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The 1970s were filled with a variety of slang words that were used to express approval, disapproval, compliments and insults to things and events. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 popular slang words from the 1970s.

If someone is "macking," that means they are relaxing or "taking it easy" for the day. For example, "I'm macking right now since I had a long day at work."

Other phrases are used to express rumors and gossip. For example, If I want the "lowdown" on someone or something, that means I want the details, and any relevant information. This can often be in the form of secrets or exaggerated truths as well. And speaking of the word "true," did you know that in the '70s, many people just used the word "tru?" Shortened phrases were popular during this generation, and even short words like "true" were no exception to more concise variations.

Many words were used to describe "cool" or "awesome" things as well. Some of these included "tough, "trippy" and "wango." Now that you've gone through some practice runs, it's time for the real-deal with this 35-question quiz on 1970s slang words. Try and score at least an 80% now!

If something is "sick," what does that mean?

If something is "sick," it means that it's cool or unique in nature. For example, "Dude, that car is so sick!"


If someone is "fake," they are being ...

If someone is being phony, they are being fake in personality. For example, "Stephanie is being so phony lately, I don't trust her anymore."


When is "far out" used?

"Far out" is usually used as a response to show agreement or mutual interest with something or someone. For instance, "Hey, I just got a new job!" "Far out dude!"


When would you use the phrase "in your face?"

Another way to "rub it in" that you've won an argument or bet is to say "in your face." For example, "I told you the Patriots would win the football game. In your face!"


Which of these phrases means "What's up?"

"Say bra/bro" is an informal way of saying "what's up?" For example, "Say bro, how are you doing today?"


What does it mean when someone says "See ya on the flipside?"

"See ya on the flipside" means "I'll see you later," which is a way of parting ways with someone. For example, "Thanks for the fun night; See ya on the flipside!"


If someone is being clumsy, they are being a ...?

If someone is being clumsy with things, they are being a "scooby." For example, "Don't be such a scooby, you keep dropping your car keys!"


Which of these words is used to describe an attractive person?

If someone is very attractive, one might say they are a "shick." For instance, "Look at that girl over there. What a shick!"


If you got "shucked," what does that mean?

If someone was tricked or fooled, they were "shucked" by someone or something. For instance, "Dude you just got shucked by that puzzle."


What's another way of saying "shut your mouth?"

"Sit on it" means to "shut your mouth" or "be quiet." For example, "Sit on it man, you're being so rude right now."


If I say, "This beer is slammin'," what does that mean?

If something is "slammin'," that means that it's really good or tasty. Another example would be, "This concert is slammin'!"


Which of the following is synonymous with "nerd?"

If someone is a "smack," they are nerdy or uncool in nature. An example would be, "Did you see that new kid? What a smack!"


"Smooth move" is considered to be an ...

When someone "slips up" on something, such as asking a guy/girl out, one might say "smooth move." For example, "Smooth move, John, now she'll never go out with you."


If I say, "That's a solid plan," what does that mean?

If I say "that's a solid plan," that means that I agree with the plan. Another example would be, "Those shoes are solid," which means I like the shoes.


Which of these words refers to a cigarette?

Another way of saying "cigarette" is to use the word "square." For instance, "Got a square man? I don't have any money to buy one."


If I am feeling "stoked" for the concert, I am feeling ...

If I'm feeling stoked for something, it means that I'm showing enthusiasm or excitement. For example, "I'm so stoked that I have off from work tomorrow!"


If something is not very good or strange in nature, you might say that it's ...

If something is "wack," it means that it's strange, unusual or not very good. For instance, "What a wack party, nobody is here!"


If I say that something is "bogus," what am I trying to say?

In an unfair situation, one might describe it as "bogus." For instance, "Dude you won by cheating, that's so bogus!"


"TCFS" stands for...?

"TCFS" stands for "too cool for school," and is often used to describe someone who thinks highly of themselves. For example, "I'm skipping school today man. TCFS!"


If something is "out of style," you might also say it's ...

If something is "old-school," that means that it's out of date or style and old-fashioned. For example, "Those shoes are so old-school."


Which of these words is synonymous with "to leave?"

Believe it or not, people used the word "truck" to "leave" a situation back in the '70s. For example, "Let's truck out of here, I'm bored."


If someone wants to "veg out" for the day, what does that mean?

To "veg out" means to chill or relax for the day, which may include activities like reading a book, playing games or sleeping. For example, "I only get one day off a week and I spend it by vegging out."


Someone who annoys other people is often called a ...

A grueler is someone who makes other people feel annoyed or uncomfortable. For example, "He's such a grueler, I can't stand being around him."


If I say "whatever" as a response, what do I really mean?

"I could care less" is synonymous with "whatever," and is usually dismissive in nature. For instance, "Honey, can you wash your hands before dinner?" "Whatever."


What does the phrase "ya ya" mean?

"Ya ya" is to mutually agree with someone, and often means "OK, I get it." For example, "Honey can you take the trash out?" "Ya ya..."


If someone is acting obnoxious or weird, you might say they are _______.

"Zappy" means that someone is acting weird or obnoxious in nature, which can often annoy others. For example, "Stop being so zappy man or I'm going to leave!"


If someone is a "fox," what does that mean?

If someone is a "fox," it means they are "hot" or "cute" in appearance. For example, "That girl is such a fox, I want to ask her out."


"Cazh" is a shortened version of...?

Another way of saying "casual" is to just shorten it with "cazh." For example, "Hey man, you're looking real cazh today with those fuzzy sweatpants."


If someone is a "rah rah," they are...?

To be lame or uncool in nature is to be a "rah rah." For instance, "Did you see what that new kid was wearing? What a rah rah!"


Another way of saying "I'm pregnant" is to say...?

Believe it or not, another way of saying "I'm pregnant" or "she's pregnant" is to say, "the rabbit died." For instance, "Dude did you hear about Stacy? The rabbit died."


What does "pardy hardy" mean?

If someone says "pardy hardy," that means they want to keep partying until the early morning hours. For example, "Hey man, I'm tired. You wanna go?" "No way, pardy hardy!"


Someone who is always scared is a ...

If someone is a "pansy," that means they get scared very easily. For instance, "Dude, Matt is such a pansy, you can't watch any horror movie with him!"


If someone is like a "brother" to you, what does that mean?

If someone is a "brother" to you, it means they are a really good friend. For example, "Hey brother, can you give me a hand with these tools?"


If I say "No way, Jose," what does that mean?

If you disagree or disapprove of someone or something, you might say the phrase "no way, Jose!" For instance, "Hey, you wanna study together later?" "No way, Jose!"


If I want you to "mellow out," I want you to ...

To "mellow out" means to chill or calm down. For instance, "Hey man, just mellow out, OK? You're acting too stressed."


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