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A clueless captain, a broken cannon, falling towers and the most peaceful Indian tribe you will ever find; "F Troop" isn't your typical Western television show where the rough-riding cowboys save the town from the villainous crooks. Instead, this show is marked by its various comedic acts from slapstick humor to exaggerated historical accounts, making "F Troop" a fun watch for everyone. Are you a fan of the show? Could you pass this quiz on it? Here's your chance to find out!

"F Troop," which ran for two seasons from 1965 until 1967, follows United States soldiers and Native Americans as they try to carve out a civilization in the American frontier. The show was unique for its bizarre historical accounts and cultural references which reflected the period it was produced, from Rock n' Roll to Playboy. These factors, along with brilliant character work from the actors, helped the show gain a quick following, even though it only ran for 65 episodes. Still, thanks to reruns and DVDs, "F Troop" has only increased its audience base over the years. 

Do you remember all of the laughs and good times on "F Troop"? If you do, take this quiz and relive the joy that the show brought to so many all those years ago! 

Where does the show take place?

The American frontier in the late 19th century is typically portrayed as lawless and chaotic. These qualities earned this period the name the Wild West.


Where in the Wild West is "F Troop" set?

Fort Courage is a stockade style fort with wooden palisades. Beside the fort, a little town sits by the same name where soldiers like to hang out when they're off duty.


Who is Fort Courage named after?

It took General Sam Courage 40 years to rise through the ranks of the military. That was common for lifetime military men prior to the Civil War.


What war just ended when "F Troop" starts?

The Civil War devastated the United States. Not only did it divide the country, but it divided neighbors and families as well.


Who is the commander of Fort Courage?

Captain Wilton Parmenter is a courageous leader, a fitting quality for Fort Courage. However, he does seem to be clueless at times, leading his soldiers without much thought.


What is Captain Wilton Parmenter's nickname?

A scourge is a whip used for punishment. Although Captain Parmenter received the nickname "Scourge of the West," he wasn't exactly known as a disciplinarian.


What's the name of the Indian tribe in the show?

The Hekawis aren't a large and prosperous tribe. In fact, they seem to be contained to one small village that isn't very easy to get to.


Who's the chief of the Hekawis?

Characters from the show often seek advice from Chief Wild Eagle. He always leaves them with some wise Indian saying like "tepee never empty when frost on nose of buffalo."


What did Chief Wild Eagle change his name from?

Wild Eagle often comes off as blunt and cranky. However, he's actually friendly and helpful when others get to know him.


What does Chief Wild Eagle call Captain Wilton Parmenter?

Wild Eagle was played by Frank de Kova. His portrayal of the Indian chief was his best known television role.


What's the name of Captain Wilton Parmenter's great-grandfather who served with George Washington?

Wilton Parmenter's family has a long history in the military. When questioned, the captain is more than happy to name off all of the members who served.


Who made a treaty with the Hekawis to keep the peace?

Captain Parmenter courageously leads his soldiers against the Hekawis whenever they attack. Little does he know, the attacks are staged by Sergeant O'Rourke and Chief Wild Eagle, who actually have a peace treaty.


What business does Sergeant Morgan Sylvester O'Rourke secretly​ run?

The treaty between Sergeant O'Rourke and Chief Wild Eagle allows O'Rourke to scheme ways to make money. Many of his schemes are on the soldiers stationed at Fort Courage.


What's one of the businesses in O'Rourke Enterprises?

Charlie is the town drunk who often hangs out at the saloon for obvious reasons. The part, which involved many stunts, was played by Harvey Parry, who was in his 60s by then.


Who is Sergeant Morgan Sylvester O'Rourke's business partner?

There was a running gag in the show where Corporal Agarn would give a response and Sergeant O'Rourke would reply, "Agarn, I don't know why everyone says you're so dumb." Only later would Agarn ask, "Who says I'm dumb?"


What color is Corporal Randolph Agarn's hat?

Corporal Agarn is the only soldier who wears a white hat. He often uses that hat to smack troopers when he's frustrated with them.


What is Randolph Agarn's Mexican cousin called?

Corporal Agarn has many relatives from various countries including Canada and Russia. The same actor, Larry Storch, plays all of the relatives.


Who is the bugler at Fort Courage?

A bugle is a brass instrument controlled by the player's embouchure. Traditionally, it has been a popular instrument in the U.S. military.


What's one of the only songs Private Hannibal Shirley Dobbs can play regularly?

The song "Yankee Doodle" dates back to before the American Revolution. In fact, it was once used by British soldiers to mock colonial soldiers.


What does Private Hannibal Shirley Dobbs' mama own?

Private Dobbs is from the American South, where he learned to use a lasso. He's occasionally described as a "mama's boy."


Whose sister is Daphne?

Daphne Parmenter comes to visit her brother at Fort Courage. When she arrives, she develops a crush on Private Dobbs.


What is Trooper Vanderbilt's job?

Trooper Vanderbilt is the lookout, but he's pretty much blind. He even has trouble seeing with glasses, which isn't a very good sign for Fort Courage.


Why does Trooper Vanderbilt allow two Indians into the fort?

In another episode, Trooper Vanderbilt thought turkeys were Indians. Clearly, Fort Courage needs a new lookout.


Where did Trooper Vanderbilt work before joining the Army?

Trooper Vanderbilt inspected bustles at the dress factory. Bustles were used to support the drapery on the back of a woman's dress.


Where did Trooper Duffy get his leg injury?

Trooper Duffy claims that he fought beside Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Both men were killed at the Alamo.


What's unique about Trooper Duffy's service record?

Trooper Duffy's service record is part of what makes him so interesting. Just like the stories he tells, he's a tall tale himself.


What business does "Wrangler" Jane Angelica Thrift own?

"Wrangler" Jane isn't your typical lady. She's more accustomed to wearing buckskins and a cowboy hat than a dress.


What other business does "Wrangler" Jane run?

Often, "Wrangler" Jane will help defend Fort Courage. She's actually a better shot than most of the soldiers.


What does Captain Wilton Parmenter say when "Wrangler" Jane kisses him?

Throughout the show, "Wrangler" Jane is determined to marry Captain Parmenter. He, on the other hand, struggles to return the affection.


Where was the Hekawi tribe originally from?

The Hekawi tribe left Massachusetts when the Pilgrims arrived. The name of their tribe comes from when they got lost on that journey and asked, "Where the heck are we?"


What do the Hekawis make for O'Rourke Enterprises?

O'Rourke Enterprises use the Hekawis to produce multiple products, including Indian souvenirs and whiskey. The Hekawis are tough negotiators, but both sides eventually decide on fair terms.


Who is the heir apparent to the Hekawi tribe after Chief Wild Eagle?

Crazy Cat is determined to become chief of the Hekawis. However, each time he makes a comment, Wild Eagle puts him in his place.


What do the Hekawis claim to have invented?

The Hekawis are a self-described peaceful tribe. They even claim to be "the proud descendants of cowards."


Who is the medicine man who invented the RoarChick test?

The RoarChick test is named after the Rorschach test. The Rorschach test consists of a series of drawings which are used to determine a person's psychological makeup.


What language does Trooper Hoffenmueller speak?

Depending on the episode, Trooper Hoffenmueller only speaks German or English with a German accent. He also claims to be fluent in several Indian languages, but since he rarely speaks English, his interpreting skills aren't useful.


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