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Like steampunk? Then you'll love "The Wild Wild West." This '60s TV series merged the classic Western with James Bond -- plus a touch of Jules Verne for a sci-fi twist. The show featured a pair of suave Secret Service agents, along with plenty of evil villains, ingenious gadgets and heart-pumping action, resulting in a series that was well ahead of its time. Think you know everything there is to know about "The Wild Wild West"? Take our quiz to find out!

What starring role was played by Robert Conrad?

Robert Conrad starred as the cowboy/James Bond-inspired James West. As West, Conrad performed many of his own stunts, resulting in injuries that sometimes delayed production and had Conrad thinking twice about continuing on the show.


What was the name of West's partner, played by Ross Martin?

Ross Martin starred as Artemus Gordon, West's partner in crime-fighting. Martin was both a master of disguise, using costumes and makeup to beat the bad guys, and a brilliant inventor.


Which actor played James West in a 1999 movie remake of the series?

Will Smith took on the role of legendary Secret Service agent Jim West for a 1999 film remake. Kevin Kline played partner Artemus Gordon in the film.


Which president often appeared on the show?

West and Gordon were Secret Service agents working for President Ulysses Grant. Initially, they started off in an undercover role, but later became known as some of Grant's top crime fighters.


What did West have up his sleeve?

West kept a Derringer tucked up inside his sleeve. The spring-loaded gun helped get the agent out of trouble on more than one occasion.


What was hidden behind a set of books on the desk?

The show was set in the Victorian era, so telephones hadn't been invented yet. The men relied on a telegraph machine hidden behind a set of books on the desk to communicate while on board the Wanderer.


Where was West and Gordon's escape hatch hidden?

If things on the train got too hot to handle, the men could make a quick exit through an emergency escape hatch concealed behind the fireplace.


What was concealed behind the pigeon coop?

The Wanderer was outfitted with all kinds of concealed weapons, from guns in the sideboard to exploding billiard balls. Hidden behind the pigeon coop -- which held carrier pigeons -- was an impressive gun rack to cover any weaponry needs.


Which villain caused frequent trouble for West and Gordon?

Played by Michael Dunn, Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless was a brilliant, yet evil, dwarf -- who constantly came up with new plans for power and world domination.


Who was NOT one of Dr. Loveless' hench-people?

Loveless' plans for world domination were so broad that he couldn't possibly have carried them out alone. He relied on Voltaire, his giant henchman, and his beautiful assistant, Antoinette, to help him perform his dastardly deeds.


What did Dr. Loveless try to conquer in his first appearance on the show, in "The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth"?

The evil mastermind felt that the state of California was rightfully his, thanks to his family heritage, so he attempted to take over the state in his very first meeting with West and Gordon.


What code name did Loveless use when he created a doppelganger of Jim West?

In Dr. Loveless' second appearance on the series, he lured West to a ghost town, then imprisoned him -- before creating an evil doppelganger of West that he dubbed Janus.


What crime did Loveless convince West he was guilty of, in "The Night of the Murderous Spring"?

In his fourth of many appearances on the series, Dr. Loveless planned to use a hallucinogenic powder to poison the water supply and control the population. When he tested his potion on West, he convinced the Secret Service agent that he shot and killed his partner, Artemus Gordon.


Who was the group of assassins controlled by Count Manzeppi in the villain's first appearance on the show?

Count Manzeppi appeared for the first time in the season two premiere. After luring West to an amusement park, he planned to kill the President of Mexico using his group of trained assassins -- the Eccentrics.


What almost killed Jim West after he was shrunk by Dr. Loveless in season two?

In the season two episode, "The Night of the Raven," Loveless used a shrinking powder to transform both West and an Indian princess into miniature versions of themselves. Once they were the size of dolls, West and the princess were nearly killed by Dr. Loveless' cat.


When West came face-to-face with Martians in season two, what fuel did they need for their spacecraft?

