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"They're coming!" Fans of the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" got to watch his family's love for him, and you got the chance to love his family as well! From his gentle giant of a brother to his meddlesome parents, you might be thinking it should be called "Everybody Loves the Barones."

In October 1996, "Everybody Loves Raymond" premiered on CBS starring comedian Ray Romano. Following the story of him and his wife, the sitcom focused on them raising their three children with Raymond's boundary-less family living across the street.

With fan favorites such as the late and great Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle playing Marie and Frank, respectively, you and fans all over enjoyed her overbearing nature and his crude jokes!

Although it's easy to remember their character arcs, what else can you remember about them? Sure, Robert was insecure, but what did he do for a living? Debra spent most of the series as a homemaker, but she previously did PR for what professional sports team?

"Everybody Loves Raymond" went off the air in 2005 after nine successful seasons. It even crossed over into the world of "The King of Queens." After spending nine years with the Barones, do you know everything there is to know about them? Will everyone love you at the end of this quiz? We're anxious to see!

In the show, what is Raymond's last name?

Although Ray Romano keeps his first name the same for the show, he uses the last name "Barone" instead.


What is Raymond's job?

Raymond used to deliver and set up futons before becoming a sportswriter for the newspaper, Newsday.


Where do the Barones live?

Although Raymond originally grew up in Long Island, after they married, him and Debra moved there to be closer to his parents


How many kids do Debra and Ray have?

Debra and Ray have three children - Ally and twins, Michael and Geoffrey, who are siblings in real life!


Where do Raymond's parents live in respect to his house?

When Debra first got pregnant, they bought a house in Long Island across the street from Raymond's parents.


What are the names of Raymond's parents?

Raymond's parents are Frank and Marie Barone which ironically enough has the same number of letters as their real first names - Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts.


What does Robert, Raymond's brother, do for a living?

Although Robert's height sometimes makes him seem lanky and awkward, he suits up as one of NYPD's finest!


When Robert eats food, what part of his face does he touch his food to?

Robert has a quirky habit of touching his food to his chin before eating it, and he even does it to Ally and the twins when he feeds them!


How many times has Robert been married?

Robert divorced his first wife, Joanne, before going on to marry his on-again off-again girlfriend Amy McDougall.


What job did Debra have before becoming a housewife?

They were both into sports! Debra was working as a public relations representative for a sports team when her and Raymond first met.


What sports team did Debra work as a PR Rep for?

Debra worked as a rep for the New York Rangers before quitting her job to raise her children.


Who sold Ray and Debra their house in Long Island?

Frank, who became a registered real estate agent after being a bookkeeper, sold Debra and Raymond their house across the street.


Which of these is not one of Frank's favorite things to do?

Frank's ideal day would probably be eating dinner in front of the TV before settling in for a nap. The only walk he'll do is to the fridge!


Marie often mentions not needing recipes because she cooks with what?

Marie often scolds Debra and tells her hat she doesn't need a recipe because she cooks with love.


Who introduces Amy to Robert?

Debra's best friend is Amy, who she introduces to a single Robert.


Which of these women was not a love interest of Robert's?

Robert has married to Joanne before briefly dating Stefania. His on-again off-again relationship with Amy led to their eventual marriage!


There were two characters on the show that had their names changed after the first episode. Who were they?

In the first episode of the series, the twins' names were Matthew and Gregory before changing to Michael and Geoffrey.


Debra's sister, Jennifer, was a rebel when she was younger but shocked everyone when she became what?

Jennifer Whelan, Debra's sister, shocks everyone when she shows up to tell them she's heading to Zaire for missionary work as a nun.


In the show, Raymond had a friend, Kevin, who starred in another NY-based TV show. What show was this?

Kevin James, the star of King of Queens, appeared in 9 episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Romano also appeared in 5 episodes of King of Queens.


Raymond and Debra had to repair their living room after someone crashed their car into the house. Who was it?

Marie was backing out of her driveway and reversed the car all the way into Raymond and Debra's living room!


What sport did Ray and Robert play as part of a friendly league?

Ray and Robert played basketball for their favorite pizzeria, Nemo's, but even with Robert's height, the team wasn't that great!


What's the first meal Debra ever cooks for Raymond?

For their first date, Debra invited Ray over to fix something in her apartment, but she really had a special dinner planned with her specialty dish - lemon chicken.


What was Ray delivering to Debra's apartment when they first met?

Raymond was helping his friend, Gianni, deliver and set up a futon at Debra's apartment when they first met.


What was the name of the woman Marie hated because Frank fantasized about her?

Often during their arguments, Frank and Marie brought up Harriet Lichmann, who was also Marie's bridge partner.


What instrument did Marie try to teach Raymond to play?

After having Ally quit taking piano lessons with Marie because Ray quit when he was younger, Ray was talked into having a few lessons with Marie.


Who said the quote, "If moth balls were bad for people they'd call them people balls."

When Frank took his old winter coat out of the attic, Marie complained that they smelled like moth balls.


When Robert became a traffic school teacher, what did he use to make them pay attention?

Robert used a dummy, which he named Traffic Cop Timmy, to make his students and his family pay attention to him. They definitely paid attention to the insults that 'Timmy' said to them!


When Frank would see the twins, how would he greet them?

Frank would often great the twins by smelling their heads and saying, "I'm sucking the youth!" Lets just say that Debra and Raymond weren't too fond of this little habit.


When Frank started taking pills for his libido, what did he start putting on his food because he couldn't taste it?

When Frank could no longer taste the food, he would sprinkle his food with salt, much to Marie's dismay. Marie stopped cooking for a week because she thought she lost her 'magic.'


What monthly subscription does Raymond get Marie for her birthday?

Raymond gets Marie a fruit of the month club subscription, which Marie doesn't like because they deliver too much fruit! What was she supposed to do with all the pears?!


When Robert gets hospitalized on the job, what happened to him?

After receiving the call to break up an illegal rodeo, a bull got loose and gored Robert in the "upper thigh" region! He had to move back in with his parents for 3 months!


When offering to help Debra in the kitchen, Marie gives her the wrong ingredient for what recipe?

Marie puts the wrong label on a bottle of tarragon so Debra's meatball recipe comes out wrong. If she gave Debra all her recipes, Raymond wouldn't need her anymore and that CANNOT happen!


When Robert goes out with a girl obsessed with frogs, what does Raymond catch her eating at the dinner table?

Raymond tries to warn Robert that he saw his date eat a fly, but when Robert goes back to his dates apartment, he finds out that she's obsessed with frogs and eats their same diet of critters.


Which sport is Ray always trying to leave the house to play?

Raymond is always trying to get out of the house to play golf with Robert or his friends. He even has an anxiety attack while golfing and gets prescribed to golf some more!


Who is Marie's favorite person in the family?

Marie's very obvious favorite is her son, Raymond. After all, EVERYBODY loves Raymond.


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