Quiz: How Well Do Ya'll Know Your Southern Slang?
How Well Do Ya'll Know Your Southern Slang?
By: J.P. Naomi
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About This Quiz

Whether you're from the South or not, you might do well on this Southern Slang quiz. Let's get started to find out.

Just like any region, people in the South are notable for their unique way of expressing themselves. You may have picked up on some of these slang sayings, or you may have been born to speak the Southern way, but you've got to admit that each of these is unique, fun, and they don't always mean what they appear to mean on the surface.

For instance, "bless your heart," is a well known Southern phrase. On the surface, it appears that the speaker wishes the speaker a blessed heart... or, at the very least, a blessed day. Unfortunately, in the South, this phrase is not always as positive as it appears to be. In reality, the phrase "bless your heart," is typically used by Southerners as a somewhat sarcastic way to indicate that the speaker believes the speakee to be less than blessed with brains. So, if you're in the South, and you hear these words, try not to smile and say thank you. That will only show the speaker that you really aren't the brightest tool in the shed.

Ready to find out just how many of these Southern slang phrases you know? Take this quiz now.

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If you describe something as "purdy" in the South, it is _______.
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In the South, "fixin' to" means that you are ______.
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If you tell your friend, "let's skedaddle", what are you going to do?
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If something is "catty-corner" to you, which direction is it?
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If you order a 'Coke' in the South, which beverage did you just order?
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If your "eyeballs are floating" in the South, where should you go?
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In the South, who are "Mamaw and Papaw"?
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If you're with someone who "squeezes the quarter so tight the eagle screams," what type of person are they?
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If you have to hit the "commode", where are you going?
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If someone says, "As all get out", what do they mean?
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Somebody looking for ________ will tell you to "Give me some sugar."
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If you have a 'hissy' in the south, what just happened?
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If someone in the South is "knee-high to a grasshopper," they must be...
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If someone tells you to 'hold your horses,' they want you to...
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Everything will go as planned as long as "the _______ don't rise."
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If you're not off to a great start, a Southerner may say that you're "off like a herd of ________."
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If you're "playing possum" in the South, you are _______.
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When you "reckon" something, you ________.
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Northerners might call them "sneakers", but in the South, they're called _________.
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Pull out the __________ if you've made a mess!
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If you're "too big for your britches", you _________.
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If someone asks where are your "stompin' grounds," they want to know...
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Teenagers might get "gussied up" for this...
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If someone's been "hit with the ugly stick", you can expect them to be...
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If someone tells you to "poop or get off the pot," they're waiting for you to...
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If someone is a bit "uppity," they are a bit ________.
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Your "yapper" in the South refers this part of the body...
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"Well, I'll be a monkey's _______!"
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If you get the 'short end of the stick' in the South, what did you really get?
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“I can’t ride a bike any more, but I used to __________.”
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When you drive slowly to get a good look at a car crash or disabled vehicle on the side of the road, a Southerner may call you a ________.
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When you agree with your friend's opinion, you'd be a real Southerner to say __________.
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