How Passionate Are You?

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Can a relationship thrive without passion? It's hard to say. Indeed, a good friendship doesn't require passion, at least not of the same kind that a romantic one does. So what is it that sets the fires of passion burning and then keeps them burning? What makes them more bright in some than others and what is it that seems to snuff them right out? The thing is, none of those are easy questions to answer.

Passion is fickle sometimes, and it's not wholly the purview of just one person. Your passion is often very reactive, very dependant on another person and how that person makes you feel. But make no mistake, it does begin with you. You have to have that core of passion inside, that spark that makes you fiery and alive and more or less invested in a relationship whether it be a lifetime commitment or just a fling for an evening.

If you want to know what kind of passion you're dealing with deep down inside, you could always wait until you meet someone honest enough to dig into it with you or you could answer a few questions and find out your truth right here and now. Take the quiz and see!

Sometimes passion needs inspiration. How often do you go someplace totally new with someone on a date?

Are you a fan of PDA or do you keep that under wraps when you're out and about?

If we took a look in your closet right now at some of your favorite clothes for trying to impress that special someone, what color would we see most often?

Is love at first sight a real thing or just a fantasy?

Would you rather have a quiet night at home or go out dancing?

Has anyone ever complimented your kissing skills?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling excited about your day no matter what?

What's a fun date idea for you?

Which gesture conveys more intimacy to you?

If your partner suggested skinny dipping out of the blue, would you be down?

Do you ever overindulge in anything?

Of the Seven Deadly Sins, of which one are you most guilty?

How many times do you think you've truly been in love?

When you go to a concert, are you front and center screaming at the band?

When you're planning a steamy night, do you like to make use of anything, like some drinks or legal smoking herbs?

If you haven't seen your partner in a while, are you a hug and catch up kind of person or a tear their clothes off kind of person?

What's more sensual, chocolate or strawberries?

How outspoken are you when it comes to telling a partner what you want in bed?

Would you ever get a little frisky in public?

What do you rely on most to make your decisions?

If you were looking to meet someone new for a fling, where would you most likely go?

If you could travel back in time, what era would you visit to explore your passionate side?

No judgment here. What's the hottest creature in mythology?

Is there any chance if we were to scroll through your search history we'd find something dirty?

What's the most passionate yet acceptable thing you can do in public with another person?

What do you do when your passion starts to wane?

Have you ever sent a dirty text to someone?

Do people ever describe you as fiery?

With what kind of romantic gesture would you surprise your partner?

What's more exciting, your real life or your fantasy life?

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