How much do you remember about the Western film Pale Rider?


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A greedy miner wields unholy power over a local camp. But a mysterious cowboy rides into town, determined to stop the injustice. How much do you remember about the movie "Pale Rider"?

"Pale Rider" is a film from 1985. What sort of movie is it?

"Pale Rider" is a dark, brooding Western. Its name is a none-too-subtle play on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


The same person directs and stars in the movie. Who is it?

Clint Eastwood, an icon of big Western films, both stars and directs "Pale Rider." The movie was the most successful Western of the 1980s.


As the movie begins, a group of evil cowboys rides into a small mining camp. What do they do?

The evil cowboys are henchmen for a local rich gold miner. They destroy the camp in hopes of scattering the residents.


The evil cowboys kill a dog that belongs to a young woman named Megan. As she buries her dog, what does Megan do?

Megan is distraught about her dog and the ruined camp. She prays for some sort of miracle. And as luck would have it, her prayers are about to be answered.


What happens as Megan prays for a miracle?

As Megan prays for a miracle, the audience sees a solitary man on a white horse riding through the woods ... and then he slowly disappears into the trees. It's a harbinger of things to come.


Megan's mother, Sarah, has a significant other named Hull Barret, who heads to town for supplies. What happens to him?

Hull has to make a trip into town for supplies, but he runs into the same evil cowboys who just trashed the camp. They begin attacking him in the middle of the street.


How is Hull saved from his attackers?

Hull is helpless against his attackers, but a strange man appears and easily beats them back. Then he simply walks away.


As a gesture of gratitude, Hull asks the stranger to join him for dinner at the camp. What is the man's name?

He has a clerical collar -- so the locals take to calling the stranger "Preacher." Preacher is a mysterious man with a dark past.


Hull sees Preacher shirtless. What does he notice on Preacher's back?

Preacher takes off his shirt to bathe, and Hull spots the unmistakable sign of bullet scars on his back. Preacher, it seems, has had some dangerous experiences in his life.


Who is Coy LaHood?

Coy LaHood is a wealthy gold miner who's greedy to find even more precious metal. It's his henchmen who attacked the camp at the beginning of the movie.


What's unique about Coy's mining style?

Coy employs large-scale industrial strip mining techniques. He digs a lot of precious gold from the earth, but in the process, he also wreaks havoc on the environment.


Coy LaHood has a son named Josh, who tries to scare Preacher away from the camp. How does Josh try to intimidate Preacher?

Josh arrives at the camp with "Club," a seven-foot man who attacks Preacher. It's not exactly the nicest way to treat the new guy in town.


What happens when Club attacks Preacher?

Preacher nonchalantly smacks Club with a hammer. Then, he gently helps the gigantic man back onto his horse.


Why does Coy LaHood want the local miners to abandon their camp?

Coy wants the miners out of the canyon simply so that he can take their land and set up another strip mining operation. His greed means that he'll stop at nothing to run them out of the area.


Coy is worried that Preacher will embolden the local miners. How does he plan to get rid of Preacher?

Coy sees that Preacher isn't exactly a rich man. So he tries to bribe him, but Preacher will have none of it.


Frustrated, Coy offers the miners _____ to leave the land so that he can take it for himself.

Coy offers each miner $1,000 to leave the area. It's a tempting offer because most of the miners don't have much money to feed their families.


Megan shows Preacher her dog's grave. Then what does she do?

Well, that escalated quickly. Megan tells Preacher that she loves him, but he sidesteps her advances. He tells her that someday she'll find the right man.


The local miners debate about taking Coy's $1,000 payoff. What does Hull say they should do?

Hull says the money isn't everything -- that they'd planned to stay and raise their families in the canyon. Eventually, the miners vote to stay where they are in spite of Coy's threats.


The morning after the miners vote to stand against Coy, what does Preacher do?

The camp, emboldened by Preacher's courage, is shocked to learn that their dark hero has disappeared. Why would he leave them in their time of need?


What does Megan do when she realizes that Preacher is gone?

Megan goes looking for Preacher, and she makes the mistake of venturing into Coy's strip mining camp. Things are about to get ugly.


What does Josh LaHood do when he spots Megan searching for Preacher?

Coy's son Josh sees Megan looking for Preacher and tries to rape her. But out of the blue, Preacher arrives and shoots Josh in the hand, saving Megan from the violent assault.


Coy tells the local lawman, Stockburn, that Preacher assaulted some of his men. How does Stockburn react to Coy's description of Preacher?

The lawman, Stockburn, cocks his head and says that Preacher's description sounds eerily similar to a man he knew a long time ago ... and that he's dead.


Coy decides to up the ante against the miners. What does he do?

Coy sends his men to the canyon, and they use explosives to dam the creek. Now, the camp has no source of water.


A miner named Spider finds a huge gold nugget and goes to town to celebrate. What happens next?

Spider celebrates by getting drunk. Then, he confronts Coy's men, and they shoot him dead in the street.


Hull and Preacher decide to attack Coy's main strip mining operation. What do they do to the equipment?

The two men decide to sabotage the operation. They use sticks of dynamite to blow up everything in sight, an act that's sure to draw the ire of Coy's men.


After blowing up Coy's mining equipment, where does Preacher go?

Once the strip mining operation is blown up, Preacher sets out alone for town. He has a date with destiny, and he plans to be on time.


When Preacher arrives in town, Coy's men begin shooting at him. What happens next?

Preacher is a man on a mission. He kills all of Coy's men and then sets out to find the head honcho.


Coy manages to surprise Preacher and is about to shoot our hero. Who saves Preacher?

Hull manages to catch up with Preacher in town. He shoots Coy just before he can kill Preacher.


The lawman named Stockburn faces off with Preacher. What's his reaction when he recognizes Preacher?

Stockburn recognizes Preacher -- he shot him and left him for dead a long time ago. Now, somehow Preacher has come back for revenge. Preacher kills Stockburn in a moment of ultimate revenge.


Preacher has survived his epic encounter, and he heads off alone into the mountains. What does Megan yell after him?

Megan chases after Preacher for a few moments but realizes that he's leaving for good. She shouts that she loves him, but she'll never know whether he heard her cries of devotion.


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