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Enzo Ferrari was a rich man with a racing habit embodied by Scuderia Ferrari, his racing team. Formula One was in its earliest days and he had to find a way to finance his expensive vice of auto racing. To do this, he created an immortal brand, building sports cars for ordinary men and women he detested as poseurs. He had no interest in sports cars, but he knew he needed to build them to afford to race in Formula One. Thanks to the success of the Ferrari car brand, Scuderia Ferrari could afford to race in Formula One since 1950, and for a long time, Ferrari was the team to beat.

Ferrari has become more than that history. Ferrari is a brand, to the extent that it is used as a byword for power, beauty and expense. To be "the Ferrari of" a thing is a potent appellation. But the pitfall of brand recognition is that the brand can become bigger than the product. Who can say they know very much about Xerox, or Rolex, or Boeing? Only the few, obsessed connoisseurs can really speak intelligently on the specifics of these rarefied brands.

Now is the time to uncork that trivia about Ferrari that your friends can't get you to stop talking about. How much do you know about Ferrari? Take the quiz and find out!

Which of the following is a Ferrari?

The Ferrari California is Ferrari's front-engine, rear-wheel drive convertible best suited to the Pacific Coast Highway.


Which of the following is not a Ferrari?

The McLaren F1 isn't a Ferrari, but you could be forgiven for getting this one wrong. The F1 was McLaren's first consumer car, though of course, few consumers could afford a carbon fiber car with a gold engine bay.


What is the price of Ferrari's "entry level" car?

You wouldn't think a car with 591 horsepower and a $214,533 price tag could be considered a "starter" car, but with Ferrari, this is the case. The Ferrari Portofino is the front-engine retractable hard top convertible Ferrari sells to the newly minted Ferrari-aspiring wealthy.


Where does the Ferrari Dino get its name from?

Just as there is a Ferrari Enzo, named for the founder, Enzo himself named a Ferrari the Dino, after his son. The name has popped up over the years, in several models.


How much horsepower does the V12 in the Ferrari 812 Superfast make?

When Ferrari decided to name the Ferrari 812 Superfast the Superfast, it wasn't a joke. This insane car has a claimed top speed north of 200 mph, and a price north of $300,000. If you're brave, wealthy, and have access to a very long, straight, well paved, and abandoned road, this is the car for you.


What did Count Francesco Baracca contribute to Ferrari's traditions?

Count Francesco Baracca was an ace pilot who painted a prancing pony on his planes, not unlike the one used by Ferrari. When he died, his squadron all painted a black version of the red horse on their planes as a tribute. Enzo Ferrari met Count Francesco Baracca's mother, and was told to use the horse on his cars, for luck. He did, and the company still does.


What was the first race car designed by Enzo Ferrari?

The Ferrari Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 was Enzo Ferrari's very first race car. Its lines are echoed in the early Ferrari designs, and it was the genesis of the brand.


What is a spider?

Spider as in "GTS" refers to cars with removable tops. While Ferrari has been using this term for a long time, they aren't the only car company to do so.


What inspired Ferrari rival Lamborghini?

Ferruccio Lamborghini owned an early Ferrari and thought the gearbox could be improved, and the engine tuned for more power. Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a tractor manufacturer, so he simply turned his existing infrastructure to making cars.


What was the very first Ferrari anyone could buy?

The Ferrari 125 S was the first Ferrari "civilians" could buy. It features a massive V12 engine, two seats, and not much else. Don't go on Autotrader looking for one though. Only two were built.


What is the name of the red color so closely associated with Ferrari?

All Italian race cars use the color red, because red, or more specifically "rosso corsa" (racing red) is the Italian national racing color. Germany's color is white or silver, Britain's is green and France's is blue.


What is the fastest Ferrari?

The Ferrari LaFerrari is the redundantly named, super-exclusive speed monster developed by Ferrari. Faster and better looking than the Enzo, it has more computers than an MIT professor's fondest dreams, and enough G-force to rip your face off.


What 1980s show made the 308 GTS famous?

Tom Selleck and his mustache made Magnum P.I. a hit, but the 308 GTS is what made grown men tune into it every week. Today, a 308 GTS will sell for between $40,000 and $100,000 depending on the condition it's in and how many miles are on the odometer.


What Ferrari was made famous by the TV show Miami Vice?

The Ferrari Testarossa is the most un-Ferrari Ferrari. Big and heavy, with its dated looks, few would fawn over it these days, but in the 1980s, it was one of the most sought-after sports cars in the world.


What American car was described by its creator as a tribute to Ferrari?

The Pontiac GTO was John DeLorean's tribute to the Ferrari GTO. He knew the Pontiac was the "Led Blimp" to Ferrari's Led Zeppelin, but fake Rolexes are made for people who can't afford the real thing, still aspiring to it. So it was with the American GTO.


What does GTO stand for?

Gran Turismo Omologato is what GTO means. GT cars, for the uninitiated, refer to "grand tourers". Long before cars, the grand tour was a trip cultured, wealthy gentlemen were expected to take. It involved visiting the great cities on the Mediterranean in France, Italy, and Greece. As cars came along, they began to play a role in the grand tour. Omologato refers to homologation, an aspect of a lot of automobile racing.


