How Well Do You Know "My Fair Lady?"

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How Well Do You Know "My Fair Lady?"
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A Cockney woman, Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), finds her way up the Victorian social ladder when Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) teaches her to speak proper English on a bet.
In the opening scene, people are doing what?
Attending an opera
Attending a flower show
Standing in line for a circus
Waiting in line to see the Queen
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The upper class is attending "Dr. Faust," which sets up the intersection with the lower class outside the theater. Eliza Doolittle is accidentally knocked down by someone of social position.

"My Fair Lady" is based on a play by George Bernard Shaw. What is the title?
"Taming of the Shrew"
"Major Barbara"
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The story is based on a Greek myth about a man who cares little for women but falls in love with his own creation, a statue of a woman named Galatea. Shaw tells a modern tale of a poor girl transformed into a woman of attractive social appeal with the help of a misogynist.

Eliza Doolittle (played by Audrey Hepburn) is just ______________________.
"a poor chimney sweeper"
"a bored housewife"
"a defeated suffragette"
"a common flower girl"
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Eliza sells small bunches of flowers for a pittance. The description is condescending.


What skill does Henry Higgins (played by Rex Harrison) have?
He can identify a person's occupation.
He can determine a person's surname.
He can tell where someone is from.
He can guess a person's age.
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Higgins is a Professor of phonetics and is an expert in speech. He is taking notes on Eliza just prior to their first meeting.

Higgins sings a song in the early part of the movie with the lyrics,"Why can't the English teach their children ______________________?"
how to behave
how to speak
how to love
how to read
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Higgins is amazed at the dialects of the English, particularly the lower classes. He claims he can place a man's residence in under 10 miles based on language.

Henry's address is mentioned numerous times. Where does he live?
32B Chancery Row
17A Bailey Lane
27A Wimpole Street
44B Grosvenor Street
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The address is spoken in front of Eliza so she later knows where to find Higgins. It is also relayed to Eliza's father, who seeks her out.


Eliza's father, Alfie, often seeks something from others. What is it?
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Alfie wants "a brass farthing," primarily to buy some ale. It means something of little or no value, and refers to a coin or two.

Who does Henry Higgins run into who helps him with an experiment?
Colonel Pickering
Captain Sanderson
Admiral Plunkett
Ensign Jarreu
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Pickering was seeking out Higgins as a colleague in the study of speech. Higgins was also seeking out Pickering. Coincidentally, they run into each other on the streets of London.

Colonel Pickering knows 147 distinct dialects from which country?
Saudi Arabia
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India was a British colony during Victorian times. It would not be unusual for a British citizen to be familiar with India.


What does Eliza constantly claim?
"I can fool the best of 'em!"
"People is people."
"I'm a good girl."
"I got street smarts, I 'ave!"
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Eliza states this to proclaim her moral compass, even if she is poor.

What does Eliza go back home to retrieve before she settles in at Wimpole Street?
A locket with her mother's picture and a feather
A ring and a parasol
A Chinese fan and a birdcage
A book of poetry and a basket
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Eliza sends for some of her personal items to be sent to the home of Henry Higgins where she stays. Her father discovers her new abode when he drops by and sees Eliza's landlady, who tells him where she is staying.

How long does Higgins wager it will take to turn Eliza into "a lady?"
6 months
2 months
1 year
3 weeks
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Higgins bets Pickering he can convince aristocracy that Eliza is a Duchess within six months.


It takes several maids and Mrs. Pierce, the housekeeper, to get Eliza to do this. What is it?
Wear shoes with heels
Take a bath
Brush her hair
Brush her teeth
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When Eliza first lives with Higgins, he tells the housekeeper to clean her up and burn her clothes. Eliza shrieks and cries out as if being attacked.

A wireless microphone was used for the first time in film with "My Fair Lady." Which actor used this to record singing live?
Rex Harrison (Higgins)
Audrey Hepburn (Eliza)
Stanley Holloway (Eliza's father)
Wilfrid Hyde-White (Pickering)
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Harrison claimed he needed to do the singing live because he never sang the songs the same way.

After much negotiating, how does Higgins finally persuade Eliza to participate in the experiment?
He promises her he will find a husband for her.
He tells her she may keep the new clothes.
He tells her she will earn respect.
He tempts her with chocolates.
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Eliza sees chocolates as a luxury item. It's what she likes.


Which is NOT a song Eliza sings?
"Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?"
"I Could've Danced All Night"
"Just You Wait"
"The Rain in Spain"
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Higgins sings "Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?" because he doesn't understand women.

