How Normal Are Your Everyday Habits?

Mark Lichtenstein

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When you think of the word "normal," what does it even mean? What about the things you do every day, are they normal? Do you get up in the morning and go about your day, just like everyone else does? Maybe you feel that you are normal, or perhaps you feel like you are living the sort of life that is different than pretty much everyone else, but who really knows? 

Your perception of what normal is might be different than someone else's. Just about everyone has habits and a daily routine that they follow once that alarm clock goes off. Wait, you use an alarm clock, right? Normal people do!

And by the way, don't worry about whether you are normal or whether you aren't. All of us are different, some of us just like to show it more than others do. To be normal really just means that you do the same sort of things that others do around you, so what is normal in your country, might be totally weird someplace else. 

So let your freak flag fly! Or don't, and just be normal. Either way, take this quiz to find out where you stand on the normal scale.

Which best describes you waking up in the morning?

Which best describes your morning ablutions?

Which best describes your breakfast?

Which best describes your reading material for your morning commute?

Which best describes your smartphone habits on your morning commute?

Which best describes your manner of dress during the work week?

When do you arrive at work?

How do you commute to work?

Which best describes your work tools?

Which best describes your behavior around your work colleagues?

Which best describes your behavior around your boss?

Which best describes your lunch routine?

Which best describes your relationship to your actual daily work?

What's your afternoon like when you get back to work from lunch?

Do you ever do work lunches?

When do you depart from work?

How do you commute home?

What time do you get home?

What's the first thing you do upon crossing the threshold of your home?

Do you change your clothes when you get home?

What do you do once you've relaxed a little and settled into your home?

Do you usually cook or order in?

What do you do while dinner is getting ready?

What do you do while you're eating?

What do you do after dinner?

How late do you stay up?

Do you use any time in the evening to work on your passions?

Do you have to spend any of your evenings alone to work on something?

Are your extracurricular interests socially acceptable?

When do you go to bed?

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