West met three Martian women in "The Night of the Flying Pie Plate." The women claimed that their ship had crashed and they needed more gold to fuel its engine. They were willing to trade precious jewels for the gold -- until West revealed the entire story as a swindle.


Who did Dr. Loveless pretend to be in "The Night of the Green Terror"?

Loveless returned once again to try to take over the world, this time by spreading a poisonous green powder over plants so he could control the food supply. As West and Gordon raced to stop him, they found Dr. Loveless had disguised himself as Robin Hood to carry out his devious plan.


What was concealed inside a mechanical chicken in "The Night of the Feathered Fury"?

Count Manzeppi was back in "The Night of the Feathered Fury," disguised as an organ grinder so he could get his hands on a mechanical chicken which allegedly concealed the Philosopher's Stone -- an object that promised to transform ordinary objects into gold.


What was the name of the train used on the series?

West and Gordon traveled aboard a steam train known as the Wanderer. The train not only offered luxury accommodations, including a kitchen, but also featured everything the men needed to fight crime -- from a laboratory to a stable car and all kinds of neat gadgets.


What historic object did West and Gordon have to recover in "The Night of the Bubbling Death," after the thief died in a pool of acid?

West and Gordon chased the U.S. Constitution in this season three premiere episode. After the thief died in a pool of acid, the men discovered that the document they recovered was fake, leading them on a mission to discover the real one before it fell into the wrong hands.


What invention did Loveless bring in to defeat West and Gordon, in "The Night of Miguelito's Revenge"?

Tired of being defeated in his evil plans, Dr. Loveless returned in season four with a Terminator-like mechanical man. After kidnapping West from a barber shop, he trapped his enemy in a coffin and threw him in the river so he could carry out his plan in peace.


What did Tycho -- leader of Raven -- use to control people in "The Night of the Winged Terror"?

In this two-part season four episode, evil villain Tycho and his gang used eyeglasses -- actually, spectacles -- to brainwash people into doing their bidding. West teamed up with Secret Service agent Frank Harper in this episode, giving Gordon a well-deserved break.


How many seasons did the show run?

Jim West and Artemus Gordon kept the evil villains at bay for 104 episodes over four seasons, from 1965 to 1969.


Which comedian made his first TV appearance ever on a season two episode of "The Wild Wild West"?

Richard Pryor made his first TV appearance ever on a season two episode of the series. He played an evil puppeteer named Villar, while actor Ross Martin provided the voice of his puppet Giulio.


What ultimately caused the show to be canceled?

Congress made a stand against violence on TV in the late '60s. To keep regulators off their backs, the network canceled "The Wild Wild West," which was still popular with fans and critics at the time.


What is Artemus Gordon doing when he is called back to work in the TV movie, "The Wild Wild West Revisited"?

In the 1979 TV movie, "The Wild Wild West Revisited," viewers learn that Jim West has retired and Gordon has become a Shakespearean actor. Both are ready and willing to get back to work when Loveless's son, Michelito Jr., threatens to carry on the family tradition by trying to take over the world.


What super skill does villain Albert Paradine have, in "More Wild Wild West"?

The cast returned once again for a 1980 TV movie, "More Wild Wild West." In the film, West and Gordon face off against Albert Paradine, who can turn invisible on command, making it difficult to defeat him.


True or false: Robert Conrad hated the 1999 remake.

Conrad was not happy with the 1999 movie "The Wild Wild West." Will Smith later apologized, calling the film a mistake.


True or false: Dr. Loveless appears in the 1999 remake.

Dr. Loveless is back in the remake, but his first name has been changed to Arliss. Kenneth Branagh took on the role of the memorable villain.


What mechanical creature does Dr. Loveless plan to use to take over the world in the 1999 film?

Dr. Loveless crafts a giant mechanical spider with cannons on its legs in an attempt to defeat West and Gordon -- and kill President Grant -- in the 1999 movie. At the end of the film, Loveless is dead and West and Gordon ride the spider off across the desert.


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