Quiz: How well do you know geology?
How well do you know geology?
By: Jodi C.
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Geology: A scientific discipline 4.6 billion years in the making! Is your knowledge of the subject solid as a rock? Or as crumbly as talc? Find out now, with our quiz!

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"Geology" comes from the words meaning "earth" and "lore" in what language?
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Which of these is not a layer of the Earth?
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Seismology, related to geology, is the study of what?
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When magma erupts from a volcano we usually call it ______.
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What is the hardest mineral on Earth?
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Which mineral often smells like rotten eggs?
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Which of these substances is ferromagnetic?
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If you study glaciology, what are you studying?
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A hard cast or impression of living matter in rock is called a _______.
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Geologists are important to which of these fields?
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Water erosion from the Colorado River created the Grand Canyon in what U.S. state?
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Which of these terms describes the gradual breakdown of rock?
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What is the name scientists have given the single land mass on the Earth 300 million years ago?
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What kind of rock is often found in flat, sharp-edged pieces?
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Which of these is a force that creates a metamorphic rock?
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Fossils are only formed in _______ rock.
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Fossilized tree resin is known as ______.
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All rock falls in one of three categories. Which one is NOT one of them?
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The crust of the earth is broken up into segments known as what?
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What is the term for a large piece of ice breaking off a glacier?
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The gradual hardening of small mineral particles creates ______ rock.
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Soil deposited by rivers is known as what?
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Igneous rock is also called what?
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Which of these planets could a spacefaring geologist NOT study?
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The Jenolan Caves, the world's largest open caves, are in New South Wales on which continent?
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What is the term for sediment becoming rock?
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Are there glaciers in the ocean?
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The long process by which rocks are made, broken down and remade is called _________.
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What mineral has a black mirrorlike exterior when gently tumbled, but is red when sliced into?
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About how many active volcanos are there on Earth at present?
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Is the earth's core solid or liquid?
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Geology is not limited to the Earth. The study of the moon's geological features is called ________.
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What drives the movements of the Earth's plates?
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