Quiz: How Well Do You Know “Bonanza”?
How Well Do You Know “Bonanza”?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Wiki Commons by NBC Television

About This Quiz

Cowboys, gold, the wild frontier – sounds like a winner for a TV show, and the proof was in the pudding (or the goldmines of the wild, wild west. The iconic TV show “Bonanza” came out to eventually steal the hearts of TV viewers far and wide, and it didn’t even matter if you were a kid or a senior citizen. Something about watching the Cartwrights running the Ponderosa Ranch and getting into adventures seemed to grab people in a way that would make you scratch your head given the sitcom typically was about a more “traditional” family with a focus on, well, family! 

Nevertheless, the show lasted quite a while – through an alarming 14 seasons -- until eventually, progress took hold and more of those “urban” shows we know of, like “All in the Family,” started making marks. Still to this day, though, we have plenty of “Bonanza” freaks out there. Shows back in that day carried with them loyal fan bases – hence such classics like “Star Trek” and “Green Acres.” But “Bonanza”? Are you the top fan in the world for this show? Prove it! Take this test to see just how well you know the show even beyond that of the characters and episodes!

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Based on the setting, the Cartwrights would’ve had a famous neighbor in history. Who would that neighbor be?
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Lorne Greene was well known for his deep and imposing voice, which gave him what iconic nickname?
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Michael Landon got his name from somewhere very special. Where?
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Which famous musician watched Bonanza regularly?
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What was the name of the Cartwrights’ magnetic and appealing family cook?
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Dan Blocker died all too soon, forcing the showrunners to sadly deal with the disappearance of his character. How did Blocker die?
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Which film was Blocker up for besides Bonanza?
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Which famous character almost had a part on the show?
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Which famous guitarist popularized the Bonanza theme song?
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Actor Ray Teal played a secondary role as Sheriff Roy Coffee for how many episodes?
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How much did Blocker weigh when he was six years old?
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During the first season, the show was in danger of being canceled. What saved it?
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Believe it or not, but “Bonanza” had a different show title for a year. What was that title?
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What story model did the producers try to follow for the show?
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Which actor in the main cast actually had to wear heels on set?
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What year did the Bonanza cast release a special Christmas music album?
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Which actor in the main cast had serious issues with the show?
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What other forms of transportation did the Cartwrights endorse besides horses?
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How many TV specials aired following the eventual cancellation?
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Besides “Battlestar Galactica,” which other well-known show did Lorne Greene star in?
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