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The '80s were a time of slap bracelets, VHS tapes, phone cords and slang words that described situations that were "cool" or "uncool" in nature. These slang words were also used to describe friends, food and fancy items.

Let's take a look at some '80s slang words to warm you up for this quiz. "S'up" is a shortened version of "What's up" and is used as an informal greeting. For instance, "S'up Kathy, how are you doing today?"

Another popular '80s phrase was "swirly," which referred to aggressively putting another person's head in the toilet. The toilet was then flushed to create a "swirly" effect. An example sentence would be "Dude, let's give Matt a swirly for being such a nerd."

Other words were used to describe feelings of love. "Sprung" was one of these words, and was often used in the context of high school and college crushes. For example, "I am so sprung over Steven, he's so cute!"

This quiz will look at 35 different slang words that were popular in the '80s. Do you think you know what words like "spazzing," "spangler" and "skitch" mean? Try your luck with this quiz to see how well you do!

If I say "That party was deadly," what do I mean?

If someone uses the word "deadly" with regards to an event, they are trying to say that it's cool in nature. Another example would be "That football game was deadly."


If I call someone a "ditz," what does that mean?

If I call someone a "ditz," I"m trying to say that they are unintelligent. This is typically used as an insult, which is also synonymous with "air head."


If I say "This concert is going to be so dyno," what am I trying to say?

The word "dyno" is used to express great enthusiasm for an event or an object. For example, "Disneyland is going to be so dyno!"


If someone "just got faced," this means that ...?

If someone lost an argument or a battle, someone else might say, "Dude, you just got faced." It's a way to rub it in that the person lost.


If someone tells me "Your shoes are so flash," what does that mean?

A way of expressing interest in an event or an object is by using the word "flash," which is another way of saying "cool" or "awesome." For instance, "That car is so flash."


When is the phrase "barf me out" used?

When someone wants to show distaste in something, they will often use the phrase "barf me out." For example, "Ugh John got promoted instead of me? Barf me out."


If something is "gnarly," what does that mean?

The '80s used many words to describe "cool" things, and "gnarly" was one of them. For example, "Your surfing skills are so gnarly."


If someone has to "motor" from an event, what does that mean?

The opposite of "stay" is "to leave," which is exactly what the word "motor" implies. For instance, "I've got to motor from this party, I have school in the morning."


If you want someone to calm down, you might tell them to ...?

"Take a chill pill" is another way of telling someone to calm down from something. For example, "Girl, so what if you broke a nail? You can get that fixed. Take a chill pill."


If someone asks you "What's your damage?" what do they really mean?

"What's your damage" means "What's gotten into you?" This is often used when someone is acting crazy or irrational.


Which of these phrases is used as a compliment?

"Phat" is used as a compliment to show interest or approval in something. For instance, "Those jeans are so phat."


If someone is acting overLY dramatic, which of these phrases would you use?

"Don't have a cow" is used to tell someone to stop being overly emotional or overly dramatic. For example, "I know he broke up with you, but that was 2 months ago. Don't have a cow!"


What is the meaning of the phrase "no duh?"

"No duh" is also synonymous with "duh," which are used to say "obviously." For example, "No duh, you shouldn't go out with the same guy that dumped you the first time."


Which of the following is the meaning of the phrase "not even."

Showing disinterest, disapproval or a disagreement with someone or something is often met with the phrase "not even." For example, "Do you think my mom is a good cook?" "Not even."


"Word" is used as a response, to show ...?

If you want to agree with someone, you might just say "word." For example, "Hey man, I loved that party last night." "Word."


If I say "later" to you, what does that mean?

"See you later" is another way of saying "bye." This is an informal approach that is often used with close friends and family.


If something is "mad" cool, what do you think that means?

The word "mad" is used as an emphasis for expressing something that is "very" cool. For example, "That concert was mad cool last night!"


If someone is acting crazy or weird, which of these phrases would you probably use?

If someone is acting crazy or weird, one might describe them as "mental." This is used as an insult to express distaste for someone.


Which of these phrases is an affirmative response?

Another way of saying "OK" or "yes" in agreement is by saying "most definitely." For instance, "Are you going to the club tonight?" "Most definitely!"


Another word for "no" is ...?

Sometimes "no" might sound too harsh, so someone might instead say "no can do." For example, "Hey, you want to hang out tomorrow?" "No can do, I have to work."


If someone is not very good at a video game, one might refer to them as a ...?

One way of telling a person that they aren't very good at a video game is by using the word "noob." For example, "Dude you got no kills in this game, you're such a noob!"


A clique of friends is called a ...?

A posse refers to a clique of friends. For example, "Let me ask my posse what they want to do tonight."


If someone has to vomit, they have to ...?

In this context, "Ralph" is not a name, but a way of saying "vomit" or "throw up." For example, "Dude, I have to ralph right now."


If something is "shibby," what does that mean?

"Shibby" is another way of saying that something is cool. For example, "Your hair is so shibby."


If I say "shut up" as a response, what do I actually mean?

To react to something in disbelief, or in shock, one might say "shut up" as a response. For example, "I got fired from work today." "Shut up!"


If I say "That shirt is so '70s," what does that mean?

If something is out-of-date, or has gone out of style, one might use the word "so" in conjunction with a year. For example, "Her hair is so 60's."


Which of the following is synonymous with "airhead?"

If someone is a space cadet, that means that they are an "airhead," or not a very intelligent person. For example, "Tiffany is such a space cadet with how she talks."


To "sport" something is to...?

To sport something is to wear something. For instance, "Look at that guy and how he's sporting that new jacket!"


Which of these phrases means to "back off?"

To "step off" means to "back off" from someone or something. For example, "Step off man, you're being a jerk."


If someone is a "wannabe," they are a ...?

"Tinkerbilly" is actually an '80s British word for "wannabe." For example, "That girl follows us everywhere, what a tinkerbilly!"


Which of these words means "cool?"

Another word for "cool" is "trunkicular." For example, "That hat is totally trunkicular!"


"'Za and brew" is another way of saying...?

"'Za and brew" means "pizza and beer." For example, "Hey man, you wanna go out for some 'za and brew tonight?"


What does "Yello" refer to?

"Yello" not only rhymes with "hello," but it actually means "hello" as well. For example, "Yello Jeff, how's it going?"


When would someone use the word "yikes?"

When an accident happened, one might use the word "yikes" to describe the situation, or as a response. For example, "Yikes, I spilled water on my shirt!"


To express shock in a situation, one might use the word...?

When someone is at a loss for words, or in total shock, they might just say "Whoa." For example, "Whoa, did you just see that fancy car?!"


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