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The streets of New York are safe under the watch of the 99th Precinct! The show includes a talented cast and interesting and comedic storylines that always keep fans coming back for more. Did you know that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is so popular that after word of the show's cancellation, another network picked it up?

Do you know where Jake and Raymond were relocated after taking part in the Witness Protection Program? Do you know which special occasion is always celebrated on each season of the show? Can you name the infamous Pontiac Bandit? No question is off-limits here for the ultimate "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan!

Do you what rank Amy gets promoted to? Do you know which character disappeared after their appearance on the pilot episode? Can you name the two members of the squad who had their parents get married to each other? Do you know who the jokester of the squad is? Make sure you know your stuff about the characters and their stories to ace this quiz!

The show has proved its popularity through ratings and awards as well as its millions of fans. So, do you think you have what it takes to prove you're the ultimate "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan? Take the quiz to test your knowledge!

Where did Terry once live when pursuing a college education?

Terry lived in Japan when he was in college. His intention for going there was to learn Japanese, until he met a girl he fell in love with and things went wrong.


What hidden talent did Terry have?

Terry had a hidden artistic talent that nobody knew about. In Season One, his talents are shown when he fills in for sketch artist who was off sick.


Which member of the squad likes to stay in the office rather than in the line of fire?

Terry would rather stay in the office than go out into the field. This is because he fears that he will be killed and that his children will grow up without a father.


Who disappeared after the pilot of the show and was never seen again?

Detective Daniels made his first and last appearance on the show in the pilot episode. After, and without explanation, he was never seen in the show again.


Who is the jokester of the precinct?

Jake is the jokester of the precinct, often being thought of as childish. He loves a good time and making the best out of situations with a little light-hearted humor.


What is Jake's favorite movie?

Jake's favorite movie is "Die Hard". Throughout the series, Jake often references lines, moments and people from the franchise.


Which member of the precinct often uses pseudonyms?

Rosa Diaz uses multiple pseudonyms to keep from revealing any information about herself. She talks about this in season three.


Which member of the squad was almost married in Season Two?

Rosa was almost married in Season Two to Marcus. Before the wedding could happen, the two got cold feet and called everything off.


What happened at Jake and Amy's wedding in Season Five?

Jake and Amy's wedding was the subject of a bomb threat that almost ended their fun. They were able to find a way to get married after all thanks to their good friend Charles.


Who plays the role of Gina Linetti?

Chelsea Peretti played the role of Gina. Did you know that Gina and Jake were childhood friends who grew up with one another?


What number is the precinct in the show?

The precinct is the 99th precinct in the show. Precinct is another word for "division" and used mostly in reference to a police force.


What other show shares the same producer with "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"?

"Parks & Recreation" and "Brooklyn Nine- Nine" were both produced by Michael Schur. This explains why the two shows both have the same signature style.


What did Charles receive after being shot?

Charles received the NYPD Medal for Valor after he was shot. He had saved another member of the force, Diaz, from being shot.


Where was Charles' adopted son from?

Charles' adopted son is from Latvia. The name of their adopted son was Nikolaj and he was four years old when they adopted him.


What is Gina's job in the precinct?

Gina is the administrator for the precinct. She loves her phone and is usually found playing on it when she should probably be hard at work!


Who did Amy get married to?

Amy got married to Jake at the end of Season Five. The two were also engaged earlier in the same season, during the Halloween episode.


Which member of the precinct had their car stolen?

Raymond's car was stolen by George Judy. After learning about the unfortunate fate of his beloved car, he was gifted a new one.


Is it true or false that two of Terry's daughters are named after a television show?

This is true. Terry's daughters are named Cagney and Lacey, after the television show, "Cagney & Lacey". He also has one other daughter and a son.


Who held Thanksgiving for everyone at the precinct?

In Season One, Amy held Thanksgiving dinner for the entire precinct. She also had other motives such as talking to Raymond about work-related matters.


How many brothers does Amy have?

Amy has seven brothers, although only one of her brother's names is known. His name is Tony Santiago and he was mentioned briefly in one episode.


Who is hit by a bus in Season Four?

Gina was hit by a bus when reading a text. She thankfully lived through it and shortly after, once she had recovered, she found out that she was pregnant.


What was "giggle pig"?

Giggle pig is the name of a drug in Season Two. The team was after the leader of the giggle pig operation, who Doug tips off.


Which two members of the squad had their parents marry each other?

Charles and Gina's parents married each other in Season Two. The wedding almost never happened because of Charles' father almost backing out!


Who leaves at the end of Season Two?

Raymond leaves at the end of Season Two. He had received a promotion that would mean his departure from the precinct, although he tried to stop it.


Who passed away at the beginning of Season Three?

Captain Dozerman passed away by the means of a heart attack. The cause was witnessing Jake and Amy kiss and he also tried to stop their relationship.


Which actor plays the role of Jake Peralta?

Andy Samberg plays the role of Jake Peralta, who is a detective at the 99th precinct. Did you know that he was cast shortly after leaving "SNL?"


Which of the following people have guest starred on the show?

Adam Sandler made a guest appearance on the show as himself. Did you know that Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn?


Who gave birth in Season Three?

Terry's wife, Sharon, gave birth in Season Three. She gave birth to the couple's third daughter and they named her Ava.


Where are Jake and Raymond relocated to at the end of Season Three?

Jake and Raymond are relocated to Florida as part of the Witness Protection Program. They become neighbors, but use different names in their new home.


Who is the Pontiac Bandit?

Doug Judy, George Judy's brother, is known as the Pontiac Bandit. He got the name from his notorious stint of stealing hundreds of Pontiacs.


What are Jake and Rosa found guilty of in Season Four?

Jake and Rosa are found guilty of robbery due to Lieutenant Hawkins. He forced them to be part of his corrupt operation.


What did Adrian and Rosa almost do in Season Four?

Adrian and Rosa almost got married in Season Four. They decided that they should wait and spend a little more time with each other.


What type of business did Charles have in Season Five?

Charles had his own food truck business. Unfortunately, after launching his business, his truck was the subject of an unfortunate fire that burned it down.


Which occassion is always celebrated in each season?

Halloween is a celebrated occasion on the show. Each season has an episode dedicated to Halloween where the team participates in the Halloween Heist.


What rank was Amy promoted to in Season Five?

Amy was promoted to sergeant in Season Five, although she originally did not want to be. She didn't feel ready to leave her partnership with Jake.


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