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Norman Lear could do no wrong when it came to producing TV greatness. He's known for such legendary shows as "All in the Family," "Sanford and Son" and "Good Times." However, one of Lear's longest running series -- "One Day at a Time" -- sometimes gets overlooked. Take a closer look, however, and you'll see that this '70s series stands on its own and managed to keep fans tuning in for nearly a decade. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic sitcom!

How many daughters does Ann have?

When the show premiered, Ann Romano was a single mom taking care of her two daughters. Mackenzie Phillips played older daughter Julie, while Valerie Bertinelli played younger daughter Barbara.


What is Schneider's role on the show?

Dwayne Schneider, who is commonly referred to by his last name, works as the building superintendent at the apartment building where the family lives. Over time, he becomes a true friend to Ann and her girls.


Which actress was fired from the show in 1980?

Mackenzie Phillips, who played big sister Julie, struggled for years with substance abuse. Producers fired her from the show in 1980. She was brought back briefly the next year, but written out for good after she relapsed.


What field of work was Ann in?

Ann was a PR professional and worked for a firm called Connors and Davenport throughout much of the series.


True or false: Julie ended up marrying the best man in her wedding instead of the groom.

Julie had big plans to marry med student Fred in season five, but she found herself pursued by Fred's best man, Max Horvath. She finally decided against marrying Fred and became Mrs. Horvath instead.


What do Julie and Max name their baby?

Julie is all set to fly out to California and have an all-natural water birth. Instead, the baby comes early and she gives birth in the bathtub at her mom's apartment. She and Max name the baby Annie, after her mom.


What is the name of Nick's son?

Ann finds herself annoyed with an artist named Nick in a two-part story arc in season six. She later dates Nick and helps care for his son Alex.


True or false: Ann's husband died, leaving her a widow.

Ann and her husband Ed had recently divorced when the show premiered, but Ed is alive and kicking. He later remarries a woman named Vickie, which frustrates his daughters, who feel he is neglecting them.


What is David's role in Ann's life?

David Kane was Ann's divorce attorney and neighbor. He later develops feelings for her, but Ann is happier with a platonic relationship.


What does Julie demand permission to do in the pilot episode?

Ann's struggles as a single mom begin in the very first episode of the series. Julie demands permission to go on a coed camping trip with her friends. If her mom says no, Julie threatens to move in with her dad.


Who is Julie dating in the four-part episode, "The Runaways"?

Julie is dating Chuck when the pair run away in the season four premiere, leaving Ann frantic to find her daughter after a fight about Julie's future. Schneider gets in on the act, trying to track Julie down using his CB radio.


True or false: Julie and Barbara encourage Ann to marry David.

After Ann turns downs his earlier proposal, David returns from a trip to Los Angeles in season two to ask Ann once again for her hand in marriage. While her daughters encourage her to accept, Ann finally decides that she is just not ready to remarry.


How does Julie meet her older boyfriend, Dr. Paul Curran?

Julie crashes her car into Dr. Paul Curran's car. Determined to pay for the damage by herself, Julie takes a job in Paul's veterinary office. The pair eventually fall in love, even though Paul is more than 20 years older than Julie.


What is Cam Randolph's claim to fame?

Schneider is excited when a genuine celebrity moves into the apartment building -- race car driver Cam Randolph. While Julie and Barbara are excited to set their mom up with Cam, Ann eventually decides he's just not right for her.


Why is Ann concerned about Julie's new roommate in the season three premiere?

Julie is thrilled to get her own place in the season three two-part premiere episode, "Julie's Big Move." Ann is more than a little concerned when she learns that Julie's new roommate does favors for rich men in exchange for money.


What is the name of Ann's married love interest?

Ann meets sports writer Mark while visiting a doctor about her sore shoulder. She falls hard for Mark in the season four premiere, but later finds out that he's already married.


How does Nick die?

Nick is killed in a crash with a drunk driver in the season seven premiere. His son Alex moves home to Chicago to live with his mom, but eventually returns to Indianapolis to live with Ann and her daughters.


Who became Ann's new business partner after Nick died?

Needing help to keep the business going, Ann partnered up with former rival Francine Webster. Schneider later makes them a business loan so they can grow the company, after they are turned down by the bank.


True or false: Barbara and Mark elope in Vegas.

Barbara gets engaged to dental student Mark Royer in season seven. While on a conference to Vegas, they decide to elope -- but later change their minds and conclude that they want a big wedding with family and friends.


What causes Mark to nearly miss his own wedding?

Mark and Barbara's wedding took place during a two-part episode at the start of season eight. Unfortunately, Mark was nearly late for the ceremony after sneaking out to participate in a golf tournament on the morning of the wedding.


Where do Sam and Ann go on their honeymoon?

When Ann finally decides it's time to get married to Sam, during season eight, the pair go to a ski resort on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, Sam gets injured on the slopes and spends most of the trip recovering.


Where does Ann decide to move at the end of the series?

With her daughters grown up, with families of their own, Ann decides it's time to leave Indianapolis and move to London to take advantage of a new job opportunity.


True or false: Schneider gets his own family at the end of the series.

As Ann moves to London, Schneider learns that his brother has been killed. He moves to Florida to take care if his niece and nephew -- which means he finally has a family of his own.


How many seasons did the show run?

It may be one of Norman Lear's lesser-known series, but it's also one of his longest-running shows. "One Day at a Time" ran for 209 episodes over nine seasons, from 1975 to 1984.


What makes the 2017 reboot of "One Day at a Time" different from the original?

The 2017 reboot of the show on Netflix features many of the same themes as the original "One Day at a Time," but focuses heavily on the characters' Cuban-American heritage. Justina Machado plays single mom Penelope Alvarez, the star of the series.


What does Penelope Alvarez do for a living on the 2017 reboot?

In the remake of the show, mom Penelope is a former Army member who served in Afghanistan. When she leaves the Army for civilian life, she takes a job as a nurse for boss Dr. Leslie Berkowitz.


How many children does Penelope have on the 2017 reboot?

Penelope is proud mom to two children -- just like on the original series. They include daughter Elena, who comes out as a lesbian, and son Alex.


Who moves in to help Penelope care for her kids?

The Alvarez family includes three generations living in the same household, with Penelope's mom, Lydia, living there to help care for her grandkids.


True or false: The Dwayne Schneider character still appears in the reboot -- with the same name.

Dwayne Schneider was so much more than a handyman in the original series, so it's no surprise that he was brought back -- with the same name -- in the reboot. In the new version of the show, Schneider's wealthy parents own the building where Penelope and her children live. He's no handyman, but he does help out from time to time and he is a true friend to the family.


What event are Elena and Penelope feuding about in season one of the reboot?

In traditional Latin American culture, a quinceanera is a big deal for girls, celebrating their coming of age on their 15th birthday. Elena is reluctant to go through such an ordeal, but her mom has her heart set on a big celebration.


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