How Ready Are You to DTR?

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The start of a relationship is always the most exciting part. Fiery romances and butterflies are the best, but how do you know if you are ready to take the next step? Committing to a relationship is a serious thing for everyone involved. You are signing up to meet the family, spend tons of your free time with their friends and do the things they love to do, even if you hate them. But if it's right, those "chores" feel like blessings when you get to spend all your time with that girl or guy you're falling for. 

But there's more to consider than the initial rainbows and butterflies. From cooking for them to spending all your extra cash on gifts for them, it is hard work making someone else happy. There will be fights and disagreements about major life decisions. There will be stress and communication problems that seem impossible to work through. All of the sudden, that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't seem so perfect anymore, and you begin to wonder if they were right for you all along. However, when it's worth it, being in a relationship is one of the most rewarding, life-changing parts of life. So let's figure this out together, shall we? How ready are you to DTR? 

Have you gone on a real date with this person?

Have you met the person's friends?

Have you met their family yet?

Has this person met your family?

Have you been to a concert or sporting event together?

Do you two text every single morning?

Have you pet or house sat for this person?

Have you left a toothbrush at their place?

Do you share clothes with each other?

Have you cooked them dinner?

Have you binge-watched a Netflix series together?

Do you talk about the future?

Do you know if they want children someday?

Does this person already have children?

Have you talked about getting married someday? Not necessarily to each other, but just as a subject of conversation.

Do you know their favorite food?

Have you ever seen this person cry?

Have you told your friends about the person you've been talking to?

Would you want your future children to be like this person?

Are you attracted to them?

Do you compare this person to your exes?

Do you know how this person handles stress?

Do you ever get annoyed with them?

Do you have similar interests?

Were your childhoods similar?

Have you hooked up with this person?

Do you daydream about them?

Are you texting and flirting with anyone else?

Does your best friend approve?

If this was the last person you ever dated, would you be OK with that?

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