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Take one busy working mom, throw in a live-in housekeeper with a feisty teen daughter, and you've got "Who's the Boss?" Think you know all there is to know about this classic '80s series? Take our quiz to find out!

What is the name of Alyssa Milano's character?

Alyssa Milano played young Samantha Micelli -- daughter of Tony Micelli -- who was played by Tony Danza. Milano became a teen idol during her time on the show, growing up before the eyes of viewers.


Where is the show set?

"Who's the Boss?" takes place in suburban Connecticut, fairly close to New York City. Some scenes feature Tony's hometown of Brooklyn.


What did Tony do for a living before he became a housekeeper?

Tony was a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals before a shoulder injury ended his career. He took a job as a live-in housekeeper for Angela in an attempt to move his daughter out of Brooklyn.


What is the name of Angela Bower's son?

Angela Bower is a single mom to son Jonathan. She works as an advertising executive and has trouble balancing her home and career until Tony comes to help her shoulder the workload.


Who is Angela's ex-husband?

Angela and husband Michael separate before Tony comes into the picture. When he stops by the house in season one to have Angela sign divorce papers, the two almost reconcile before realizing that they really are better off apart.


True or false: It isn't until the final season of the show that Angela and Tony kiss for the first time.

The tension between Angela and Tony starts early in the series. In the season one finale, the pair share a kiss when both are drunk, setting up a "will they or won't they?" drama that lasts for the duration of the series.


What disaster causes Tony to tell Angela that he loves her in season two?

During the season two episode, "The Anniversary Show," Angela plans a special dinner to celebrate Tony's two years of working for her. The night ends badly when Tony is rushed to the hospital with a burst appendix. He ends up telling Angela he loves her in his woozy state.


Which of Samantha's friends was played by Nicole Eggert?

Nicole Eggert -- who went on to star on "Baywatch" and "Charles in Charge," played Sam's friend Marci Ferguson. Marci's father was a doctor who made a lot more money than Tony, which means the Micellis struggled to afford things like ski trips and prep schools that Marci took for granted.


A trip to what country causes Angela to lose her job in season three?

The tightly-wound Angela finally cuts loose during a vacation to Mexico in the season three premiere -- only to lose an important client, and then lose her job entirely. When she can't find a new position, her family urges her to start her own business.


What is the name of Angela's long-term boyfriend, played by Robin Thomas?

Angela is ready for boyfriend Geoffrey Wells to propose to her during a trip to the mountains in season three, but when he does propose, she ultimately turns him down.


What is the name of Samantha's grandfather, played by James Coco?

Coco plays Tony's father-in-law and Sam's grandfather, Nick Milano. He starts off the series in jail, but eventually escapes to come visit his granddaughter. He later moves to Florida and passes away, leaving Sam to come to terms with his death.


Which character almost got their own spin-off, set in a seedy New York City hotel?

The season three finale was meant as a back-door pilot for a new show, starring Mona. In the proposed series, Mona would move to Manhattan to help her brother Cornelius run a motel. The concept of a spin-off was nixed when producers decided Mona should stay on "Who's the Boss?" instead.


True or false: Mrs. Rossini and Mona were best friends.

Mrs. Rossini was one of Tony's old friends from Brooklyn. She ran a fish market with her husband and seemed to never make peace with Mona, who took every opportunity she could to shoot catty remarks at Mrs. Rossini.


Who invites Sam to prom?

Sam spent many of her high school years dating Jesse Nash, played by Scott Bloom, so it's no surprise that he is the one to invite her to the big dance.


What was the name of Tony's old band?

In season four, Tony gets the band back together to save his old Brooklyn school from being demolished. Unfortunately, things don't go well for Tony and the Dreamtones when Tony fights to have Angela join the group.


What is the name of Angela's nerdy friend, played by Adam Carl?

Angela and Mason are close friends throughout the series, and he even ends up serving as one of Tony's teachers when Tony goes back to school to get his college degree.


Where does the family head for vacation in the season six premiere?

A client offers Angela a trip to Jamaica in the season six premiere episode. While there, Angela almost drowns while skinny-dipping. She and Tony talk about a future together -- and the possibility of marriage.


What instrument does Jonathan play in the school band?

Jonathan is such a great student that he often ignores extra-curricular activities. To make himself more attractive to colleges, he joins the school orchestra in season six, but is frustrated when he is assigned to play the accordion. Tony helps him out by hooking him up with an old buddy who's a master accordion player.


Where does Sam want to stay instead of starting college?

Sam takes a job at a dude ranch in New Mexico for the summer, then announces that she is going to put off college so she can stay at the ranch. Tony and Angela come to talk some sense into her and manage to convince her to go to college as planned.


Who is the young boy that comes to live with Tony in season seven?

When some folks from his old neighborhood couldn't take care of little Billy anymore, Tony brought the child to live with him and Angela. By the next season, Billy was gone so producers could focus on the relationship between Angela and Tony more thoroughly.


What career did Tony decide on while in college?

After spending some time as a student teacher, Tony decided that teaching was the right career for him. After graduation, he took a job teaching science.


What issue does Tony get to speak to the Senate about?

After seeing a retired baseball star struggle in his old age, Tony takes up the cause of health care rights for seniors. Eventually, he gets the opportunity to testify before the U.S. Senate and takes the entire family on a trip to Washington, D.C., in the season seven finale.


Where does Tony propose to Angela?

After a friend of his dies, Tony decides to seize the day and propose to Angela on a trip to a ski resort. She turns him down, however, arguing that he is proposing for all the wrong reasons.


Who does Sam marry?

Sam marries boyfriend Hank -- who was in medical school but decides he'd rather be a puppeteer -- in season eight.


Where does Tony move in the series finale?

In the three-part series finale, "Savor the Veal," Tony takes a teaching contract in Iowa. Angela decides to leave her job for a year to be with him, but eventually decides that living in Iowa isn't for her.


True or false: Tony and Angela marry at the end of the series.

The series increasingly focused on the relationship between Angela and Tony as the seasons progressed, but the pair don't end up married by the end. Instead, the ending is left up in the air, though the pair are still in love by the series finale.


True or false: The show was originally going to be called "You're the Boss."

In her memoir, Alyssa Milano writes about auditioning for a show called "You're the Boss." Producers decided to focus more on the tension between Tony and Angela by changing the title to a question instead of a statement.


True or false: Mona was originally supposed to be Angela's sister.

It's hard to imagine "Who's the Boss," without Angela's crazy mother Mona around, but the character was originally supposed to be an older sister, not a mother. Casting issues and the strength of Katherine Helmond's audition convinced producers that making Mona the mother was the way to go.


Which of these shows was a "Who's the Boss?" spin-off?

The show "Living Dolls" featured Leah Remini as one of Sam Micelli's friends who began a modeling career. The 1989 series also featured a young Halle Berry.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Who's the Boss?" ran for 196 episodes over eight seasons, from 1984 to 1992, and left viewers guessing on the fate of the Tony-Angela love story.


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