How Smart Is Your Dog?

Ian Fortey

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According to statistics, there are nearly 90 million dogs in America, which is more than double the entire population of humans in Canada. That's a lot of pups. 

And no doubt, if you've met more than, say, four of those dogs, you know that every pup has a unique personality, and some are more on the ball than others. After all, some dogs can be trained to aid law enforcement, sniff out cancer or find people who have been lost after disasters. Dogs can do amazing things. 

Then there are the dogs who get lost trying to go from the kitchen to the living room. Sure, some of it is based on who trained the dog and how, but is that all of it? Like some people, some dogs just seem not to be good at thinking so well sometimes. That's not meant to be an insult — your dog is still probably really great even if it's not the brightest bulb on the tree. You just need to be honest. Not every dog is a Rover Einstein.

Where do you think your dog fits on the scale? Furry genius or butt-sniffing disappointment? If you want to find out, then tell us about that pup. We'll let you know if they make the grade. We promise not to be too ruff on them.

Your dog knows its name, right?

How many commands can your dog follow on the first try?

If your dog sees a cat across the street, what is it going to do?

Would your dog make a good guard dog?

Is your dog disciplined enough to play fetch?

Does your dog like to play with the other pups at the dog park?

How would your dog do on an agility course?

When you take the dog out for a walk, who leaves the house first when you open the door?

How often does your dog have accidents in the house?

If your dog was a cartoon pooch, which one would it be?

Where does your dog sleep at night?

What kind of diet is your pup on?

Is your dog a barker?

When your pup is on the leash, does it pull off in whatever direction it wants to go?

How is your dog during a thunderstorm?

What does your dog do when a guest comes into your home?

How does your dog let you know it's time to go out?

If you call your dog from another room, will it come right away?

Does your dog try to chase squirrels or birds when it's outside?

Can your dog go off-leash at the beach?

If you're having some tasty burgers for dinner, will your dog beg for some?

Has your dog ever gotten aggressive with a person?

If you hid your dog's favorite toy, how long would it take for your dog to find it again?

If you want to teach your dog a trick, like rolling over, how long is it going to take for them to get it down?

What do you think your dog does when you're not home?

Does your dog have a favorite flavor that you're aware of?

Which of these toys would your dog be most likely to grab if they had the option?

How many walks a day do you go on with your dog?

Does your dog like other animals that aren't dogs?

How long can your dog play, when given the chance?

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