bransford in the 1994 remake?

Jodie Foster played a seductive con artist in the 1994 film. Her character, Annabelle Bransford, was a mashup of all the women the Maverick men loved or feuded with throughout the original series.


What role did James Garner play in the 1994 flick?

James Garner, who played the original Bret Maverick character on the TV series, appeared in the film as Marshal Zane Cooper -- a man trying to win the poker tournament that Mel Gibson's character was entered in.


Who wins the big tournament in the 1994 movie?

Who else but Maverick himself could win the big tournament? After his win, Maverick must protect himself from a sore loser named Angel, who draws his gun on the winner.


True or false: Maverick and Cooper are plotting together the entire time.

After Maverick wins the $500,000 prize, Cooper steals the cash. Viewers later learn that Cooper is really Maverick's father, and the two were plotting together the entire time.


True or false: Annabelle Bransford steals half the money at the end of the film.

Maverick reveals that he let Annabelle steal half of his big prize -- because he thought it would be a lot of fun chasing her down so he could take the money back.


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