How Much of Your Brain Do You Really Use?

Teresa McGlothlin

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According to science, there's no such thing as left-brained or right-brained. While different sectors of your brain are working hard, the other parts are working in supportive roles. No matter which side of your brain is doing the most work, how much of your total brain are you actually using during any given day? 

If you go to bed tired from thinking every night, there's a good chance that you use more of your brain than the average person. Once you answer our questions about the way your brain works, the things it thinks about and your best abilities, we will be able to give you a concrete percentage about the amount of your grey matter you are putting to work. Are you truly as brainy as you think you are, or is your body doing more of the work than you imagined?

 When you read our questions, try not to overthink before you answer. Let your brain do the most natural thing it does, and gravitate towards the option that represents you best. After you've finished, we'll tally up your responses, and we'll let you know how much of your 8-pound brain you're really using! How much will it be?

What is your first thought when you wake up?

What do you daydream about at work?

Do you prefer working with numbers or with words?

How would your coworkers describe your brain power?

Do you think you are smarter than anyone else?

If you were the boss, how would you handle things?

Do you use a lot of big words?

Which of these animals do you think is smartest?

Are you more left-brained or right-brained?

Which of these snack foods does your brain crave most often?

How do you snap yourself out of a bad mood?

Do you enjoy doing crossword puzzles?

How much of nerd do you think you are?

Which of your traits out rules all the others?

What does your brain fear the most?

Which of these fields is your brain more geared toward?

Do you ever think with your heart?

Would you agree with being called a procrastinator?

Which of your senses is the strongest one?

Did you enjoy being a student?

What kind of advice would your friends say you give?

Which of these virtues is most important to you?

How would you sum up your sense of humor?

When you are sleepy, how do you keep yourself awake?

Do you calculate prices in your head?

What are you like during rush hour traffic?

How often do you post your opinions on social media?

When something is wrong, do you speak up?

Do you read more books or more magazines?

What is the smartest thing you've ever done?

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