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Life at Premier Properties is no picnic. You have to make the sales, or you're out. But how can you sell when all you have are lousy leads? "Glengarry Glen Ross" explores the harsh reality of boiler room sales.

The movie centers around salesmen in which industry?

The movie depicts real estate salesmen working for Premier Properties. The prized leads in the company are for Glengarry Highlands.


Which actor was not part of the all-star cast of "Glengarry Glen Ross"?

Walter Matthau did not appear in "Glengarry Glen Ross." His "Odd Couple" co-star, Jack Lemmon, did, however, playing the role of Shelley Levene.


The four salesmen are played by Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin and which actor?

Ed Harris is the fourth salesmen. He plays the role of disgruntled salesman Dave Moss.


What is Shelley Levene’s nickname?

Shelley “The Machine” Levene had been a star salesman. He now finds himself in a slump and at risk of losing his job.


Blake, who shows up at the office to announce a new sales contest, is played by which actor?

He comes to inspire the salesmen and announce a new sales contest. Instead, he delivers a profanity-laden, insult-filled lecture.


Blake tells Shelley to “put that coffee down,” because coffee is what?

When Dave (Ed Harris) reacts to Blake’s rant, Blake informs them that they’re all fired, and they all have one week to regain their jobs, starting with tonight.


In the new sales contest that Blake announces, first place is what?

Second place is a set of knives. Third place is you're fired.


What does the acronym "ABC" that Blake lists stand for?

This became a classic movie line: “Always be closing.” He also listed AIDA, which stands for "attention, interest, decision and action."


What does Blake say it takes to sell real estate?

Blake pulls a pair of brass balls on a string from his briefcase. He tells the office that the money is out there to pick up, and if they don’t, “I got no sympathy for you.”


When Blake shows the salesmen the new Glengarry leads, who does he say they’re for?

They’re for closers. “You don’t get them,” he tells them, “because to give them to you is just throwing them away.”


All of the salesmen in the office insist that they could do their job if they just had what?

The pressure put on the salesmen creates a toxic office environment. They all resent Mitch and Murray, the company owners, for not giving them good sales leads.


Throughout the movie, Shelley periodically makes mysterious phone calls to check on what?

Shelley makes several calls to the hospital to check on his daughter. It’s never revealed what is wrong with her.


Dave gives a long-winded speech about how bad it is working for Premier Properties to the passive, easily manipulated George, who is played by which actor?

George is played by Alan Arkin. He parrots all of Dave’s complaints about Mitch and Murray and their bad leads.


"Glengarry Glen Ross" was based on the Broadway play by which Pulitzer Prize winning author?

Mamet won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for "Glengarry Glen Ross." He’s been nominated for Tony awards for "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Speed-the-Plow."


Ricky Roma, who doesn’t have to listen to Blake’s rant because he’s the top seller, is played by which actor?

Al Pacino plays the slick-talking Ricky Roma. Ricky is on a hot streak and needs just one more deal to win the Cadillac.


Sitting in a Chinese restaurant with James Lingk, a stranger and potential new client, what does Ricky say is going to happen “when you die”?

He convinces Lingk not to be passive, to go for what he wants in this life. “There’s an absolute morality? Maybe,” Ricky says. “And then what?”


While calling on his sales leads, what name does Shelley use for his imaginary secretary, to try to make himself seem like a big deal?

During his sales calls, Shelley will call out to Grace to make plane reservations and other arrangements. He does this in a failed attempt to convince the client on the phone that he’s in a big-time operation.


Shelley desperately begs Williamson for some premium leads, agreeing to buy the leads by giving Williamson 20% of his commission and what else?

Shelley agrees to pay $100 for two leads. When he only has $30 in his wallet, the deal falls through, and Shelley is literally left out in the rain.


Dave says someone should stand up to Mitch and Murray by doing what?

Dave wants to steal the leads and sell them to Mitch and Murray’s competitor. “Someone should do something to hurt them where they live.”


When Dave tells George his plan to steal the leads, what does he make George?

He tells George his plan to sell the leads, and adds that if George doesn’t steal them, he has to deal with the consequences. When George asks why, Dave says, “because you listened.”


What reason does Dave give about why he can’t steal the Glengarry leads himself?

Dave tells George that he’s told other people his idea. “I’ve spoken out on this too much,” he tells George. “I’ve got a big mouth”


After Ricky spends the evening drinking with Jim and giving his philosophies on life, what brochure does he show Lingk?

Ricky pulls out a brochure on Glengarry Highlands. He’s been casually talking Lingk up all night, and now he’s moving in for the sale.


In the morning, the salesmen arrive at the office to find that thieves have stolen the Glengarry leads, some contracts, and what else?

The thieves have stolen the phones. The salesmen have a deadline to sell, but they have no way to make sales calls.


Shelley finally breaks his sales slump with what?

Shelley ends his cold streak by selling eight units to the Nyborgs. They were considered a deadbeat lead, so Shelley is excitedly bragging about his big deal.


When Ricky’s big sale client, Lingk, shows up in the office, Ricky asks Shelley to do what?

Ricky acts like he needs to take Shelley to the airport. He is trying to avoid talking to Lingk until Monday, after the three-day grace period to cancel the deal will have ended.


Why does Lingk want to cancel the deal?

Lingk admits that his wife told him he must cancel the deal. She also learned that they have a three-day grace period to cancel the deal.


What does Williamson tell Lingk that kills Ricky’s deal?

Williamson tries to assure Lingk that the sale has been finalized, to help secure Ricky’s deal. Instead he mistakenly reveals that they only have until Friday to cancel the deal, thus giving Lingk the chance to rescind the deal within the actual three-day grace period.


After Ricky berates Williamson for revealing that Lingk’s check had been deposited, what is the “first rule” that Ricky explains?

Williamson said the wrong thing because he didn’t know what scam was being run. Ricky lectures him because he didn’t know “the shot.”


When Shelley piles onto lecturing Williamson, what does he say you better do, “if you’re going to make something up”?

Shelley revels in lecturing Williamson. He derisively tells Williamson that, “if you’re going to make something up, John, be sure that it helps, or keep your mouth shut.”


After Shelley lectures Williamson on sales, what does Williamson ask Shelley?

Williamson always takes the daily contracts downtown, but this one day he didn’t. Shelley accidentally revealed that he knew that, revealing that he’d been in the office and stole the Glengarry leads.


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