How Street Smart Are You?

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Some people are book smart, some are street smart and some lucky souls are both. While book smarts are, unsurprisingly, considered the gold standard of intelligence by academics, street smarts are essential for living a functional life. It's no good writing your magnum opus if you leave your laptop on the train and then get mugged for the wallet containing your backup flash drive!

A street smart person has high emotional and situational intelligence. They know when bad guys are about to kick off and start something. They know when to stand up for themselves and when they're in over their head and need to exit. They are always alert, but not to the point of freaking out for no reason. They can spot who's dangerous, but equally important, they know who isn't (and they don't let prejudices picked up from wider culture make that decision). They have photocopies of important identity documents at their mom's house, a GPS tracker on their phone and they're always wearing or carrying a pair of shoes fit to flee in an emergency. They have an awareness of their position on the map, and if their planned route home doesn't pan out, they always know an alternative—and if that means walking a few miles, well, if they're physically capable of doing so, they'll do it (and if they're not, you can bet they have a plan for that, too). 

Does this sound like you, or are you at a loss in the urban jungle? Let's find out!

Do you have headphones on at night?

Do you always have enough cash on you to get home if you absolutely had to?

If someone mugs you at knifepoint, what do you do?

You think you are being followed. What's the best way to be sure?

On the subway, there is an open seat, but it's between two people manspreading into it. Can you get that seat?

From how far away can you typically identify that a crazy person is crazy?

What is the scariest time of day to be accosted in the street?

A guy decides to hit on you in an enclosed space like a subway or bus. Hardly anyone else is around. How do you signal that you are not interested?

Do you charge your phone every night?

How often do you wear shoes that you couldn't sprint 100 yards in?

What sort of bag do you typically carry?

Where on your person is your phone?

What security do you have on all your devices?

In an Uber-free area, do you always know the name or number of a cab company?

A woman comes up to you and says she just needs $5 for the bus. What's her deal?

A very nice man in a suit would like to give you a free piece of literature. What does he want?

You see someone start to cross the street without noticing a bus coming. What do you do?

Someone has fainted! What's going to happen now?

You are walking home when a fight spills out of a pub. Do you engage?

You are offered a free hotel room overseas with a friend. What is the first step to prepare?

In a foreign country, someone sliced open your bag and took your phone and wallet. What's your next step?

In a bar, you just got a new drink but need to go to the bathroom. What will you do?

You need to get cash. What's a step you'll never miss in making sure you do so safely?

You need emergency services while in Europe. What do you dial?

You are on line at the DMV when a person screams at you that you cut them in line. You didn't. What happens next?

Have you ever gone abroad on your own?

A person is walking their unbelievably adorable dog. How will you arrange things so that you get to pet it?

If your local subway or bus is shut down, do you know an alternate route to get home WITHOUT checking?

A heatwave has descended! What do you have with you at all times?

Which of the following quotes rings truest for you?

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