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"Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal." - George Will

Maybe it's the warm spring weather at the start of the season, maybe it's the feeling of unity behind the hometown team or maybe it's simply the sound of a ball coming off the end of a bat; but there's is something special about the game of baseball. There's no doubt about it. When fans and players gather for a game of baseball, it creates an experience that everyone can enjoy. That's why we call it America's pastime. 

Of course, for the game of baseball to be truly enjoyable, it requires an understanding between everyone in the stadium, an understanding built around years of tradition and compliance where unspoken rules are the norm. These rules, for better or worse, make up baseball etiquette, which is as important to a game as hot dogs and chewing gum. That's why it's important to know your baseball etiquette before you attend a game. 

Do you think you are prepared? Do you know how to respect the game that's beloved by all? Why not take this quiz and find out? Get started and put that knowledge of baseball etiquette to the ultimate test!

If an outfielder is coming on or off the field, where should they avoid walking?

In the earliest years of baseball, a pitcher's box was used over a mound. The box allowed pitchers to throw a run-up pitch, where they ran forward before releasing the ball.


What should you do during the national anthem?

The national anthem has become a source of conflict in the NFL. Players have been using it as a way to protest against social injustice, while management believes the protests are turning fans away.


If your team is down, when should you leave?

The greatest comeback in MLB history is 12 runs. The last time it was accomplished was in 2001 by the Cleveland Indians.


What should you never talk about if there's a chance of it happening during a game?

The first no-hitter recognized by MLB was thrown by Joe Borden in 1875. Strangely, Borden only played two seasons of professional baseball.


A batter should NOT do what after hitting the ball?

Barry Bonds holds the home run record for a career in the majors. However, his association with steroids has led many to question if he deserves the record.


What should fans avoid using while at baseball games?

In Colorado, fans support their baseball team. In fact, the Rockies hold the single-season home attendance record, as an average of 55,000 fans came to their games in 1993.


What should you NOT do if you hit a home run?

Around 1920, a new era of baseball started where more home runs were hit than ever. It became known as the live-ball era.


A pitcher should NOT show his frustration if a fielder does what?

No player committed more errors during their career than Herman Long. Playing from 1889 until 1904, he averaged over one error a game.


Don't do what while the opposing pitcher is throwing a no-hitter?

Traditionally, sacrifice bunts have been used to get runners closer to home plate. However, in MLB, this play results in an out 96% of the time.


Who should a pitcher hand the ball to if they're being pulled?

Over the years, the Yankees had some of the greatest managers in the history of baseball. Arguably the greatest was Joe McCarthy, who holds the MLB record for highest winning percentage by a manager.


What should a batter NOT steal from a catcher?

Catchers are often in charge of deciding what pitch is going to be thrown. The pitcher can, of course, wave the catcher off if he thinks another pitch would be better.


Who should fans tip at baseball games?

Food is a tradition at baseball games. Popular foods include hotdogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks.


Which roster player should stay quiet unless asked something?

Most baseball players make their way through the minor leagues before they make their MLB debut. Some players spend years in the minors before finally getting their shot.


What should you NOT shout at a baseball game?

During game 5 of the 1959 World Series, 92,706 screaming fans showed up to watch the White Sox play the Dodgers. This is still the largest World Series attendance on record.


Who are the only fans who should be wearing gloves?

The Oakland Athletics share their stadium, the second largest in MLB, with the Raiders of the NFL. The stadium has a 55,945 seating capacity. The Raiders, however, are en route to Las Vegas.


What should you not do when you're ahead?

Rickey Henderson holds the MLB record for stolen bases. He was also the AL stolen base leader for 12 seasons.


No one likes which type of fan at a baseball game?

The largest win in modern MLB history was set by the Rangers in 2007 against the Orioles. The final score of the game was 30-3.


What should fans talk about during a game?

There is one fan base that certainly enjoys talking about their team. That's the Yankees, but it makes sense considering the team has won 27 World Series titles.


What should you do if someone has a lucky pair of socks?

Baseball is full of strange superstitions. One of the strangest comes from Jason Giambi, who believed that wearing a gold thong helped him get out of a hitting slump.


When else should you NOT steal bases?

Lou Brock is second behind Rickey Henderson for stolen bases. However, Brock has nearly 500 fewer stolen bases than Henderson.


What celebration has become polarizing in recent years?

Baseball is full of fan traditions, like singing "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway Park. However, recently, "The Wave" has been deemed distracting by many fans and owners. It still has its defenders, though.


What should a runner on base NOT do during a 3-0 count?

No player was walked more during their career than Barry Bonds. From his debut in 1986 until his retirement in 2007, Bonds was walked 2,558 times.


If a pitcher is pulled, what should he do?

Nolan Ryan was one pitcher who was rarely pulled from a game. That's one reason he holds the career strikeouts record.


What should you NOT say to an umpire?

When baseball started, only one umpire called a game. The single umpire stood behind home plate, where he made judgement calls.


What should no player step on?

The baseline from one base to another is the same distance for all bases, making a perfect square. In MLB, the baseline is 90 feet between bases.


When should a fan NOT talk smack?

The 1916 Philadelphia Athletics recorded the least amount of wins in modern MLB history with 36. They finished 54 and a half games behind first place.


The upcoming batter should NOT walk in front of who?

Catchers are seen as the brains of the defense. They are primarily responsible for communicating with the pitcher and protecting home plate.


If you're bringing a very small child to the game, where should they sit?

The MLB has no specific rules on whether children under 1 or 2 years old need their own tickets. However, it's generally accepted that if a child is small enough and does not have their own ticket, they should sit on your lap.


What should you do during an at bat if you're a fan?

One of the greatest batters to ever step in the batter's box was Hank Aaron. He set the home run record before the steroid era began in baseball.


Who has the right to a fly ball in the outfield?

The best outfielders are able to snag the ball before it goes over the fence for a home run. Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the best at this, which is one reason he won ten Gold Glove Awards during his career.


If you have two outs, don't steal which base?

In 1887, Hugh Nicol stole 138 bases during the season. That's still an MLB record.


If you're a fan, don't wear which team's jersey?

Dodgers Stadium is the largest stadium in MLB. It holds 56,000 cheering fans.


Where should you NOT play catch before a game?

Therapists view a game of catch as a good form of relationship building between parents and children. It not only connects the two participants but also builds a child's self-worth.


Where should a batter wait while a pitcher warms up?

One of the greatest batters of all-time was Pete Rose, who holds the record for most career hits. Rose's reputation took a hit itself when he was involved in a gambling scandal which has kept him out of the Hall of Fame.


Do NOT boo what if you're a fan of the team?

Not all MLB records are positive ones. For example, Reggie Jackson holds the career strikeout record with 2,597 strikeouts.


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