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We walk on it every day, so we aught to show it some more respect. Carpet has a colorful history, popular present and bright future, but how much do you about this functional yet decorative creature comfort?

Which U.S. government agency stipulates standards for carpeting in certain homes?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development stipulates minimum standards for the weight, density and twist of carpets used in HUD homes.


Most of the carpet purchased in the U.S. is made in which state?

Carpet mills in Georgia supply 90 percent of U.S. carpet needs.


How does carpet compare with other floor coverings in the level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions?

Independent data, as well as research conducted by the Carpet and Rug Institute, show that among all floor covering options, new carpet is the lowest emitter of VOCs.


When are you more likely to get a static electricity shock after walking across carpet?

Dry air, a condition of low humidity, allows your body to build up an imbalance of positive and negative charges. When you touch something, like another person, metal object or a light switch, you'll transfer your excess charge, resulting in a static electricity shock.


What type of carpet features many colors woven into an intricate design?

Axminster carpets can use up to 35 different colors to achieve an elaborate, woven pattern.


In addition to the Carpet and Rug Industry seal of approval, some carpet cleaners also get what?

To determine how much soil a cleaning product gets out of carpet, the testing agency uses X-ray fluorescence technology (XRF). Since XRF is a Certified Space Technology, the Space Foundation adds its seal to carpet cleaning products that its meet Seal of Approval program standards.


What safety advantage do wool carpets have over synthetic carpets?

Because they have a higher ignition temperature than synthetic fibers and low flame spread, wool carpets are fire-resistant. They tend to extinguish flames rather than burst into them.


Carpeting your home can ______.

Carpet may lower your energy bills. It's 53 percent more insulating than hard flooring.


Carpet has been shown to do what in schools?

Studies show that students learn better in carpeted classrooms. Carpet absorbs noise, makes rooms warmer and more inviting, improves indoor air quality and draws disease-spreading particles out of the air where they can be vacuumed away.


After installing new carpet in your house, what home fixtures may need adjusting?

You may need to trim the bottom of some doors to help them glide above new carpet if it's thick or high.


What's one advantage synthetic carpets have over wool carpets?

Synthetics have excellent resistance to mildew. Because wool carpets can absorb 10 times their weight in water, they're potential mold and mildew harbingers.


What are PET carpets made from?

PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is the plastic used for soda, juice and water bottles. PET carpets are made of this recycled plastic.


Most of the cost of carpet comes from what?

Eighty percent of a carpet's cost is fiber. Wool is the most expensive. Nylon is the highest priced synthetic fiber.


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of carpet padding?

Carpet padding puts a protective cushion between the carpet and the subfloor, as well as adding another layer of insulation to your floors.


Why do carpet pads come in different thicknesses?

Carpets need different levels of support. Carpets with large, wide loops, like berbers, need a firmer, thinner padding than most other carpets. Too much squish underfoot can stretch and tear carpet.


In some versions of the Aladdin legend, Aladdin has a special carpet. How does he use it?

Aladdin's carpet was enchanted to fly. He used it to make fast getaways.


Where did someone actually ride a flying carpet?

In 2009, astronaut Koichi Wakata rode a flying carpet in one of several zero-gravity experiments aboard the International Space Station.


If you are "called on the carpet," what's happening?

The original British meaning indicated that something was up for discussion or "on the table." However, the meaning changed in the U.S. during the early 1900s to indicate someone getting reprimanded or scolded by his superior, i.e. someone wealthy enough to own a carpet.


The red carpet is rolled out for whom?

Dating back to the Middle Ages, laying down a carpet was a gesture of respect for important guests. Laying down a precious cloak dyed red with the glands of tens of thousands murex sea snails was a sign of respect for conquering warriors. Eventually, the two traditions merged, creating the red carpet, which today is rolled out for heroes and VIPs.


Which royal figure was supposedly rolled up in a rug and smuggled into a palace?

During Julius Caesar's visit to Alexandria, Egypt, to mediate a royal spat between Ptolemy XIII and his sister, Cleopatra, the young would-be queen had a servant smuggle her into Caesar's apartments, rolled up in a rug presented to him as a gift.


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