What does Eliza hope to achieve with her speech lessons?
She wants to be understood.
She wants to become an actress.
She wants to find a wealthy husband.
She wants to own a flower shop.
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Higgins implies she will be able to have her own flower shop if she can be successfully transformed.

Which does Higgins NOT use to describe Eliza?
"ghastly accent"
"deliciously low"
"an auditory spectacle"
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Higgins hurls many harsh insults at Eliza, who seems to weather them to a point. The professor is ignorant of his behavior.


Where is Eliza taken for her first social outing?
To a wedding
To a polo match
To a women's tea
To a horse race
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Higgins takes her to The Ascot. Higgins suggests a new dress that is "simple, modest, elegant with a bow".

As part of her training, what does Eliza have to put in her mouth when she speaks?
A bar of soap
A spoon
A tongue depressor
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Eliza must put six marbles in her mouth to speak. She swallows one.

Who becomes infatuated with Eliza after meeting her at The Ascot?
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Freddy Eynsford-Hill enjoys Eliza's lapses into informal language. She charms him.


Alfie Doolittle (Eliza's father) makes a deal with Higgins. What does he receive from the Professor?
A shilling
2 pounds
5 pounds
10 pounds
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Alfie is looking for a handout. He gives Higgins permission to work with Eliza (not that he needed it).

What two topics is Eliza instructed to stick to on her first social outing?
The weather and everyone's health
Meals and the lower class
Theater and weather
Literary figures and music
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Eliza carries on over the top on health when she discusses dying of severe influenza. She is the center of attention.

What comment does Eliza make at the races that is socially inappropriate?
How dare you, you %#@$!"
"You can't do that to me, %$#@!"
"How 'bout a little cozying up?"
"Move your bloomin' %$#@!"
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Eliza says this when she cheers on the horses. The socials seem to be amused by her.


Alfie Doolittle sings the lyrics, "With a little bit of ______________________"?
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Alfie hopes with a little bit of luck, he'll never work. He even freeloads off his daughter.

Higgins sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Her__________________________"
Womanish Ways
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Higgins becomes aware of his feelings toward Eliza. He is also jealous of Freddy's attention.

Where must Higgins take Eliza as a final test that she is transformed?
The Royal Art Academy Opening
The Queen's Coronation
The Annual Garden Party
The Embassy Ball
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Higgins needs to pass Eliza off in front of royalty in order to win the bet. Higgins sneaks a drink to calm his nerves before they leave the house.


Who at the Embassy Ball seems suspicious of Eliza's identity?
The Hungarian linguist
The Queen of Transylvania
The Prince of Transylvania
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The linguist was trained by Henry Higgins. Most of the evening is spent trying to run interference between him and Eliza.

What does the Queen of Transylvania say to Eliza?
"Who are your parents?"
"Lovely creature"
"Charming ... quite charming."
"You must sit beside me at dinner."
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Eliza stands out and is noticed by many. Higgins is feeling pretty confident he will win his bet.

What does the expert linguist determine about Eliza?
He calls her out but no one believes him.
He is love with her.
She is an imposter but he cannot prove it.
She is of Hungarian royal blood.
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Rumors fill the ballroom about her identity as determined by the linguist. Professor Higgins laughs aloud on hearing this.


Why does Eliza throw slippers at Higgins?
He ignores her after the ball.
He criticizes her behavior at the ball.
She is being playful after they come home from the ball.
She tells him she loves him, but he says nothing.
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The Professor and Pickering congratulate themselves on pulling off the facade and never acknowledge Eliza's role. Doolittle feels neglected and depressed.

What question does Eliza ask repeatedly after the ball?
"Don't you even care for me?"
"What is to become of me?"
"Who am I now?"
"Where is my heart?"
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Eliza knows she has served her purpose in helping Higgins win the bet. She believes he has no use for her and she must leave.

What happened to Alfie?
He got a job as a chauffeur to the Queen.
He inherited a fortune.
He died.
He found Eliza's real mother.
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Alfie inherited a fortune from Wallingford, whom Higgins suggested he go see. Now he has to marry Eliza's step-mother.


What two things does Alfie want before they "get him to the church on time"?
Women and drinks
To be poor again and with his daughter
A job and respect
A beer and a shoe shine
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Alfie complains about the misery money has brought him. Relatives he didn't know are showing up and he has to get married.

Why does Henry's mother comment, "Bravo, Eliza"?
Eliza has softened Henry's heart.
Eliza has become aristocratic.
Eliza has bought her own flower business.
Eliza vows to return to her roots.
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Henry comments, "She's gone. What am I to do?" This is an acknowledgement that he does indeed care for women.

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