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The men and women of the 4077th dealt with war in heartbreaking (but often funny) ways. In doing so, they created "M*A*S*H," one of the best-regarded shows in history. How much do you remember about these famous episodes?

In "Abyssinia, Henry," Henry Blake gets his discharge papers and heads home. Then what happens?

After a tearful goodbye, Henry boards his plane for home. But in a truly tragic end, his plane is shot down and he's killed before he even reaches America.


In "Bombshells," Hawkeye and Charles tell the whole camp that which famous person is coming to visit?

Hawkeye and Charles, bored out of their minds, decide to prank the camp. They tell people that bombshell blonde Marilyn Monroe is coming to visit... but sadly, she's really not.


In "The Kids," a local orphanage is under fire on the front lines. Where do the kids wind up?

The orphans are shuffled into the tents of the 4077th, where the men and women must learn to temporarily live with them. Some of the kids are entertaining... and some of them are downright annoying to people like Frank.


In an episode called "Adam's Ribs," the camp is fed up with the 4077th's repetitive menu. Hawkeye sets out to get which food item?

Hawkeye sets his mind on obtaining special BBQ ribs from a joint in America. The entire episode follows his hijinks in trying to transport ribs all the way to Korea.


In "Welcome to Korea," Hawkeye returns from a drunken trip to Japan. He immediately does what?

Horribly hung over, Hawkeye stumbles through camp and walks directly into a shower with his clothes on, all in an effort to shake off his nausea.


In "Hawkeye," a season four episode, Hawkeye crashes a Jeep and suffers what injury?

Hawkeye wrecks a Jeep and suffers a concussion. He winds up at the home of a Korean family and he tries to make sense of everything while fighting off brain trauma.


In "White Gold," the staff of the 4077th is running dangerously low on which precious good?

A shortage of penicillin has the 4077th scrambling to protect its supplies of the precious antibiotic. They catch soldiers breaking into their supply room, trying to steal the "white gold."


In "The Consultant," a bigwig surgeon arrives in camp to lecture about new procedures. But when the time comes to operate, he can't do the job. Why?

The surgeon is advising the 4077th on arterial transplants. But when wounded soldiers arrive, he can't help... because he's been drinking to numb the stress of the front lines.


In "Run for the Money," why does Father Mulcahy agree to run a distance race?

The 8063rd has challenged the 4077th to a footrace. Only Father Mulcahy has the nerve to step up and save his camp's competitive dignity.


In "The Late Captain Pierce," what happens to Hawkeye?

At the beginning of the episode, a paperwork error declares Hawkeye dead. He's thrilled -- he can just sit back and do nothing. But then the problems associated with being dead begin to catch up with him.


In "The Novocain Mutiny," Frank Burns accuses Hawkeye of what?

Frank is always trying to run Hawkeye out of camp. He accuses Hawkeye of mutiny, but in the end, of course, Hawkeye is exonerated.


In "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler," who does a bomber pilot arriving at the M*A*S*H Unit claim to be?

The bomber pilot arrives in camp seemingly disoriented -- he says that he's Jesus Christ. Margaret and Frank believe that he's faking trauma to avoid combat and they decide to try and expose him as a fraud.


In "L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel)," Hawkeye finally scores a date with a nurse named Regina, then he decides he doesn't like her. Why?

Hawkeye is initially over the moon about getting a date with the attractive Regina. But she turns out to be ugly on the inside -- she's a racist.


In "Too Many Cooks," a Private Conway winds up at the camp. The 4077th is delighted because Conway is really good at which activity?

Private Conway turns out to be an amazing cook and the camp gets the best food imaginable. They try to convince Potter to let their new chef stick around, but he refuses.


In "Deal Me Out," what sort of accident does Radar have?

Radar accidentally hits a local man with his Jeep. But it turns out the man is a fraud -- he's a con man looking for handouts.


In "George," Hawkeye treats a patient whose injuries were caused by his own men. Why?

The patient is gay, so his unit's soldiers take this as an excuse to beat him. Hawkeye is horrified by the men's behavior.


In "Letters," the members of the 4077th receive bundles of letters from where?

In this episode, schoolchildren from Hawkeye's home town -- Crabapple Cove -- send letters to the camp. The letters turn out to be both touching and heartbreaking.


In "Last Laugh," one of B.J.'s old friends shows up at camp and causes a ruckus. What happens to B.J.?

B.J.'s friend is a practical joker who takes things too far. B.J. Gets wrongfully arrested for disorderly conduct. But don't worry, Hawkeye and B.J. will have the last laugh.


In "Officers Only," what does Hawkeye get upset about?

A new bar appears in camp, but it allows only officers and not enlisted men. Hawkeye skirts the rule by inviting his "relatives."


In "Goodbye, Radar," Radar finally receives his discharge and goes home. What does he leave behind?

Radar's teddy bear comforted him during tense times in Korea. He decides that it's time to grow up. He leaves his bear behind.


In "O.R." Hawkeye performs a surgical first at the 4077th. What is that procedure?

As a dying patient fades, Hawkeye shoves his whole hand into the man's chest and massages his heart... an act that saves the soldier's life.


In "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet," Hawkeye cries over a dead friend. Henry says there two rules in war -- one is that young men die. What is the second rule?

Henry's sage advice to Hawkeye is sobering. Rule one: Young men die in war. Rule two: Doctors can't change rule number one.


"O.R." was the first episode of the show to omit what?

"O.R." was a famous episode from season three. It omitted a laugh track for the first time, signaling a change in the seriousness of "M*A*S*H."


In "Der Tag," Potter tells everyone to be nicer to Frank Burns. What happens next?

Everyone really is nice to Frank, but he gets very drunk, falls into a truck and winds up on the front. It's up to Hawkeye and B.J. to save him.


In "The Army-Navy Game," every unit is listening to the radio for updates on the famed football game. Meanwhile, what emergency develops at the 4077th?

The big college football game is on everyone's minds. But there's an unexploded bomb in camp that no one seems to have time to deal with while the game is in progress.


During "Tuttle," Hawkeye and Pierce create a fake person (Tuttle) to help them redirect supplies to where?

Hawkeye and Pierce want to help the local orphanage, so they not-so-innocently redirect supplies to the kids by using a fake person's name. Their story begins to unravel, unleashing massive hilarity.


What's unusual about the production of an episode called "Point of View"?

In "Point of View," the camera remains in one place (post-op) for most of the episode. It's a gimmicky trick, but it became a memorable episode.


In "Fallen Idol," Radar's anxiety about which issue comes to a head?

Radar is a long-standing virgin who can't seem to find his way with women. Hawkeye tells Radar to visit a local brothel to be done with the act. A major conflict erupts between the two.


In "Officer of the Day," Hawkeye is ordered to save the life of a wounded North Korean prisoner. Why?

A commanding officer orders Hawkeye to save the prisoner... simply so that he can be properly executed. Naturally, Hawkeye is up in arms over the matter.


The final episode of "M*A*S*H" was one of the most-watched shows in TV history. What was it called?

The final episode was titled "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen." It was a two-and-a-half hour episode that brought the public to a standstill during its broadcast.


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