Which weird-sounding name is actually that of a Ferrari?

The 410 Superamerica was introduced in the 1956 Brussels auto show, though its components were shown a year earlier in Paris. The Superamerica was originally meant to be a one-off, but soon it spawned several versions.


What brand is the kissing cousin of Ferrari?

Maserati and Ferrari have the same parent company, and many a Maserati has an engine more or less the same as that in a Ferrari. While Ferraris are exquisitely built, however, Maseratis aren't. Maseratis are known for their huge panel gaps, poor gadgetry and interior touches that can be found in Dodge minivans. Still, a Maserati will cost upward of $80,000, so compared to a Ferrari, it's sort of a bargain?


What major car brand owns Ferrari?

Fiat-Chrysler owns Ferrari, and has facilitated some very interesting cross-pollination between its brands over the years. It masterminded the Lancia Stratos, with its legendary engine, and upped its games with manufacturing tricks taken from the prancing pony of Modena.


What automaker licenses technology to Ferrari, technology which is integral to all their modern cars?

Cadillac's exquisite magnetic ride suspension system can monitor road conditions and adapt on the fly faster than any other system of its type. When Ferrari saw what it could do for Cadillac's massive, heavy CTS-V, it licensed the technology for all its modern cars, from the LaFerrari on down.


What is the premise of the joke told about the Ferrari 360?

It is joked that the Ferrari 360 was named that because most of the older men who can afford one will wind up wildly spinning out of control the moment they get in, spinning a full 360 degrees.


Which of these car designers designed Ferraris?

Battista Farina, who later changed his surname to Pininfarina, is perhaps Ferrari's most celebrated designer, famous for the 275GTB, whose style has been imitated by countless other cars, not just by Ferrari.


What other company shared the Ferrari logo?

Ducati was also from Modena, and because of the local origin of the symbol, used the prancing pony logo in its early days. This practice was dropped, one assumes from an agreement with Ferrari, but no one knows why.


How much do you pay per horsepower for a 2019 Ferrari 588 Pista?

The only thing about the 2019 588 Pista that is as astonishing as its performance is its price. The 710 horsepower mid-life-crisis-mobile costs an eye watering $256,550, or about $361.33 per horsepower.


How much did "units shipped" dip for Ferrari during the financial crisis?

In 2008, when money was free and we all thought the banks knew what they were doing, Ferrari shipped 6,587 units. Then the financial crisis hit. In 2009, Ferrari shipped 6,250 units. By 2011, that number was up to 7,001. In 2017, Ferrari shipped 8,398 units.


How long has Rory Byrne worked for Scuderia Ferrari?

Engineer Rory Byrne was the chief designer for Scuderia Ferrari from 1996 to 2006, but since then he has continued to work for them as a consultant.


What American car was designed specifically to conquer Ferrari?

Ford once made a bid to buy Ferrari. When Enzo learned that the racing team would be scrapped, he pulled out of the deal, and the brass at ford decided to take aim at Ferrari. They spent years developing the GT40, a mid-engine V8 driven car designed to take on the Ferraris with their V12s at the 24 hours of LeMans. It eventually worked, and every few years, Ford makes a new version of this legendary race car, for private use.


What was special about the 1979 400 Automatic i?

While the "i" in "iPhone" and "iMac" stands for "internet" it's unclear what "i" stands for in the BMW "i8". Still, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, "I" or "i" stood for fuel injection, giving us the VW Golf GTI, and the Ferrari 400 Automatic i.


What does BB refer to?

BB or Berlinetta Boxer refers to the boxer configuration of flat 12 engine in some Ferraris. While many V12s in the red cars are V12s, the flat 12s have their place too.


How much did the Ferrari 250 GTO sell for at auction?

Yes, you read that right. This collector's item sold for $52 million, making it the most expensive Ferrari of all time. That makes the car $172,185.43 per horsepower.


How much did the Ferrari 330 P4 sell for at auction?

Perhaps the most striking of all Ferrari designs, the Ferrari 330 P4 looked like a space ship, which matched the stratospheric price it scored at auction.


How much power did the Ferrari 375MM Coupe Scaglietti produce?

The name of the Ferrari 375MM Coupe Scaglietti is about as long as its hood, which is long. Of course, if you make a tiny sports car and then wedge a V12 in there, you need room.


Who owns the cheapest Ferrari SP12 EC?

The Ferrari SP12 EC was a special project (hence SP) for Eric Clapton, based on the Ferrari 458.


What does the design of the Ferrari J50 evoke?

The Ferrari J50 may have been based on an all-modern 488 Spider (targa top) but it had a whiff of the great Ferraris of the 1980s about it.


What is the most powerful Italian supercar?

The name rather gives it away. While Ferrari makes some powerful cars, they are by no means the biggest power-freaks in Italy. Pagani's engines, which are sourced from AMG in Germany, are monsters. Lamborghini and its Audi parent make astonishingly powerful cars. The tiny Tuscan company Mazanti's new car The Millecavalli (might as well be Machiavelli as it means "one thousand horses") is the king of the hill, boasting an absolutely bonkers 1,000 BHP and 885 lb-ft of torque. Ferrari may be great, but by this metric, they aren't out in front.


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