How Strong Is Your Faith?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

When the storms of life come blowing in, do you trust that everything will work out fine? After you finish this quiz, you'll know exactly how strong your faith in your beliefs are. You might think you are unshakable, but we can help you find out for sure. 

No matter what you might call your belief system, some are more committed to their faith than others. There's nothing wrong with calling any level of faithfulness a good thing, and everyone uses their faith in different ways. As we go through this quiz, we will ask you a series of questions designed to see exactly how much you trust your faith. 

The way you express your faith in yourself and your chosen beliefs is as unique as every personality on earth! Our questions will try to figure out how much you rely on your inner faith to get you through the rough patches of life regardless of how you practice it. You might find some of our questions a little strange, but you'll just have to trust us when we tell it that we have our reasons.

Practice your faith with us, and we'll let you know how strong it is! Are you ready? 

Are you more spiritual or religious?

Do you find yourself worrying a lot?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

How often do you attend services?

Do you read a lot of religious texts?

Which of the 12 disciples do you find most interesting?

How devout would you say you are?

Which religious city would you most like to visit?

Do you believe your dreams are trying to tell you something?

Do you ever check your horoscope?

Which word do you find most beautiful?

Do you friends often turn to you for advice?

Do you believe in prayer or meditation?

Which part of your personality is strongest?

How often do you lose your temper?

Could you survive 40 days in a whale's stomach?

Who do you consult about matters of faith?

Do you believe that you are lucky?

Which mythical creature is most fascinating?

Do you believe you have a guardian angel?

Are you more optimistic than pessimistic?

Which Biblical king do you find most powerful?

Do you tend to let conflicts play out?

How would your friends describe your heart?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you have a lot of compassion for others?

Do you think your coworkers find you helpful?

Do you try to practice mindfulness?

What makes you feel most fulfilled?

What do you find most motivating?

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